The Difference Between HDR Formats (& Why Should You Care)

We all get that #HDR is better than SDR but there are a bunch of HDR formats that are all different. So what is the difference and why should you care? From HDR10 to HDR10+ to HLG and Dolby Vision, I break down the benefits of each and show you where you can find each HDR format, as well. So come watch me eat popcorn with dangerous levels of butter on it while I explain in this #Decodr episode. Thanks for watching!

Why 8K is NOT Pointless

There is no shortage of people out there talking about how dumb 8K is. And, honestly, having seen 8K TVs next to 4K ones many, many times, I can tell you there is a difference. Frankly, they’re using measurements and charts that don’t show the entire picture and after going down a very deep rabbit hole of scientific studies I think I can explain what’s missing and why 8K is not pointless. So in this episode of Decodr, my explainer series here on the channel, let’s talk about that. Firstly, I partnered with MediaTek to do this video as they …

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What is ULED?

What is ULED? (& Its One Killer Feature)

So there are a lot of acronyms in the TV world and it can be seriously confusing. Recently, though, there’s been more and more buzz around a particular one that I want to talk about: ULED. ULED is technically the name for a set of proprietary technologies that the company Hisense has created for its LED televisions. There’s a lot to that though and one huge benefit of ULED that we’ll get to in a bit. Full disclosure before we get started, HiSense reached out sent me one of their latest ULED TV’s, the H8F, to do this video with. …

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Sony A8F

Sony A8F Complete Walkthrough

A giant box showed up today from Sony and I think I know what it is. This is the new Sony A8F, their flagship 4K HDR OLED TV, the successor to their much-praised A1E from last year that first touted the innovative Sony Acoustic Surface technology (which we’ll discuss more in a sec). Now, to call it the successor to the A1 is technically true but a lot of the TV has actually remained the same as far as the performance and underlying tech. There are however two big changes that make it better for a lot of people though. …

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Close Up on TV

Samsung’s 2018 QLED TVs Complete Walkthrough

During an event in NYC, Samsung launched their new lineup of QLED, top-of-the-line TVs and I have to admit, they look damn sexy, have up to 8K upscaling on certain models, my favorite new feature ambient mode (which we’ll get to) and more. I got to spend a little time with them at the American Stock Exchange while a blizzard was raging outside, so I figured I’d try and do one of my complete walkthroughs. Now, if you aren’t familiar, a complete walkthrough is where I try and go through as many features of the device as I can and …

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The Wall as a Wall Featured

Samsung’s “The Wall” TV & Their New 8K Upscaling TV (Video)

Here we go with another quick and dirty CES video for you guys. Samsung announced a couple of TVs that were interesting. The first, called The Wall, because it is the size of the average wall in an American household apparently, is a massive 146″ flat TV. It’s so big, that you can even make it display a wall with shelves and a decent sized TV on it if you wanted. It honestly wouldn’t fit in my NYC apt, but I think if you wanted to convert a one bedroom apt into a 2 bedroom you could probably use this …

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TV on Wall

How to Mount a TV (The Easiest Way Possible) (Video)

We’ve all been there. New apt, new house, new TV maybe? The living room is all set, maybe that TV is even on a stand on a media console, but you can’t help but feel like it’d just make the room look so much better if that TV was on the wall. TV’s aren’t light really, they’re expensive, and so they’re a bit daunting to think about attaching with some bits of metal to the wall. On top of that, what mount do you use? How much do they cost? Why are some of them so freaking expensive (are you …

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