How To: Use Your G1 as a Wifi Network (Wifi Tether)

Want to use your G1 to give out a wireless signal so your laptop (or other phones with Wifi) can connect to it and use the 3G internet for FREE?

Course you do. First, make sure your G1 is Rooted (search our site for the 1 click rooting method). Then follow these steps.

1. Download the APK file from here:
Wifi Tether 1.51 (After you save it you may have to put the .apk after the file name if it does not show as an APK file in Windows).

2. Connect your G1 to the computer via USB cable (pull down the notification that pops up on the phone and click it. Then click Mount).

3. Save it to your G1’s SD card in the Root folder (no need to rename it to anything).

4.  Unplug the G1 from the computer.

5. Goto Settings then Applications then make sure Unknown Sources is checked (this will allow you to install the APK file even though you did not get it from the Market).

6. Then using a program like Linda File Manager (you can download it from the Market if you don’t have it) navigate to your SD card and find the Wifi Tether.apk and click it. Say open with Package Installer if asked.

7. Allow it to install.

To Turn It On:

1. Make sure your Wifi is OFF.

2. Open the Wifi Tether program from your menu.

3. Click Start.

4. Have your computer search for Wifi networks and click on the one labelled “G1” or “G1 Tether” and click connect.

5. Done!

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  • HA i am too. I put up the how to minus the video for now if you wanna try? lol
    And may I remind everyone that our g1s have 90MBs less RAM than the Hero so running ithe Hero ROM is sloowwww as hell when you try to run a few widgets (which is the coolest part of the Hero ROM in my opinion but eh) lol
    But go ahead, try it out let me know what you think.



  • Gylmar Garcia

    dude this is pretty awesome, ive seen videos of it before, but your instructions were really simple so i decided to have wifi tether on my phone. Now whenever i go on road trips i can use internet from my laptop by feeding off my g1’s wireless connection! 🙂

    • Hey Gylmar,

      Ha, ya it comes in really handy lol Glad it works for you, thanks!

    • coop

      how?? im little stuck on this. i have filmware 1.6 it keeps saying please try again

  • Tony

    I tried installing this app but when I use the Linda File Manager and install it. It ends up saying installed unsuccessfully. Help Please! I’m so bored at work and need Wifi.

  • Anthony

    Hey David, I just have one question, when I mount my G1 to my computer, I dont see a root folder. Now I know my phone is rooted cause its been for a while and I’m running JF on it. Is the root folder, a folder you just creat your self or should it be there? Hope to hear back! Thanks in advanced.

    • Hey Anthony,

      There is no “root” folder. Root is a term that means the foundation, the beginning, the heart, the basic of something (like the roots of a tree?). So when you Root your phone, what we mean is you are gaining access to the Root of the phone (the highest level of coding, what controls the most basic functions of the phone) and this allows us to alter parts of the phone that were not normally accessible and therefore change things that weren’t normally changeable.
      So when we say Root folder, we just mean the topmost folder (so when you open the memory card on your computer and you see all the folders and files and if you try to go up a level, you can’t. That is the root folder (won’t actually say Root on it anywhere). So put the files in there (same place you had to put the JF ROM and rename it to in order to load the JF ROM).

      Good luck!

  • hey david,

    is the video u posted of the hero rom fast, it should be because of the new changes

    • Hey Rishi,

      Here is what I just posted to Ben on the other post:

      In regards to performance of the Hero ROM, it isn’t very good to be honest. Which makes sense because of the 90MBs of RAM that the Hero has that our G1s don’t. So you will get a lot of force closes (of Rosie especially), and if you load a bunch of widgets on the home screen it will slow to a crawl (again not enough RAM). This is really just for people who want to try Hero/Rosie out for themselves (I’ve already said that it isn’t stable and I don’t recommend using it till they come out with a better version, but everyone wanted to try it so I posted it for everyone to try). You’ll also notice at the bottom of the post I explain how to switch back, since I figured a lot of people would do so…
      As soon as you guys see a new Hero ROM come up on XDA let me know and I’ll be glad to revise it for the new one (I’m just as anxious as you all to have Hero on my G1 lol).

