How to Sync Facebook Contact Photos to the iPhone (Video)

Maybe it’s OCD but I can’t stand looking at the messaging app on my iPhone and seeing letters where people’s faces should be. Android, at least at some point, always had the ability to sync my Facebook contact photos with my phone contacts and frankly, it annoys me that both of the most popular operating systems now both can’t do that automatically. Who pissed off who to stop that integration?! I’m looking at you, Zuckerberg.

Thankfully though, there is still a way to sync your contact photos on your iPhone with their Facebook profile photo –you just need to use a third party app.

There are a few apps in the iOS app store to do this, but the one I used that I liked – that also happens to be free – is called Sync.Me. Here’s a quick video on how to make things right and put faces to names in your contacts.

Download Sync.Me

1. Head to the App Store and look for Sync.Me. Once found, install it.

Sync.Me in App Store

2. Now, you can just start syncing now, but there are a few settings I recommend changing for a better experience but these are just my personal preference so feel free to ignore them. Tap Settings at the bottom right and then tap Sync Settings. Then I change the following.

Sync Settings

  • Background Sync: So this is nice to have as it’ll automatically sync everyone’s photo as they change it on Facebook. BUT, it costs money to use so I don’t need it that badly. You can decide that on your own.
  • Sync Photos > Overwrite Existing: I turn this on because I have some seriously old photos for contacts in the Apple database and frankly would rather my people look how they do now and not 4 years ago.
  • Sync Photos > Size: I do fullscreen simply because it looks the best when someone calls in my opinion.
  • Sync Info > Overwrite Existing: For this, I leave it off. Sometimes the crap people put for themselves in Facebook isn’t what they really want you to have (some people still haven’t changed their emails for example and I know they don’t want to get emails at
  • Sync Info > Information: All information, because, even though I don’t want to overwrite things I already have, I don’t see the harm in having it put in things I don’t.
  • Name Correction: I leave this off because whatever name they gave me I’d rather call them.

2. After that you can tap done and the rest is pretty intuitive. What with the giant sync button in the middle of the screen when you open the app. Tap that.


3. Choose what social networks you want it to use to sync.

Social Networks

4. Then it will ask you to confirm the ones it could sync on its own. When happy with them tap Next.

5. Then it will show you the ones it is confused on and you can go through these and tap each one, then tap which contact it is from your connected social accounts. Once done with all of those, hit Next.


6. Finally it’ll show you ones it had no clue for and you can do the same thing as the last screen and finally hit Next one last time.

7. Wait for it to sync and you are all set.

Syncing Contacts

Done, it should now go through all of your Facebook contacts and try it’s best to match them up with their contact listing on your iPhone. Let me know how well it worked and if this is something you were searching for or if you were pleasantly surprised by it.


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