How to Use Animoji (Video)

Welp, the iPhone X is finally here and with it, Animojis.

These animated emojis (get it??), as annoying as some people find them, are getting a lot of attention. I have to admit, I’ve sent the poop one more times than I probably should have in the short time I’ve had the phone.

Regardless, they’re novel and it is pretty impressive how it’s able to track the muscles in your face as well as it does.

In case you’re still waiting for your iPhone X though, I figured I’d do a quick rundown of how you can use animojis properly and responsibly.

First up, the Animojis are only available in the messaging app.

Animoji Introduction

When you open it you’ll see them as another iMessage App (you know those things you never use,¬†below the text input?).

Tapping Animoji App Icon

If you tap on the face there, you’ll be shown the currently available options to use (yes, I think it’s safe to bet more of these are coming).

All the Animoji Characters

If you tap on the text field as is the habit for me the keyboard will come up and remove the options. You can just tap the App Store icon to be able to select them again.

Soon as you select one, it’ll begin to track your facial expressions.

Facial Recognition

If your face isn’t in the view or it’s too dark it’ll put a yellow box around the Animoji character and let you know the issue.


From there, you’ll see a small red dot on the bottom right of the screen, tapping it will begin the recording and you’ll have 10 seconds to say and express whatever you can get out of your face.

Red Button

Once done, tap the stop button and it’ll finish recording.

After that, you’ll be able to either trash it by tapping the trash can, tap the circle arrow to rerecord and tap the arrow to send it.

Options After Recording

So you know, you can send them to people who don’t have iPhone X’s or iPhones at all. On an iPhone, they show up as an iMessage image and on any other device they show up as a small video message.

You can also tap and hold on the emoji making a face and drag it into your conversation for it to work like any other iMessage sticker.

Now, if you want to send an Animoji in a way other than messages, the only way I’ve been able to so far is to actually send it first, then you can tap on it in the message thread, tap the share icon at the bottom left, and tap Save Video.

After that, it’ll be in your camera roll, and you’ll be able to tap it in your photo gallery, tap the share button there and then share it via any normal sharing method you want.

And there you go guys, that’s the basics of how animojis work and how to share them outside of messages. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of all this facial recognition stuff–Apple is rumored to open up the system to third-party developers. Let’s see what comes of that.

Thanks for watching guys, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, comment, or share it if you enjoyed it and as always, regardless, thanks for watching.

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