How to Take a Selfie with Your Voice on the Moto X (2014)

Here at TheUnlockr, we know we can’t get you to stop taking selfies — and we’re not going to even try. In fact, we support your possibly-a-bit-too-self-absorbed endeavors. Hey, we like you, and whatever you do is okay with us. We’re even going to make it really easy for you if you’ve got a Moto X (2014).

With Motorola’s newest, you can take a selfie with your voice. That’s right, you can set up Moto to fire off a shot by using only your voice. Imagine all the selfie trouble you can get into hands-free! Here’s how to do it:

1. Launch your Moto Voice Assist by saying “Okay, Moto X” (or whatever phrase you taught it).


2. Say “take a selfie”.


The front-facing camera will launch, giving you an automatic three-second timer. In that time, you might want to figure out how severe you want those duck lips to be. Are you sassy duck-lipped selfie, or sad duck-lipped selfie?

Also remember that you can use those standard Android voice commands, like “take a photo? or “take a video” with voice control. Both will launch the rear-facing camera.

Voice control is neat, and now you know how to take a selfie without even touching your phone. If you’ve got a mount for your phone, think of the amazing pics you might be able to snap!

Have you used voice control to snap a selfie yet? Are you using it at the office daily to record your mood before and after you talk to the boss? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!

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