Nike Fuelband Review and Overanalysis (Video)

7 responses to “Nike Fuelband Review and Overanalysis (Video)”

  1. Haha says:

    What about masturbation?

  2. Jamminjohn says:

    Another good way—well you would have to ask the model—but it’s probably the best way or most enjoyable way! Oh, i am talking about the female, by the way.

  3. sims says:

    great this saves me time, money and buyers remorse

  4. Looks like the blonde chick needs to practice her Push Ups more… she looked as though she was going to give out any second..

  5. @GreensterDesign:disqus You’re absolutely right–I WAS about to give out! But I DO run marathon WITH my Nike Fuel Band, so I think I deserve a little cred. @Jamminjohn:disqus Comment MVP. I only helped FILM the masterbation scene, but even that was thoroughly enjoyable.

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