How to Setup iCloud Drive in iOS 8

Apple’s behind the curve a bit with cloud storage, but they did a bit of catching up with iOS 8. Now we’ve got access to iCloud Drive, which makes iCloud a bit more approachable as a platform, and even lets us work remotely a lot easier. Best of all, changes show up on each device you have!

Setting it up is easy, but there’s one important waring to heed: you must back everything up before you upgrade to iCloud Drive. Anything you currently have stored in iCloud will disappear when you move to iCloud Drive, so be sure to download your stuff ahead of taking the steps below.

Once you back your existing iCloud stuff up, follow these simple steps:

1. Open your Settings app.


2. Select “iCloud”.


3. You’ll see an “iCloud Drive” toggle. Select that.


4. There will be an “introduction” screen. Once you click upgrade, the warning above becomes very real, so keep that in mind.


That’s about it, but keep something else in mind about iCloud Drive. If you want to start work on one device, and pick it up on another, these steps will have to be repeated on every iOS device you have. iCloud Drive also only works with those devices running iOS 8 or better, so be sure to upgrade your devices!

If you find yourself picking up multiple devices daily, iCloud Drive is wonderful. You can start work on an iPad, then pick it back up on your phone, and everything syncs in real-time. The layout in iCloud Drive is also much different, and quite honestly reminds us of Google Drive (which we really like).

Are you using iCloud Drive? Is it everything you hoped for? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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