How to Designate a Trusted Device on the Moto X (2014)

Bluetooth is a great way to do all kinds of things from listening to music to finding deals in stores that have iBeacon technology. If you’ve got your hands on a Moto X, there’s one more cool thing it can do, and that’s unlock your phone. All you have to do is give it the go-ahead.

By assigning trusted devices, your Moto X (2014) will unlock itself when it’s within range of those Bluetooth devices. This is possibly the easiest way to have your device using profiles, and a wonderful way to bypass your pin-lock when you’re at home or the office. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Open your settings menu.


2. Select Security, which is under the Personal header.


Note: The feature only works if you’ve got an unlock method that isn’t “none” or “slide”. If you’re using one of those methods (or non methods as the case may be), your device security is already low, and trusted devices mean very little, there. If you use a more secure method occasionally, we suggest slipping into that profile now so you can set up trusted devices.

After confirming your unlock method, you’ll be taken to a screen to select trusted devices (you can also pair devices here if you don’t see yours listed).

Once you’re done, just select the home button and go on using your phone as normal. When you’re in range of a trusted device, your lock screen vanishes.

It might sound a bit odd, but this makes using your phone at home — when you’re in range of speakers or the like — a much simpler experience than when you’re on the train to work.

Are you using trusted devices on your Moto X? Has it made your life easier? Tell us all about it!

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2 thoughts on “How to Designate a Trusted Device on the Moto X (2014)”

  1. I have the Moto X 2014 and the Moto Hint but sadly, I have no Trusted Devices option visible to use this method of unlocking. I seem to recall it WAS there when I set up a pin initially, but no longer. The Motorola help desk is unable to help, despite their claims to “make things right” so I really need some helpful advice on this. Please someone, how can I enable my trusted bluetooth device? Where is the option hiding? Thanks

  2. Thanks TheUnlockr. One other piece of useful information is to ensure that Google Smart Lock is enabled. I stumbled across this somehow in a Nexus help page. Whether this is a different method/process than the standard Moto instructions/system, I can’t say, but I’ve got a trusted device now. Thanks again

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