How To: Unroot the Samsung Behold 2

I Before You Begin

1. You MUST do our How To Root the Samsung Behold 2 procedure then come to this one to load a ROM.

II. Download the ROM and ODIN Flasher and Flash the ROM

1. Download the ODIN Flasher and Original Behold 2 .md5 file. Unzip the file somewhere on your computer.

ODIN Flasher and Original Firmware

2. Open the Odin Mult Download program.

3. Under Select OPS, Choose the Behold_Partiton.ops from the ODIN Flasher file we just downloaded.

4. Click PDA, then choose the T939UVIJ6-PDA-CL81521-REV1.tar.md5 file in the ODIN .zip file you downloaded.

5. Turn off your phone

6. Plug it in via USB cable.

7. While it is plugged in and off, press and hold Volume Down, OK, and Power. Keep holding until it says Download Mode on the phone.

8. Click Start in the Odin Multi Downloader program.

9. Wait for it to flash, all done!

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17 responses to “How To: Unroot the Samsung Behold 2”

  1. nessa says:

    the link is dead D; helpppp!!!!

  2. Jess says:

    Hey can u do this without the USB? I dont have the cord. I bought a used phone and the guy rooted it wrong so I am trying to unroot it back to factory with both Android and TWinterface

  3. Tyler says:

    I’m confused….If my phone is already rooted and I want to use this method to unroot, do I still have to do the unlockrs rooting guide first?

  4. Frank says:

    How can I check to see what firmware im running on behold 2 I cant seem to find an option for about phone in the menu after I unrooted.

  5. ACurren says:

    I did this procedure.. And idk how to check to make sure if my phone is rooted or not., and there isn’t a about phone selection under the settings

  6. Nick C says:

    Hi, i think my behold 2 was rooted incorrectly and now i have no network. i tried to reset it to factory settings by following your instructions above but the downloader give me a “please connect phones” message….it IS connected via the usb….please help

    • TheUnlockr says:

      Nick C,

      Try loading a custom ROM first before you try to unroot.

      • Nick C says:

        the reason why it wasn’t rooted correctly was because i could not follow the instructions correctly from your “how to root the samsung behold 2”.

        i was able to get down to step 8 and once i was entering the commands, it gave me an error message telling me it was a “read-only system” (the exact message was unable to chmod /system/bin/sh: read-only file system)

        Also, a few lines earlier, it gave me another error:

        /data/local/try3: not found

        i also tried to use “try3.dat” and it gave me the same error

  7. Mainer says:

    I rooted my phone and installed a custom 1.6 before removing some of the factory tmobile apps. Now I can’t get root access because the try3 is closed. Can I still downgrade the phone back to the 1.5 factory rom without root?

    • TheUnlockr says:


      You can try, it might work.

      • Jammy says:

        Hi Unlockr,

        I am currently running Bh_man Galaxy 1.6 and need to go back to the version in which i bought the Behold II which if I am not wrong is the 1.5 with no root.Is it possible to do this via the Rom mentioned above.
        Please help..Its really urgent.

  8. vanessa says:

    I tried this and the phone didn’t show up in the com port mapping’s not seeing the phone. How do I fix this?

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