Samsung’s “The Wall” TV & Their New 8K Upscaling TV (Video)

Here we go with another quick and dirty CES video for you guys. Samsung announced a couple of TVs that were interesting.

The first, called The Wall, because it is the size of the average wall in an American household apparently, is a massive 146″ flat TV.

It’s so big, that you can even make it display a wall with shelves and a decent sized TV on it if you wanted.

It honestly wouldn’t fit in my NYC apt, but I think if you wanted to convert a one bedroom apt into a 2 bedroom you could probably use this as the diving wall. One person would be happy about it and the other, less so I imagine.

It’s comprised of MicroLED technology which is much smaller than conventional LEDs and are self-emitting so they are their own source of light.

The Wall Colored

It’s also pretty bezel-less which is incredible and Samsung claims that it is modular. Not that you could adjust the size on your own, but from the limited info they gave us, because of the use of the MicroLED tech, Samsung can basically make this TV in any size you want–smaller or larger and customize it to cover an entire wall in your house or business, etc.

The Wall as a Wall

I want one, obviously. But, of course, no word on pricing or availability.

Something less extravagant was also shown, an 8K 85″ QLED TV that apparently upscales any lower resolution content to 8K using a ” a proprietary algorithm to adjust screen resolution based on picture quality characteristics of each scene, to continuously improve picture quality and easily transform any type of content from any source into a high-resolution 8K.”


They had a demo of it upscaling different resolutions up next to a 4K TV with no upscaling and it definitely made a difference.

8K Video Comparison

Also though, no pricing or availability at the moment.

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