      Regardless of what changes they make in the Hero ROM, we are still missing almost 100MBs of RAM. But if they can squeeze it smaller and smaller it might run decent, we’ll see.

  • noise

    Hey david I downloaded wifi and it tethers but can’t find the signal??? Plz help

  • Jason

    This is one of the Greatest apps, is there anything that the G1 cant do ?

    • Hey Jason,

      Hmmm, can’t do eh? Run HERO properly? 🙁 lol

  • mrjoeyloke

    I’m havin the same issues as toni… When i try to install the tether app i get installed unssuccesfully?
    Does this mean that i didn’t root properly? I already went to settings, apps and put unknown sources? What am i doin wrong? PLEASE HELP!

  • noise

    Why can’t ps3 get wifi signal??????

    • Hello Noise,

      I believe that is a question for Sony lol


    UPDATE! New Instructions and Video (07/06/2009).
    Hope this helps anyone having any issues.

  • david .l

    why do i get a jar file instead of just a apk file

    • Hey David L,

      What file is a Jar instead of an APK, could be a problem with the link I put up… Let me know so I can fix it.

  • david .l

    nevermind i open it up with linda manager but how could i lock it so people won’t steal my g1 wifi

    • Hey David L,

      Currently it does not support encryption, you will just have to let people get your Wifi (although people won’t be able to connect unless they specifically look for the network..

  • Gorgio

    Hey david, i finally got my phone rooted just like in your video, but now that i try putting in the wifi tether it says installation unsuccesful, and i did went to seetings and check the allow unknown sources thing..i did everything on this video but mines wont work, help please!

    • Hey Gorgio,

      You might have to load a different ROM or reload the same one (just put it as on your card, then Alt S on the recovery screen).

  • Richelle

    WOW! thank you so much!!! u give the best vids! and u dont even ask for anything in return! how wonderful u r! thank you! =)

  • Cris

    Hi David,

    Im completely useless with technical stuff,I’m trying to see what radio band i am in but when i press camera and off, nothing happens, Im in the UK, is the g1 any different in here?


    • Hello Cris,

      You should be find doing the same procedures (you’ll just have US regional info on the phone, like our stupid way of doing the date 07/18/2009 lol).
      But make sure you do the How To Root procedure before doing any of the other procedures. It is located on this site, just do a search.

  • Sheyla

    Ummm I Cant Seem t Get The Wifi tether I keep Getting application install unsuccessful I Reloaded the sam ROM Nothing Works. My Phone is already rooted and Has unknown sources checked what else could be wrong????

  • Shawn

    It just reads ‘Unable to start tethering Please try again’. What did I do wrong?

    • Hello Shawn,

      Did you root your phone first? Search our site for how to root your g1.

  • Shawn

    Did that and when I get to that rainbow screen for the update, it just stays on the rainbow screen.

  • Hey well i have my phone rooted and i did the steps and everything..this is my problem..Well..I start tether..i get on my wii and see if it works and it catches the signal but when i connect it seys somthing like invalid ssid&cant connect and it wouldnt connect to my laptop i had a wifi connecter that plugged into it..and it still didnt work.Please help

    • Hello Raymond,

      Unfortunately, that would be an issue with your computer itself most likely. Make sure that your computer (or the Wifi connector you are using) is able to connect to AdHoc/Computer to Computer Networks (as this is how the G1 tethers). Most computers support this but some need to turn it on. Good luck, sorry couldn’t be of more help.

  • stev

    I can’t get the wifi tether to install, I installed linda went through that process. I am rooted and check in the box for the applications. Just keep getting an unsuccessful install. Help please! Thxs!

    • Hello Stev,

      Try deleting the .apk file, redownload it, and reput it on the sd card and try again.

