How to Setup Attentive Display on the Moto X (2014)

It’s hard to take your eyes off that Moto X, we know. The screen is just so big and beautiful! At 5.2-inches, the screen is a good bit larger than last year’s Moto X, and every bit as beautiful. When you’re not gazing longingly into its pixels, though, we’ve got a tip for saving on battery life.

Attentive display may be on by default, but we suggest you run through these quick steps to at least make sure. With our Moto X, only one option was checked — and having both selected made a noticeable impact on battery life.

1. Open your Settings menu.


2. Select Display under the Device header.


3. Choose Attentive Display.


You’ll see two options, here. The “Stay on when I’m looking at it” is your overriding feature, and the second, “Sleep faster when I’m not”, won’t work without it on.


Both aim to better manage your screen-on time, and make better use of the battery when you’re not using it. The “Stay on when I’m looking at it” features seems to take advantage of your device gyroscope to know when it’s in-hand. I tested it out laying flat on a table and holding it upright, and when on a desk the screen went dark quickly.

Having both checked is a great way to keep your screen in deep sleep when you’re not using it, and makes battery life quite a bit better. You’re not going to get strong battery performance with the Moto X, but you will get through a day on normal use.

Are these options selected on your phone? How’s your battery life on your Moto X (2014)? Let us know in the comments section!

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