How To: Use Your G1 as a Wifi Network (Wifi Tether)

Want to use your G1 to give out a wireless signal so your laptop (or other phones with Wifi) can connect to it and use the 3G internet for FREE?

Course you do. First, make sure your G1 is Rooted (search our site for the 1 click rooting method). Then follow these steps.

1. Download the APK file from here:
Wifi Tether 1.51 (After you save it you may have to put the .apk after the file name if it does not show as an APK file in Windows).

2. Connect your G1 to the computer via USB cable (pull down the notification that pops up on the phone and click it. Then click Mount).

3. Save it to your G1’s SD card in the Root folder (no need to rename it to anything).

4.  Unplug the G1 from the computer.

5. Goto Settings then Applications then make sure Unknown Sources is checked (this will allow you to install the APK file even though you did not get it from the Market).

6. Then using a program like Linda File Manager (you can download it from the Market if you don’t have it) navigate to your SD card and find the Wifi Tether.apk and click it. Say open with Package Installer if asked.

7. Allow it to install.

To Turn It On:

1. Make sure your Wifi is OFF.

2. Open the Wifi Tether program from your menu.

3. Click Start.

4. Have your computer search for Wifi networks and click on the one labelled “G1” or “G1 Tether” and click connect.

5. Done!

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