What’s Summer without having the mood set with live Android wallpapers? If you don’t take a minute to stop and enjoy the short season, it’ll pass you by. Once Fall is here, Summer is at its furthest point from us, so better take advantage while you can. You don’t have to put sunscreen on and get sand between your toes, though; in fact, you never even have to put your phone down!

Let’s face it, you’re not going to put your phone down, even if we suggested it. In our connected lives, our smartphones are the central nervous system, and we go nowhere without them. To get in the summer mood, we’ve found 11 cool live wallpapers for Android. From the beach to parts unknown, these will have you soaking up Summer like never before!



Told you we were going to the beach! This one offers up scenes of a serene beach, like you’d find in some summer romance movie. In what appears to be a deserted island, soft sand and a bent palm tree soothe your Android phone into sweet Summer bliss. Look up, and all you see is blue skies.


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.57.10 AM

What’s better than the open sea in Summer? Not much, and that’s where this live wallpaper for Android focuses. A sunset stroll on the beach, looking out into the ocean, all you see is slowly tumbling waves. A rough day at the office never seemed so frivolous after peeking down to see this wallpaper on your phone.

Spring Flowers

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.02.34 AM

Enough with the beach! If Spring is more your season, you can still reminisce all Summer long. As the trees start to blossom and flower, nothing is more beautiful in nature. For many, the time of cherry blossoms is the best all year, and this one lets you live it all Summer long. Soft colors and beautiful imagery dominate here, and will have you enjoying the blooms until the leaves turn brown in the Fall.

Water Pool


Sometimes, there’s nothing better than relaxing by a calm pool, enjoying the Koi that float by. If that sounds like your type of “best day ever”, this one’s for you. A lightly decorated Koi pond captivates the senses; as fish stream by, you’ll wonder why you even wanted to pick your phone up in the first place.

Under the Sea

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.12.16 AM

Your phone may not be waterproof, but it can sure act like it! If seeing water overhead delights you, check out Under the Sea. It takes you beneath the surface, where you’ll get a glimpse of light being bounced along the floor as the water above toys with it. For the scuba diver or swimming enthusiast, this will make you feel right at home.

Sun Rise

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.13.30 AM

Look, sunrises are amazing, and in Summer — you might miss them. The sun comes up at, like, 4am in the Summer! Who wants to be up for that? Not you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sunrise any time. With Sun Rise Android live wallpaper, you can enjoy a serene sart to your day as the sun starts its day. No need to wake up early, either!

Flowers Live

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.03.26 AM

Nothing says Sumer like flowers, right? If tree blossoms don’t get you going, perhaps sunflowers and daisies will. This one takes you to a bright, fun flower garden replete with a Dutch windmill. Flowers sway and hang in the breeze as you forget all your worries, and maybe even what app you were thinking of opening.



For many of us, absolutely nothing says ‘Summer’ like fireworks. A popular celebration on July 4th, it’s nearing national treasure status. Fireworks over the water on a summer night make you forget yourself for a minute. Getting that feeling to last with live wallpapers for Android phone is just that much better.


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.57.55 AM

Summer storms are as beautiful as they are scary. If seeing a tornado rip through the countryside or lightning striking the earth is your thing, try Storm. The wallpaper takes you through several imagined Summer storm scenarios, even placing you out at sea for the boldest lighting storm you’ll ever see.



Most things bloom in the summer, and few are more beautiful (or delicious) than lavender. This live wallpaper for Android keeps you deep in a lavender field, where blossoms are carried aloft on gentle breezes. A lovely purple hue dominates your screen with this one, too. Try not wanting some honey and lavender in your tea after seeing this wallpaper all day!


Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 8.04.31 AM

As Summer gives way to Fall, grass starts hunkering down for the winter and tree leaves turn a magical, earthy tone. Bushes and shrubs lose their mettle, and we all start thinking about comfort foods and sweaters. When you’re ready to wind down from Summer, check out Autumn for your Android smartphone. This live wallpaper will keep you in Autumnal heaven, enjoying all the wonders the Summer sequel can give.


Sumer is supposed to be fun, but chances are you can’t live the dream. In a perfect world, we’d all get to sit around on beaches all summer and take endless walks in fields to enjoy the flowers. No worries, no cares, just enjoying what mother nature brings us.

In the real world, we’ve got jobs, gardening, and various other chores keeping us from . The great part about these live wallpapers is that you can take those Summer moments with you wherever you go.

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