How to Root the Moto X (All Versions)(Video)

AT&T, Verizon, and a few other carriers have made the decision to lock down the bootloaders of their Moto X devices. This has made getting root access on these versions of the device much more difficult in comparison to the unlocked bootloader versions provided by T-Mobile, for example (that simply require a few commands to achieve it). Thanks to a developer over on XDA, not only has he achieved root access, but he managed to get write access to the file system without having to unlock the bootloader. Also, using this little app, works on all versions of the Moto X. Here’s how to use it to get root and write access on the Moto X regardless of what carrier it is on.

UPDATE 10/07/2013: The latest OTA’s patch this exploit. Any System Version newer than and including 139.12.54 will not be compatible with this exploit! Updating to the new OTA if you have used this rooting method will also most likely crash your phone so please do not update if you used this (find a way to unroot before updating).

I. Root the Moto X

1. Head to the developers post here and download the correct version of the apk file for your carrier in the first post and save it to your desktop.

2. Plug in your Moto X via USB cable.

3. Copy the apk file over to the internal storage of your Moto X (not inside any folders, just in the top directory so it’s easier to find later).

4. Pull down the notification bar and tap the quick settings icon at the top right.

5. Tap Settings.

6. Tap Security under Personal.

7. Check Unknown Sources ON under Device Administration.

8. Open the Play Store, search for, and install ES File Explorer (or any other file browser app you prefer).

9. Open the File Explorer app and find the Rooting app .apk file you copied over and click it, then click Install.

10. Wait for the device to reboot a few times.

11. When it is done rebooting, open the Play Store, search for, and install SuperSU.

12. After that, you are all set.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery, Load a ROM, etc.

1. Head to our How To Flash a Custom Recovery on the Moto X procedure (coming soon) or head to our other Moto X How To’s to learn what else you can do with your newly rooted Moto X.

2. You can also SIM unlock your device by heading to our How To Unlock the Moto X procedure should you want to use a different carrier’s SIM card in your device.

If this procedure helped you please head to the developer of the app and thank/donate to them here.

  • Randall

    Hey guys after rooting my moto X and doing the over the air update, My phone keeps restarting, How do I fix it?

    • David Cogen

      You shouldn’t update after rooting generally. Did you get it to work?

      • miramar103

        I also did this and now the phone is continually rebooting .. the notification came in about the OTA and there seemed no way to avoid doing the update.
        So should I throw my new phone in the garbage now or is there a way to get it back to how it was before I messed with rooting it?

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  • bmin91

    the app would not install. how can i fix it?

  • rb3787041

    Thanks for video instructions. Is there a version for Republic Wireless Moto X? Thanks in advance for response.

    • Augustus Sotelo

      Did you ever figure it out for the Republic Wireless Moto x?

  • rowby

    Hello. With the PwnMyMoto to 1.4.3-Verizxon-IHate TooolKits.apk I keep getting x App not installed. Any suggestions? Under Security “Unknown sources” is checked. Veryify Apps is not checked (I tried it both ways). In Google settings “Verify Aps” is unchecked. (I tried it both ways. Android Version 4.4 Moto X. System verwsion 140.45.5.ghost_verizon.Verizon.en.US

    Any suggestions?


  • micael

    the brasil ones not working

    • David Cogen

      The link if down?

  • bruhh

    none of the work

  • Allen Lendzion

    I am also having issues installing the app. I am using the Verizon Wireless Moto X 2013 (non developers version) I have followed the video and when I try to install the vzw version it just gives me a “app not installed” message. Any suggestions?

  • Sahil Singhal

    my moto x is not installing the file

  • Damien Moretz

    My app won’t install what should I do