Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active Revealed for AT&T

It’s no secret that Samsung’s got a full complement of Galaxy S 4-derived handsets trickling out over the next few months; the company just revealed the S 4 Mini, and next up we’re expecting a more rugged, full-sized device known as the Galaxy S 4 Active (codename: J Active). Active, a (self-)reported five-inch, full HD handset powered by a quad-core, 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600 chipset from Qualcomm, will attempt to muscle in on some of the territory being staked out by Sony and its Xperia Z.

On AT&T, the eight-megapixel Active will be sold under model number SGH-I537, — in dark grey as well as teal, apparently — alongside a host of other upcoming Samsung handsets tipped for the second largest US carrier: SM-G730A “Golden” (Galaxy S III mini), SGH-I527 “Melius” (Galaxy Mega 6.3), SGH-I257 “Serrano” (Galaxy S 4 mini), and SGH-I217 “Zest.” With the Galaxy Note 3 also seemingly a lock for AT&T in the fall, Samsung fans seem to have a pretty clear destination in terms of American operators this year.

P.S. The date on that screenshot should be pretty telling.


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  • Mike Gonzalez

    that phone is fugly

    • kermit

      You’re piece of M$’s fugly shit.

      This is most amazing and beautiful smartphone ever!
      It’s absolutely gorgeous !!!

      • visitor

        My thoughts, too. Maybe I drop the idea to get the Galaxy S4 Mini (perfect size for a phone) and try to get used with this size because it looks just great.

  • StrakMak

    Now that is one cool looking phone. Wow, I like it.