SlimBean ROM

Rom InfoRom NameSlimBean
DeviceAndroid ROMsLG Optimus Hub E510 ROMsLG ROMs
Os VersionN/A
Ui SkinN/A
Developer InfoDeveloper Namedella96
XDA Profile PageN/A

2 thoughts on “SlimBean ROM”

  1. My phone was working after i installed it, but when I tried to connect to the internet thru wifi, it just keeps on saying wifi is connected then disconnects. I reverted to the previous rom and tried to connect, it worked. So, I think wifi is not wrking on this rom. Is there anything you can do abt it?

  2. hi there!…
    this rom is really good with the taste of cm10 but there is something I’m very dismaying of the camera issue. the camera in the optimus hub didnt work well even you download a third party camera app in the store still it didnot work… can anyone solve this issue in the cm10 or cm9? why it si so?…. for now i currently using rom based in CM7 because this rom have the stable rom without any issue…

    one thing more… according to the thread posted in the in site where the slimbean found, in the change log says camera works and or in a third party but still didnt work… please update me….


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