Prestigio PAP4040 How To's

Text From a Computer

How to Text from Your Computer (Complete Guide) (Video)

There’s nothing like a full-blown keyboard for typing. Even though touchscreens have gotten better, more responsive, typing with two thumbs will always be beaten by typing with all ten fingers. […]

Speed Up Android Marshmallow and Lollipop

Make Your Android Lollipop/Marshmallow Device Feel a Lot Faster (Video)

People have asked me why my Android phones look so snappy in some of my videos lately and wondering if I overclocked the phones. I haven’t, most of the time, […]

Amazon Appstore

Video: How to Get the Amazon Appstore on Your Android Device (Allied Content)

So you may not know this but the Play Store isn’t the only major hub where you can get apps from. Amazon has one, too. And, uniquely enough, Amazon has some […]

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How to Hide Photos on Android

Your pictures are important. So is your reputation. Sometimes the reputation you want people to see and the photos saved in your phone don’t quite go hand in hand, which […]

Music Player

How to Change the Music Player on Your Android Device (Video)

Here we have another part of my series on getting the mort out of customizing Android (since it seems a lot of people don’t realize just how much you can […]


How to Change the Camera on Your Android Device (Video)

Continuing with my new series on getting the most out of customizing Android (since it seems most people don’t realize to the extent you can actually customize an Android device), […]

Pick Carrier

How to Setup Your Internet/MMS Settings on an Android Phone

If you just had your phone unlocked, or maybe flashed a custom ROM, you might be having an issue connecting to the internet or sending picture messages. This is sometimes […]


How to Change the Icons/Theme on Your Android Device (Video)

Now that you’ve learned to change your Android device’s home screen launcher, you can take the customizing of Android one step further by adding a custom theme for that launcher […]

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 10.23.56 AM

How to Change the Home Screen Launcher on an Android Device (Video)

As part of my new series on getting the most out of customizing your Android device, I figure a big one is changing the Android Launcher (aka the home screen). […]


How to Change the Keyboard on an Android Device (Video)

So it has occurred to me that a lot of people don’t realize the extent of which you can customize an Android device. From the home screen launcher, to the theme, […]

Unroot the Prestigio PAP4040

How to Unroot the Prestigio PAP4040

Maybe you’ve messed up with your device? Maybe you want to send in your device for warranty reasons? Either way, this guide should help. Unrooting the Prestigio PAP4040 is extremely […]

Flash Recovery on the Prestigio PAP4040

How to Flash a Custom Recovery on the Prestigio PAP4040

So you have rooted your Prestigio PAP4040 smartphone and now wish to flash some custom ROMs on it? Great! I recommend everybody to do that but before you can actually […]

Root the Prestigio PAP4040

How to Root the Prestigio PAP4040

Rejoice the Prestigio PAP4040 users as your device has been rooted using the universal Bin4ry root method. As you may already know, rooting your device will open-up a whole new […]