How to Replace the Screen on the iPhone 5S (Complete Video Guide)

Part of a series of videos I’m doing on repairing your phones yourself to save you some money, today I’ve got a video on how to replace the screen on your iPhone 5S.

As with any iPhone screen repair, you’ll need to get a replacement screen first, then we’ll open up the phone using the provided tools that usually come with the screen, remove some parts from the old screen and transfer them to the new one, then attach the new screen to the phone.

Check out the video below and the step by step instructions below that, and let me know in the comments if you need any help!

I. Before You Begin

1. You will need the following:

2. Keep track of ALL the screws. Not just so you don’t lose them but also EXACTLY which hole they came from as some are different sizes.

II. Remove the Old Screen

1. Remove the two pentalobe screws the bottom of the device (on either side of the Lightning port).

2. Using the suction cup to get a grip on the screen to pull it upward, pry the screen from the metal frame of the device (see video for more details).

3. Disconnect the home button fingerprint sensor as you lift up the screen.

4. Pull the screen back to a 90 degree angle with the rest of the device, but do NOT pull it off.

5. Unscrew the screws holding down the metal plate over the cables coming from the screen and set that aside (make sure to keep track of what screws go where!)

6. Disconnect the connectors that are holding the screen to the motherboard and separate the old screen from the rest of the device.

III. Transfer Over Components to New Screen

1. Remove the earpiece by undoing the screws holding it in (keep track of what screws go where, they are different sizes!) and setting that metal casing aside.

2. Remove the components underneath it by prying them up slowly and carefully using the pry tool (see video) and take note of how the metal piece on the reversed cable goes into the hole since we need to put that back in on the new screen in the same way.

3. Remove the metal plating on the back of the screen by undoing the screw at the bottom (near the home button plate), the screw at the top, near the earpiece, the screws on the sides.

4. Remove the metal plate holding in the home button in by undoing the two screws there and peel up the home button.

5. Pop out the home button.

6. Peel off the protective sticker under the metal plate.

7. Reattach the metal plate on the back of the screen and screw it all down.

8. Put the home button into the new iPhone screen.

9. Put the metal plate over the home button and screw it in place.

10. Attach the connectors at the top to the new screen and be sure to put the small metal tip under the connector (in the same way it came off) and stick it back in place.

11. Reattach the earpiece and metal bracket and screw it down.

IV. Attach the New Screen to the Motherboard

1. Reconnect the three connectors to the motherboard and make sure they are connected properly.

2. Replace the metal plate that goes over the connectors.

3. Slowly fold the screen back onto the rest of the device from top to bottom (see video for details) and make sure to reconnect the fingerprint sensor to motherboard as well.

4. Turn it on and bask in its unscratchy-ness.

Hope that worked for you guys! Let me know!

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