How to See Who’s Typing in The Status Bar on Your iPhone (Video)

Admit it, we all become impatient when someone’s typing a message to us. Maybe it’s a message from someone you love or maybe it’s just someone you need a quick response from so you can finish making plans for the day. Either way, being impatient is obvious.

If you have iMessage on your iPhone, you now have a Cydia tweak that lets you see who’s typing in the status bar on your iPhone instead of having to be looking at the messaging app already. Now, you no longer need to launch the app to see who’s going to message you as you can now see them right in the status bar while using whatever other app you happen to be using at the time.

Install the TypeStatus Cydia Tweak on Your iPhone

Enter TypeStatus, a tweak for jailbroken iPhones that puts the person who’s typing a message in the status bar on your iPhone. Here’s how you can use the tweak on your device:

I. Jailbreak Your iPhone

1. Your iPhone must be jailbroken before you can install the tweak. Please head to our jailbreaking section to learn how you can jailbreak your iPhone and get Cydia running on it by selecting the version of iOS you are currently running and doing the specific tutorial for that version of iOS. When you’re done, come back here and continue.

II. Install TypeStatus

1. Launch Cydia.

2. Tap on Search.


3. Search for and tap on TypeStatus.


4. Tap on Install in the top-right corner.


5. Tap on Confirm in the top-right corner to confirm the installation.


6. Wait for it to install the tweak on your iPhone.

7. When it’s done installing, tap on Restart SpringBoard for the changes to take effect.


8. Wait for SpringBoard to restart.

9. When SpringBoard restarts, the tweak should start running.

And that’s all there is to it. The tweak was successfully installed on your iPhone and is now ready to use.

If you’re interested in customizing settings for the tweak, you can head to Settings > TypeStatus on your iPhone where you’ll find all the settings pertaining to the tweak but it works as described out of the box.

So, did the above tweak help you enhance your iMessage experience? Let us know!

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