How To: Unroot the HTC Desire

I. Before You Begin

1. The only reason to unroot a phone is if you have to send it back in for warranty purposes. Otherwise just try loading a different ROM instead…

II. Get Back to Out of Box State

1. Download HTC Sync (if you don’t already have it) and the Original RUU and save it to your computer.

HTC Sync

Original Desire RUUs (Choose the best one that suites your specific device) Thanks Jesterz @ XDA!

2. Double click the HTC Sync program and install it.

3. Plug your phone into the computer via USB cable and select HTC Sync when prompted on the phone on how it should connect.

4. Double click the RUU exe you just downloaded and follow the prompt to restore the phone back to factory settings.

Reported Issue:

Issue: After the RUU tries to reboot my phone into bootloader, it sits at Waiting for Bootloader and eventually gives me an error.

Solution: Simply unplug the phone and plug it back in (leaving it on the HTC logo screen), and run the RUU again with it in that mode already.

Issue: After the RUU says sending and updating signature, it brings up an error saying use the correct RUU for this device.

Solution: Either find a different RUU for your phone, or just put your Goldcard back into the phone and start over.

86 responses to “How To: Unroot the HTC Desire”

  1. Andi Shuben says:

    I’m Indonesian HTC Desire, I have Just download 2 RUU but not Suitable for me. can you help me, what is RUU will be suitable for my desire ?? many thank’s 

  2. Wright32873 says:

    Htcsync will not find my rooted HTC desire. I have tried using the TRU installer but it says it can’t Connect to the phone. Any help?

  3. Jerrol says:

    how can i unroot my T-Mobile UK Desire? do i need to downgrade the HBoot? it’s currently 0.93.0001

  4. Mekoar says:

    im getting something like error [170]. so, what’S the matter?

  5. nelomen says:

    I need to send my Aria back for warranty work and have got s of and root I know how to unroot but not how to get s on? Any Idea?

  6. Raymond says:

    Which one do I pick if I’m using ntelos

  7. bcooley says:

    It seems that is shut down. Is there an alternative site to get these from? I’m looking for Orange UK Bravo. Or close to it.

  8. Warpdwrenches says:

    Can not get HTC sync to read the device

  9. maxi says:

    htc sync cant find my phone/pc for some reason, i have cool3d aces v5 rom, please help

  10. Je Marsh says:

    Im unsure which RUU to use for my HTC desire? please help i need to take in into the shop tomorrow and need to unroot it

  11. […] is the link of what i am trying to do atm, How To: Unroot the HTC Desire | TheUnlockr and this is the RUU im trying RUU_Bravo_Telstra_WWE_1.15.841.14_R4_Radio_32.30.0 […]

  12. Golden says:

    How to find the suitable RUU and wat will happen if I chose wrong plz tell me

  13. JJE990 says:

    I want to update my desire s and need to unroot it, should i still do it?

  14. Dumpthat says:

    I had rooted and managed to get S-OFF using using Revolutionary 0.4pre4.The problem is that even when I managed to get back to Sense, that my hboot would still be that of revolutionary. I needed a way to go back to the original hboot. I managed to do this very easly. Using this guide:

    My Phone:
    Desire S (T-Mobile NL) Branded

  15. Ryanoc12 says:

    Where do I get an RUU for HTC Desire at US Cellular?

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