BpearROM IceCreamBread ROM

Rom InfoRom NameBpearROM IceCreamBread
DeviceAndroid ROMsSamsung Exhibit 2 4G ROMsSamsung ROMs
Os VersionN/A
Ui SkinN/A
Developer InfoDeveloper Namebpear96
XDA Profile PageN/A

4 thoughts on “BpearROM IceCreamBread ROM”

  1. runs great no issues, much faster in all aspects than factory, including my connection speed.
    A few things that I dont like is that on the home page you cannot scroll from the last page back to the first in a circular rotation like the factory one. The only other thing thats a little anoying is that if I go to my apps, exit and come back I have to scroll back though them all over instead of coming back where I left. when you have more than 10 pages of apps it sucks to have to go back though them again.

  2. I like this ROM the best out of the 3 for Samsung Exhibit 2. All the features work and it’s what I wanted since I got the phone (upgrade from 2.3.5 to 2.3.6). Thanks whoever made this ROM <33