Gingerbread Sense ROM

Rom InfoRom NameGingerbread Sense
Os VersionN/A
Ui SkinN/A
Rating1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (25 votes | Average: 4.16 out of 5 stars)
Developer InfoDeveloper NameeViL D
XDA Profile PageN/A

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  • Joaquin Maldonado

    Best ROM out there. Makes me feel badass. not as smooth as launcher pro. its HTC its freaken Sexy ROM. Must have. NO trouble at all. everything works. even the leds. thank you for fixing that.

  • Lance

    terrible… such a battery hog!!!!

  • Aknet

    For the most part, stable. I’ve used it about 4 days non-stop and though I have had some force closes, it’s hard to point directly to the Rom. My battery is DEFINITELY improved, even in places where my phone is struggling to get service, Froyo left me high and dry after 3 hours, I get easily double that with constant use. I use FlexT9 to replace my Dragon Dictation which was missing, SVOX to replace my Text to Speech. Not a lot of bloatware, which is a relief. In fact most of Google’s apps needed to be downloaded. GREAT ROM!!!

  • guest

    this rom is a real battery drainer, beware!

    • Aknet

      Lance is that you again? I really think you are doing something to drain your battery, I run my cpu at between 900 mhz to 1300 mhz non stop, and on campus T-mobile service is embarrassing so the phone is searching for signa ALL the time, I still get 8-10 hours of battery life where my phone prior to Virtuous only got 4-5 hours max. I haven’t had a force close in weeks, great rom!

      • Aknet

        in fact it is now 4:39 and my phone has been off the charger just over 12 hours now and I still have 47% battery life, I’ve made regular phone calls and my massive text habits continue on… sorry dude, you must be doing something wrong.

  • I was nice overall, the addition of Wifi Calling was a nice touch. Though it force closes sometimes, it is mostly stable

  • Akyolburak701

    i downloaded last night so far so good

  • Weijiunsu

    does anyone know how to install htc location(laputa) in this rom?