  • Ben

    Nice find. It works fine on my HTC Magic.

  • stev

    I deleted the .apk file and reloaded several times, I still receive an installation unsuccessful. Is there a way to check if I’m rooted properly. Need a lil bit more help. Thx!

  • Thank very much with this helpfully tutorial. A+ for you.

  • Hey david,
    I’m trying to tether one of my g1s so I can get internet on another g1 but it doesn’t seem to find the connection?? Is there any setting I have to change in the app or in the other phone? Is it even possible?? It works on an ipod touch

    Please and thank you
    Ps you are doing a grreat job with the site

  • opekistersu

    is there a way you can root the new mytouch and to make it a tether as well? if so let me know thanks

    • Hello Opekistersu,

      Yes, we most likely can, but we need a MyTouch first to make sure. We should be getting one this weekend and have a video how to next week sometime.

  • Hey david,
    Hey just running my question with you again.
    I’m trying to use my first g1 tether to tether too my other g1 which doesn’t have 3g but for some reason it doesnt pick it up in wireless settings but it does pick up other mobile devices so could you please please help me out???????????

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

  • could you please help me out with my question, if you dont know the answer could you let me know do i could ask xda.


  • reggie

    i’ve rooted my g1 according to your video. when i follow along in the vid, i am able to get the recovery screen mentioned. here’s the problem, when i try to use the wifi tether app, it tells me my phone is not rooted….what do i need to do now? i’m running CRC1 and firmware 1.5

    • Hello Reggie,

      You must load a custom ROM first to get internal Root access, goto the next video after the 1 click rooting process. After that you should be all set.

  • this is the best thing i have found for my g1 a+++++++

  • Rich

    Yeah..i followed the steps on rooting the g1(new vid) and right after you turn the phone back on and have a list of options.I picked one and my phone restarted fine.but now im trying to get the wifi tether and it tells me i dont have root access. And on the wifi app it says also that my kernel does not have the necessary features for tethering. please help thnks in advance

    • Hello Rich,

      You need to install a custom ROM first to have internal root access. Read the How to Root procedure again and the reported issue beneath it. Do it again and go straight to loading a ROM. The ROMs usually have Wifi Tether built in as well.

  • Jin

    Hi, I’ve been trying to get the link from megaupload for the past hour, however it doesnt seem to go past the first 50kb. would you be so kind to send it to me via email?

    • Hello Jin,

      Just download a custom ROM, it has Wifi Tether built in.

  • GregO.

    Hello, you’re doing a great job with this site. All the videos are a big help. Keep up the great work. Quick question for you… I rooted my G1 with no problems. I then followed the instructions on the G1 tethering video and I was able to install the program, but when i try to start tethering I get a message that states “Unable to start tethering. Please try again.” Any ides what I’m doing wrong? Phone is on Build number CRC1 Firm Wire version 1.5.

    • Hello GregO,

      Thanks! I appreciate it!
      Did you load a custom ROM after doing the How To Root in One Click video? You need to choose a custom ROM and load it before you will have internal root access (which is required for root requiring applications like the Tether program).
      Also a lot of the custom ROMs have the Wifi Tether program built in 🙂 Cyanogen’s ROM in our downloads section is the most popular (just make sure you follow the How to load a ROM procedure and download the Cyan ROM for the G1 and not for the MyTouch).
      Good luck!

  • Hey. How do you root the g1 and i cant download the wifi tether. It says that my computer can find it

  • preetyRICKY

    Hey david. Thanks, for all your help. You have been helping me with my g1 since day one. Ok. My g1 is already rooted. But when I connect my tethering it works. When I connect all my devices such ass the psp, laptop, computer, ect…. it never search is it. I tried everyithing but my devices can’t find “g1 tether” please help me. And thanks in advance.

