Nike Fuelband Review and Overanalysis (Video)

While we wait for an Android app for the Nike fuel band to come out soon, I decided I’d go grab one and see what all the fuss was about. So here’s a quick video of my thoughts on the fuel band and how it works. Enjoy.

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  • Haha

    What about masturbation?

    • David Cogen

      Ha, first thing I thought of honestly… we even filmed a scene with masturbation overtones lol I took it out though. Thought it might be a little much…

  • Jamminjohn

    Another good way—well you would have to ask the model—but it’s probably the best way or most enjoyable way! Oh, i am talking about the female, by the way.

  • sims

    great this saves me time, money and buyers remorse

    • David Cogen

      Happy to help! :)

  • GreensterDesign

    Looks like the blonde chick needs to practice her Push Ups more… she looked as though she was going to give out any second..

  • Taylor Walker

    @GreensterDesign:disqus You’re absolutely right–I WAS about to give out! But I DO run marathon WITH my Nike Fuel Band, so I think I deserve a little cred. @Jamminjohn:disqus Comment MVP. I only helped FILM the masterbation scene, but even that was thoroughly enjoyable.