How to Customize Moto Actions on the Moto X (2014)

In a lot of instances, you don’t even need to touch your Moto X to get a rise form it. A simple gesture will sometimes do, and you might even get all the info you need from your device via a few simple swipes of the hand. Moto Actions make all this possible, but how do they work?

Here, we’ll show you how to set up Actions so you can get the most from your Moto X. We will warn you, though — Actions might cause you to oversleep:

1. Open your app tray and select the Moto app.


2. Tap the gear icon at the top right.


3. Select Actions.


Moto Actions are likely set by default on your phone, so this is where you can either manage or activate them. The “Wave to silence” feature is a bit dangerous, and lets you quickly wave or hover a hand over your phone to turn an alarm off. We warned you about oversleeping.


The “Approach for Moto Display” is handy, though. With it, your screen will light up as your hand moves toward it. This makes unlocking a device faster, and also saves you from finding the hardware buttons on the side of the phone just to activate the screen. Those notifications you ignored earlier are also much easier to access with this feature on.

We like using both, and the “Wave to silence” feature is great if you put everything in your calendar and set alarms for them.

Are you using Moto Actions? Does it make you love your Moto X even more than you would without it? Tell us all about it below!

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