  • matt

    Hi I have more a paranoya question then anything I have a g1 crc1 firmware 1.5. Here is the question I have delt with razor moding an I was able to back up the stock firmware so I could go back an forth, with the g1 is that what the rom, is an how do I back it up so if for example I use the jesus mod and I want to go to stock what I have from factory? Thanx for any help u can shed on this

  • Big-O

    Hello Unlockr, I had a question about a reply I just read, you mentioned a lot of the custom ROMs have the Wifi Tether program built in.. Does Cyanogen’s ROM have it? Cause I’m on Cyanogen 4.0.4 and was wondering about it. I don’t mind using the app, but it would be cool to find out it was already there. Thank you for all your help…

  • Big-O

    Also if anyone is interested, Wifi Tether 1.52 is out:

  • sander

    What is the name of that rom

  • ceas

    ok well im jus a noob to rooting.. thanks to theunlocker!!.. n e ways i just tried this wifi tethering on my mt3g.. and it works great!!! useing it right now!! haha … this is coo love it thanks again theunlocker!!!

  • Liz B

    Can you use this WiFi to access WiFi in like an iTouch or compatible devices?

  • Jgraeff

    hey unlockr,

    can this be used with the mytouch 3g? if not is there a way to do it?

  • Damion Orlando

    hey unlockr question i did the one click root to my mytouch and i still cant access wifi tethering it says i have to be rooted am i missing something?

    • Hello Damion Orlando,

      You need to do the How To Load a Custom ROM procedure after doing the one click root. Then load a ROM, then everything will work… You do not have internal root access until you load the custom ROM.

  • Damion Orlando

    my wifi worked when i had hero but i went back to my orginal phone setting and rooted the phone and now wifi doesn’t work i hope i dont have to get hero cause it runs slow to me. and answers?

  • tony

    Has anybody been able to tether with the mytouch

    • Tony,

      Yes plenty of people. If you are having an issue, post it in the technical support forums.

  • Genielittle

    Hi Unlockr,
    Wireless? Will i incur any data transfer charges from my service provider? Can this be used for HC Magic?

    • Hello Genielittle,

      You need to have a data plan as you will be using the data connection as normal. Only difference is that you can use your computer to surf the internet instead of your phone. Yes it will work on the HTC Magic. You need to do the 1 click root procedure and then how to load a custom rom procedure and most roms have this program built in.

  • Ross

    Stupid question and nothing to do with this vid. What is cupcake and is it needed?

  • Jacob

    do you have to have it rooted? cuz i have a stock (donut) g1 and i cant root it

  • Jacob P

    can you tether another phone like g1 to g1?

    • Jacob P,

      Yes, but that would be sorta pointless. If you had one G1 with 3G, why doesn’t the other have 3G? Or why wouldn’t you just use the first G1?

  • Jacob P

    because my g1 is with AT&T and so is the rest of my family but I’m the only one with the data plan so if we go somewhere I wanna be able to give them WiFi from my phone

  • Jacob P

    Yea so how does that work to tether a another G1??

    • Jacob,

      You need to root your phone, then load a custom ROM. After that you can goto our download section, click on Android then Applications and download the WiFi tether app and install it.
      Then turn on wifi tethering on one G1 and have the other G1 search for WiFi and connect to the network you just created.
      Works the same as connecting anything through WiFi to your G1.

  • Jacob P

    i Already rooted it with the ONe click method and installed a new rom and i downloaded the wifi tether app from your website and installed it and i started it but my bro’s g1 didnt find a thing..

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  • Gardiw2

    THIS is exactly why I bought my G1 In the first place! I hunted for quite a while before I narrowed the field to The Unlockr for the information and tutorials to make this happen. You guys are AWESOME! Your instructions are thorough and easy to follow. 850K down and 275K up! Thank you.

    One little nagging issue is that when I turn off the tether, I have to force the program to quit. Not any more trouble then having to hit another switch, but… Thoughts?

    Also, the software package updated right away as soon as it installed. Would this have been the 1.52? Went too fast and I didn’t pay enough attention.

    And lastly, I’m not an advocate of wireless security for non-commercial applications, but I would make an exception in this case. Any grumblings on later versions having secured access?

