AOSP EaglesBlood™ ICS ROM

Rom InfoRom NameAOSP EaglesBlood™ ICS
DeviceLG G2X ROMs
Os VersionN/A
Ui SkinN/A
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Developer InfoDeveloper NameTeam EaglesBlood™
XDA Profile PageN/A

2 responses to “AOSP EaglesBlood™ ICS ROM”

  1. wm says:

    New to the game….but love Eaglesblood. Bluetooth only issue which is not related to EB. My phone is very stable. Run it, you’ll love it!

    AOSP EaglesBlood™ ICS ROM

  2. RiffDog says:

    Very laggy & unstable unless left completely stock. Any extra apps just run aweful on this ROM. Esp any apps dealing with video. Audio isnt too bad. I’ve had less issues with the original stock 2.2 ROM. Recently tried Domination ROM, based off of CyanogenMOD 9. I’ll comment on that ROM, once I get used to it and see exactly how stable it is.