How to Replace the Screen on the iPhone 5C (Complete Video Guide)

As part of my series trying to help people who need to repair their iPhones, today, we’re going to work on how to replace the screen on an iPhone 5C.

To repair the screen, we’ll need to, first, buy a new one. Now, there are a lot of options for buying screens online for the 5C, but there are a few things to note. First, as tempting as it is to buy ones that are really cheap, a lot of these are glass only. You would think that would be perfect, right? Broke the glass so that’s all I need to fix it. The problem is that in order to separate the glass from the LCD itself you need a serious heat source a la a heat gun and, frankly, it’s a pain (and not worth the small amount you’ll save on the screen in my opinion). Instead go for one with the digitizer etc. all attached, it’s a tiny bit more expensive but, trust me, you’ll be way less annoyed.

Second you should make sure that the screen you buy is OEM. That just means that it is going to be the same specs as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (aka Apple).

And finally, make sure to get one that comes with all the tools you need and one that’s from a respectable source that you trust (in case there’s an issue).

The other thing to note before we get started is that with pretty much all screens, you will need to transfer some parts from the original screen to the new one before putting it on. It’s a little bit of a pain, but, don’t worry, we’ll walk through it in the video.

With all of that out of the way, here’s how to repair the screen on the iPhone 5C.

I. Before You Begin

1. First up, buy a replacement kit. The iPhone 5C replacement screen I used is linked below (been using them on phones for a while and they work just like the original and comes with everything you need to replace the iPhone screen).

iPhone 5C Replacement Screen

2. Grab a white piece of paper and set it on the table. Use this to place all the screws and parts you remove so you know exactly where each one goes back. Trust me.

II. Remove the Old Screen

Remove the Metal Plate

So, first, let’s remove the old screen.

1. Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the phone using the included pentalobe screwdriver in the kit you bought (if you bought the one I recommended).

2. Attach the included suction cup to the screen at the lowest part without going over the home button (as that’ll cause an air pocket and you’ll lose suction).

3. Pry the screen up with the included pry tool.

4. Pull the screen back to 90 degrees but be careful not too pull it back too far or you’ll hurt the cables connecting it to the motherboard.

5. You can then unscrew the screws holding down the metal plate over where the screen’s cables are attached to the motherboard and remove that metal plate.

III. Transfer The Original Components to the New Screen

Swapping Screens

Here comes the not so fun part. Most replacement screens you buy online do not come with the earpiece, home button, etc. so we need to remove them from the old screen and set them into the new screen before putting it on the device.

1. Unscrew the two screws and metal bracket holding in the earpiece at the top of the old screen and set them aside (make sure to keep track of which screw goes where).

2. Peel up and carefully remove the entire component at the top of the screen (that includes the front facing camera, etc.)

3. Remove the plastic brackets so we can put them in the new screen as well.

4. Undo all the screws holding on the metal plate on the back of the old screen and set them and the metal plate off to the side.

5. Unscrew and remove the metal plate holding in the home button from the bottom of the old screen.

6. Push out the home button with your finger.

7. Slowly and carefully peel off the metal plate and its attached “sticker” (see video for details).

8. Slowly and carefully peel off the connectors at the top and its attached “sticker” (see video for details).

9. Put the home button into the new iPhone screen.

10. Put the metal plate over the home button, stick down it’s “sticker”, and screw it in place.

11. Attach the connectors at the top to the new screen and be sure to put the small metal tip under the connector (in the same way it came off) and stick it back in place.

12. Reattached the metal plating using the screw at the bottom (near the home button plate), the screw at the top, near the earpiece, the two screws on the right side, and two screws on the left.

13. Reattach the earpiece.

IV. Attach the New Screen to the Motherboard

New iPhone 5C Screen

1. Reconnect the three connectors to the motherboard and make sure they are connected properly.

2. Replace the metal plate that goes over the connectors.

3. Slowly fold the screen back onto the rest of the device from top to bottom (see video for details).

4. Turn it on and bask in its unscratchy-ness.

Hope that worked for you guys! Let me know!

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