How to Use Facebook Live 360 on an iPhone (Video)

Facebook today announced their new Facebook Live 360 feature which compliments their Facebook Live product they’ve been pushing by allowing you to now stream 360 video live. Which let’s you almost teleport your Facebook friends directly to where you are and if they have a VR headset that effect is even more pronounced. To get started with it, it’s actually not that hard to do but really quick I’m going to go over how to get it working on an iPhone.

So, for this tutorial I’m going to use the Insta360 Nano camera as they’re one of the launch partners with Facebook doing this and if you have an iPhone it’s super easy to use, shoots decent video for live streaming, and is one of the less expensive options out there.

Check out the Insta360 Nano camera here if interested!

  1. To get started, simply plug in the Nano into the bottom of your iPhone. The green light will turn on and it’ll prompt you automatically to install the associated app.Nano on iPhone
  2. Once you have that, you can open the app and then tap on the camera icon at the bottom right to launch the 360 camera.Camera Button
  3. Then we can tap on the Live icon at the bottom right, tap on the Facebook Live icon that appears to the right of the shutter button, and tap Facebook Account and this will bring up two options that you have to tap and login with Facebook to link your Facebook account to the app and be able to use Live.Authorizing Facebook
  4. Once you’ve authorized both options, we can tap completed and we’ll see our account listed. You can then tap on Share to to select who you want to share the Live video with including your page, different options for your personal account as well as groups you’re a part of.Share To
    Quick tip: While your testing the feature, make sure to select Only Me for the Share To options to save your friends from being annoyed by your “Testing 1, 2”.
  5. Once you have that set though, you have to put in a description (that your audience will end up seeing by the way) and then can tap Confirm.Facebook Account
  6. Then before you go live you have the option of adjusting the bit rate from 1 up to 6 with 4 megabits per second being the recommended settings.Mbps
  7. And we can then tap the big red live button and it’ll take a second to connect and then take a bit after that to notify people that you are live via push notifications etc.Tap Live
  8. You can scroll around on the screen as well to see the full 360 view of what your friends are seeing.Recording
  9. When you’re all done, tap the big button again and it’ll give you a summary of the live video and Facebook will now save it for people to watch after the fact on your Profile or Page.Done Going Live

And that’s it, now please keep in mind when doing this by the way that normal 360 rules apply. Don’t move the camera really fast or tilt it at an angle etc or you might make some friends nauseous and angry.

Check out the Insta360 Nano camera here if interested!

But there you go, let me know what you guys think in the comments below and if you liked this please share it it is greatly appreciated and don’t forget to follow me on social and chat with me about it there. As always, thanks for reading!

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