How To: Unroot the Motorola Droid 2

This procedure is obsolete. Please head to our new procedure here instead.


I. Before You Begin

1. The only real reason to unroot is if you need to send the phone in for warranty or if you want to just start from scratch.

2. This will erase most things on your phone, so as a precaution. please backup your contacts and your SD card contents.

II. Restore Phone To Original State with RSDLite

1. Download RSD Lite, the Motorola Drivers, and the .sbf firmware files for your phone and extract them to your computer.

Motorola Drivers
RSD Lite 7 + Patch

Droid 2 Original Firmware

2. Install RSDLite by double clicking the RSD Lite.msi file you just downloaded.

3. Once RSD Lite is installed, copy the pst_flash.ini file you downloaded with the RSD Lite install file and paste it into C:\Program Files (x86)\Motorola\RSD Lite OR C:\Program Files\Motorola\RSD Lite depending on where your computer put it when installing. Allow it to overwrite the existing pst_flash.ini file.

3. Unzip the drivers folder you downloaded (32 bit OR 64 bit), then double click the Motorola Consumer Driver Installer application and install the drivers.

4. Plug in your phone to the computer via USB cable and pull down the notification bar and choose USB connection as PC Mode.

5. Open the RSDLite program by right clicking it and selecting Run As Administrator.

6. Click on the “…” button next to the filename box and select the DROID2_X6_2.2.20_SHADOW_BP_C_01.09.05P_P2_USERBLD_SECURE.sbf file you downloaded earlier.

7. Once it is selected, hit Start and wait for it to finish flashing the phone.

8. Once it is done, click on the “…” button next to the filename box again and this time select the BL_D235_cdma_droid2_Consumer_replacer_HSPart.sbf file you downloaded earlier.

9. Once it is selected, hit Start and wait for it to finish flashing the phone.

10. Once both have been flashed, your are back to the stock Android 2.2 firmware.


    WHY ??

  • Alex12cpt

    can any 1 help me ? i download the firmware but i cant open the folder it saya is compressed but i have winzip n rar and still. .. wat should i do ?? any plz help me !

  • J_lindler

    the isnt working. where i can get this where i can complete the unrooting of my phone?? or can you please fix the link.

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded the Droid2 Original Firmware but am not able to unzip it. I’m using Windows 7 64-bit. When I open WinZip to unzip it, it keeps telling me that it is an invalid archive. Any ideas? I was able to get RSD Lite on my pc and unzipped after a few tries.

  • I had issues with these downloads, except for the drivers. If I were to do it over, I’d install the moto drivers here, try an adb command to ensure that it’s there, then download RSDLite and Droid 2 2.3.2 here:

    I didn’t need any patch for RSDLite. I just ran it and flashed the SBF file. Afterwards, there was a blue triangle in the notification bar, meaning it wasn’t registered on the network. I had to register it by dialing *228. All my apps were there, but no root access! Good luck!

  • John Wayne2690

    I did eveything up to hit the start button in RSD Lite. And that is because the start button is grayed out. Any ideas??

  • chelseabeth.

    I cant get the file to unzip…  need to do this so i can send back the phone! Please help mee!

  • frustrated

    After doing the procedure above, my phone is now stuck on the bootloader.  Basically, it is useless.  Can anything be done, other than buying another phone?

  • Thankyou

    The above .zip file does not work. But if you go to the site Michael provided and use the SBF that you find there, it works perfectly. Just click start, wait 5-10 minutes, and you’re good to go! Thanks for the info, you are a life saver!

  • Yamaha4995

    Unable to completely download the firmware. I’ve tried usind different sources and still kicks out at about 50%. Do have an idea why? Thanks.
    Maybe another site I may download it from

  • I keep getting an error when I try to unzip the Droid 2 firmware.  Is anyone else getting this error or does anyone have a solution to this error?