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Create Your Own Gif

How to Create a Gif (Video)

So I’ve shown you how to easily put gifs in your messages on your iPhone and one of my favorite keyboards for Android has a snazzy feature to insert gifs, […]

Amazon Echo

How to Add Google Calendar Support to the Amazon Echo

It’s getting there… The recently launched Amazon Echo, aka Amazon’s way of trying to become the central, voice-controlled hub in your smart home, is slowly getting support for the major […]


How to Use UberEats to Get Lunch Delivered in Minutes

If you haven’t heard, Uber just extended their free lunch delivery in Manhattan for another week to help promote their new UberEats service and this got me curious. How exactly […]

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Disable Auto-Updates on Galaxy S6

Automatic Updates: The bane of any power user’s existence. Why should some faceless, mega-corporation decide when we should have our apps updated?! I’m sorry… I thought this was AMERICA. However, all […]

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Getting the Most from Motion Launch on HTC One M9

It doesn’t take a mid-life crisis to find yourself stuck in a rut. When life loses its sheen, you gotta shake up the humdrum and add some glitter to that old-hat, right? For example, […]

Change Your Tinder Location

How to Change Your Location in Tinder for Free

If you’re one of the millions of people out there using dating apps to meet other singles in your neighborhood, then there’s a good chance that – in addition to […]

Network Unlock Successful

Video: How to Unlock a Phone

So because I run a site called TheUNLOCKr, I get asked about unlocking devices quite a bit. I mean, it is in the name after all. The thing is though […]

Sling TV on Tablet

Video: How to Get Rid of Cable

Table of Contents Why It’s Taking Cable So Long Why It’s Finally Happening How to Get Rid of Cable Recap The Future of Cable I’ve been trying to get rid […]

Bitmoji Me

Video: Make Emojis Personal, How to Turn Yourself into an Emoji

Sometimes the little yellow faces just don’t quite cut it. I mean, sure, sending someone a pointing finger and an “OK” is always a good time, but what if you could make it a […]


Silence the Unnecessary Noise: How to Disable the New Facebook App Sounds

Starting in February, Facebook has begun releasing a new update for their smart phone app on both iPhone and Android operating systems. While the update contains some good bug fixes, it […]

Legacy Contact

What Happens to Your Facebook When You Die? Here’s How to Choose Its Fate

As technology becomes more and more entrenched in our daily lives, the need for us to consider what will become of our online presence after we pass away becomes a […]

Unlock the Sony Xperia Z2

How to Unlock a Sony Phone: Save the International Roaming Charges

Sony provides some of the best phones on the market. Their ahead of the curve models and the company’s international appeal makes the interest in learning how to unlock a Sony phone […]

Home Automation

Home Automation: It’s Finally Time to Try It

Technology, automation, and efficiency. Three things nerds like us get way more excited about than your average person. (Who doesn’t love a good spreadsheet once in a while? Ah, that’s […]

Umano Player Landscape

Give Your Eyes a Break: Have Your News Read to You Using This App

Ok, I’ll admit it. I use for the majority of the books I “read”. (Is it still called reading if I’m listening to it? Deep thoughts…) Maybe it’s the […]

Music Player

How to Change the Music Player on Your Android Device (Video)

Here we have another part of my series on getting the mort out of customizing Android (since it seems a lot of people don’t realize just how much you can […]