How to Replace the iPhone 6 Battery (Complete Guide) (Video)

If you iPhone 6 won’t hold a charge anymore or it straight up just crapped out, it might be time to get a replacement battery. Essentially all batteries have a certain amount of charge cycles in them. When they start to get close to that number, they simply can’t work as well as they used to and eventually die. Just one of the curses of the electronic world we live in.

Now, instead of buying a new phone when this happens and believing Apple when they say the battery is “non-removable”, you can actually replace it with a brand new one and breathe new life back into the phone. Luckily it isn’t too hard to do (the glue is a pain but other than that it’s pretty easy) and a replacement battery can cost as little as $25.

Here’s how to replace the battery on your iPhone 6 in a step by step tutorial.

I. Get a Replacement Battery for the iPhone 6

First up, you’ll need a new battery. The one I used in the video is here.

II. Remove the Screen

  1. Turn off the phone and unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone using the included pentalobe screwdriver from the kit. Put those screws somewhere where you can keep track of them all when done and know where each individual screw goes (some of the screws are different sizes). I recommend a white piece of paper so the screws are easily visible.
    Unscrew the Pentalobe Screws
  2. Put the suction cup that came in the kit you bought and attach it to the bottom part of the screen without overlapping the home button (if you overlap the home button it’ll create a pocket of air and it’ll lose suction).
    Suction Cup
  3. While pulling up on the screen using the suction cup, use the provide pry tool to try and wedge a small gap between the bottom of the screen and the frame. Once you get it under, work your way around the edges until the screen allows you to pull it back (do not pull it back further than 90 degrees or you’ll hurt the screen cables.
    Pry Up Screen
  4. At this point you can optionally remove the screws holding down the metal plate at the top right where the cables from the screen are fed under then remove the metal plate and detach the cables to fully remove the screen. Again, it isn’t necessary but up to you. If you don’t remove the screen – like I don’t – then you be sure to not bend it back to far while doing the rest of the installation.
    Remove Screen Bracket

III. Remove the Original Battery

  1. Using the provided philips screwdriver, remove the two screws holding down the metal bracket over where the battery connects to the motherboard.
    Battery Bracket
  2. Remove the metal plate and set it and the screws aside and pop off the batteries connector.
    Pop Off Battery Connector
  3. Here comes the hard part. There are two black flaps at the bottom of the battery. You need to pull on these and pull them straight down out the bottom of the phone very carefully and slowly in order to strip the glue out from under the battery (think a command strip that you use to hold up paintings in your house if you are familiar with those). If you pull it up too high it too quickly it’ll snap and then you are in trouble -I’ll explain shortly. Do this to both to try and get the both out entirely.
    Pull the Glue Tab
  4. If you are having trouble with the left one, remove the spacer under it by unscrewing the two screws and pulling the brick out so you can pull straight down instead of over it.
    Remove the Spacer
  5. If you snap one or both of the glue strips, you’ll need to use the plastic pry tool to try and wedge the battery out. Again, this is a pain, but you can do it with some patience. Just be careful not to rip or puncture the battery.
  6. Once that’s done, you can pull the old battery out.
    Remove the Old Battery

IV. Put the Replacement Battery In

  1. The kit I recommended comes with new glue strips, but they are optional. To install them remove one part of the plastic containing them and lay them down very carefully. They can be a bit messy, but just make sure the black tabs at the end come out and over the bottom edge (so you can grab them in the future should you need to replace it again). Then you can remove the top plastic.
    Lay Down New Glue
  2. After those are in place, you can easily place the new battery on the glue (carefully, it’s strong glue).
    New Battery
  3. Connect the battery’s connector back to the motherboard and replace the metal bracket and two screws to lock it into place.
    Connect New Battery

V. Put the Screen Back On

  1. You can now reattach the screen’s cables and put the bracket back over it if you chose to remove it or you can just slowly lower the screen down until it fits snug. It usually helps to snap it in place starting with the top edges and working your way down (just be careful not to push too hard and crack the screen).
    Put Screen Back On
  2. Once it’s in place and flush, you can screw the two hex screws back in to the bottom of the phone while holding the screen tightly to the phone and you’re all set!
    Screw In Pentalobe Screws

There you go! Hope that helped you guys and please let me know if that worked for you or if you have any questions in comments below.

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