    Thank you again and keep up the good work!

    • Gardiw2,

      Thanks! Glad I could help!
      Ya, that issue you mention happens occasionally, something to do with the app, they will update and fix it eventually I’m sure.
      Not sure what the latest version is to be honest but the one we have on the site here is the latest I believe (let me know if Im wrong).
      I believe that version has security as an option. Check in the menu and options in the program, thought I saw a WEP encryption option…
      Found it in my phone: Open the app, click Menu > Setup then Enable WiFi Encryption 🙂

  • Gardiw2

    According to atrackdog, I was indeed running 1.52 and that an update to 1.80 was available but that version is not for the G1. I did find an update version, 1.60 for HTC on their web-site and installed this as per your instructions. It works fantastic! It even shuts itself down smoothly! Problem solved!

  • Jesh

    What theme do you have on your g1 in the video?

    • Jesh,

      Not sure, was a while ago. Check in the themes section of this site though. It was one of those.

  • DLR

    you said use the Cyanogen’s ROM and it in the downloads where i couldn’t find it? maybe im just lost?

  • jado

    Been trying to update Google maps 4.0, and got some errors. I was told that I have to re root and then install it……but then how can use the wireless tether ?
    Using a My touch

  • Fabian


    I have a problem. I will have a signal from htc hero to archos 5 internet tablet. archos 5 it had android too and i will connect with wlan from my phone.

    Can you help me pls ? I havent a signal

  • Brandon

    Is there wireless tethering for the mytouch 1.2/fender after i rooted it already? i tried downloading some wireless tethering apk files but all of them say ‘No Netfilter’ and that my kernel does not have all the features for running this app. help?

  • german1443

    every time i try to strat tethering the message “unable to start tethering. please try again” pops up. i am using a mytouch 3g it is rooted and i am runnig the cm rom do you know what i might have messed up on. any help or advise would be really appreciated a lot.

  • im trying to tether with my g1 one but its like its not sending any signal my computer wont connect..i did the steps u guys provided and it still wont connect any one have any idea of what i can do?

  • luis

    i have done the rooting to my g1 and its all working good .. and i downloaded the g1 wifi tether app and did everything on the video but my laptop dosnt pic up the g1 signal …. any thoughts ??

  • cio

    hello ther..I rooted my phone installed the apk file’ it connects to my laptop (windows 7) but does’nt give me any internet acess can some one plz help my with this problem? thankx..

  • cio

    Unlockr: I rooted my g1 installed the tether apk file, my computer connects to my phone, but does’nt give me any internet acces? Plz help

  • coop

    what film ware do we need to have in order to do the wifi tether. i have 1.6 and i did all of this and when i clicked on the wifi logo ” unable to start tethering please try again “. so i did but got the same results.. what is it i need to do cause i need this very badly.


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  • billy

    I’m having prob with the new wifi it keep saying that’s its not gonna work cause sumthing wrong with karnel and I’m using the new superuser permisson for root access

    • Mel

      I have a problem! I am using the new superuser permission and the wifi tether… it shows the wifi connection from my G1 to my ipod touch but I can’t connect to the internet. The log says “Failed” because “can’t initialize iptables table ‘nat’: iptables who? (do you need to insmod?) Perhaps iptables or your kernel needs to be upgraded.”. What should I do Unlockr?

  • Jacksonic92

    hello i added this app to my g1 but evrytime i hit the button, it says unable to tether. please try again! plzzz help!

  • Jacksonic92

    hello i added this app to my g1 but evrytime i hit the button, it says unable to tether. please try again! plzzz help!

  • Jacksonic92

    hello i added this app to my g1 but evrytime i hit the button, it says unable to tether. please try again! plzzz help!

  • Mkspencer23

    I have been using the wifi tether for awhile.  Recently though I can’t connect to the internet.  I am getting a Access: Local Only connection.  Any help would be appreciated.