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How to Use Motorola Connect on the Droid Turbo

Your new Droid Turbo is full of great features, but it will even work in unison with another Motorola devices via the Connect app — and can even communicate with Google’s Chrome browser. You don’t even need to have your Droid Turbo handy in many instances to message or take […]

How to Use Moto Assist On the Droid Turbo

One of the coolest things about the Droid Turbo is the features you can take advantage of without even touching your device. The Moto Assist app is geared for just that, and can take over in certain circumstances without you even laying a hand on it. Whether your driving or

How to Use Droid Zap on the Droid Turbo

Sending pics to friends can be a bit of a chore sometimes. You’re all at an event or gathering, and everyone’s snapping pics of someone doing something funny, but maybe you snapped the best shot. You can obviously email to everyone, but what if you don’t have their email, or

How to Use Motorola Migrate on the Droid Turbo

If you’ve recently purchased your Droid Turbo, but don’t know how to get your content from your old phone onto your new Droid, don’t worry — we can help. An app named Motorola Migrate is already on your device, and it can help you port your info over from that

How to Setup iCloud Drive in iOS 8

Apple’s behind the curve a bit with cloud storage, but they did a bit of catching up with iOS 8. Now we’ve got access to iCloud Drive, which makes iCloud a bit more approachable as a platform, and even lets us work remotely a lot easier. Best of all, changes

How to Setup Family Sharing in iOS 8

Buying apps can get expensive, especially if you’ve got family members all using the same credit card. What was a $2 app can quickly balloon into $10! When you factor in music, movies, and books — the cost can get out of hand. To end the multiple spending, Apple has

How to Setup Moto Assist on the Moto X (2014)

There’s a lot of talk around the web about automated homes, and that’s a cool concept — but we’re not ready for that. We need to talk about automating that thing you have in your pocket or bag. That’s right, you can automate your phone! Well, if you have a

How to Take a Selfie with Your Voice on the Moto X (2014)

Here at TheUnlockr, we know we can’t get you to stop taking selfies — and we’re not going to even try. In fact, we support your possibly-a-bit-too-self-absorbed endeavors. Hey, we like you, and whatever you do is okay with us. We’re even going to make it really easy for you

How to Setup Attentive Display on the Moto X (2014)

It’s hard to take your eyes off that Moto X, we know. The screen is just so big and beautiful! At 5.2-inches, the screen is a good bit larger than last year’s Moto X, and every bit as beautiful. When you’re not gazing longingly into its pixels, though, we’ve got

How to Manage Apps for the Always-on Display on the Moto X (2014)

The always-on display on your Moto X remains one of the killer features for the device. Getting notification icons popping up on your sleeping lock screen make it easy to know who’s trying to get hold of you. Still, you might not want all your apps and services taking advantage.

How to Enable Quick Capture on the Moto X (2014)

We’ve all been there, and it’s a bummer. You go to capture the moment, but the moment’s gone. “Quick, get a picture of th — oh, never mind.” Things in life move quickly, so why shouldn’t your camera?! If you’ve got a Moto X, your camera can keep up with

How to Designate a Trusted Device on the Moto X (2014)

Bluetooth is a great way to do all kinds of things from listening to music to finding deals in stores that have iBeacon technology. If you’ve got your hands on a Moto X, there’s one more cool thing it can do, and that’s unlock your phone. All you have to

How to Customize Moto Actions on the Moto X (2014)

In a lot of instances, you don’t even need to touch your Moto X to get a rise form it. A simple gesture will sometimes do, and you might even get all the info you need from your device via a few simple swipes of the hand. Moto Actions make

How to See When a Message Was Sent in iOS 8

It happens to everyone; you send a message, and hear nothing back. Then you wonder when you actually sent your message, because it felt like a long, long time ago. Prior to iOS 8, it was a guessing game, trying to figure out when your messages actually sent. Now it’s