How to Use Moto Assist On the Droid Turbo

One of the coolest things about the Droid Turbo is the features you can take advantage of without even touching your device. The Moto Assist app is geared for just that, and can take over in certain circumstances without you even laying a hand on it. Whether your driving or sitting at a desk, Moto can help.

How to Setup Moto Assist

There’s a lot going on for Moto Assist, and you’ll need to do a little leg work to get it set up, but it’s worth it. Here’s how:

1. In your app drawer, select the Moto app.


2. Select the gear icon in the top right.


3. Select “Assist”.


What Moto Assist Can Do

Now you’ll see all the great things Assist can do for you while you’re too busy to type away. While you’re sleeping, Assist can make sure your phone is silent and the screen stays off, all without you doing a thing. If you like, selecting the arrow next to the “Silence” option allows you to accept calls from your favorite people, or when someone calls twice within five minutes (DROID assumes that’s an emergency situation).

While you’re driving, Assist can read your text messages to you, or play music from your favorite app. It will even learn which Bluetooth devices you use while driving, great for a Bluetooth enabled car stereo or audio jack dongle.

While at home, you can have Assist talk to you, too. Incoming messages will be read aloud, leaving you to do laundry or enjoy TV without having to pick up your phone. If you take meetings, Assist can politely tell people you’ll get back to them, and even keep your phone silent.

Do you use Assist? Is it integral to your daily life? Let us know how you’re using Assist in the comments section below!

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  1. Great Article if all you want to do is use this feature, but some like myself don’t. So how about a quick how to on “How to Disable this Feature” you personally seem to like so much.

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