Video: iPad Charger vs Apple’s New Fast Charger (Surprising Results)

So I recently did an experiment comparing the $75 Apple fast charging on the iPhone 8 Plus vs the included charger and while it was faster by a decent amount it’s still $75.

A bunch of you in the comments pointed out the old iPad charger truck from the iPhone 6 which is that even back then iPhones had a form of faster charging built in and if you plugged them into an iPad charger they charged faster than normal.

So that got me wondering how much faster than the iPad charger is the new iPhone fast charging solution? Let’s find out.

Using the same phone, I killed the battery, then plug it into either the $75 fast charging 29W solution from Apple or the standard 12W iPad charger and timed how long it took to charge back up.


iPad vs Fast Charger Results

So really not that big of a difference in charging power but the price. That’s a gap.

The fast charger requires the $50 29W Apple charger and a separate $25 1m USB-C to lightning cable bringing the total to $75.

The iPad charger direct from Apple is $20 and you can use the included USB to Lightning cable that comes with the phone.

Cheapest place I could find the iPad charger online.

So there you go, you guys be the judge but personally, I’d say for the money just do the iPad charger.

The only other option would be to get a third-party 29W charger and use that if it’s cheap enough. I’m currently testing out these third-party chargers to see which ones actually work as fast as the apple one and then which is the cheapest one I can find. That video is coming soon though.

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