How To Flash a New Recovery Image (If You Are Already Rooted)

So if you have used the 1 click root and then decided there was a new recovery image you wanted to flash, you may have noticed that the 1 click root won’t let you flash a new one once you have a custom one on the phone already. Well, here is how to flash a new recovery image when you already have root access.

I. Flash a New Recovery Image

1. Find the recovery image you want and MAKE SURE IT IS FOR YOUR PHONE (should say in where you download it what phone it is for).

2. Write down the filename of the recovery image EXACTLY as it is written (i.e. RA-Hero-Recovery-v1.2.2.img).

3. Put the recovery image file on the SD card (not in any folders).

4. Download Terminal from the Market if you don’t already have it and install it (there are a few different terminals in the Market some have an onscreen keyboard and some don’t experiment till you get one, also hold down Menu in some of them to bring up the onscreen keyboard if you don’t see it).

5. Open the Terminal program and type the following (with hitting enter at the end of each line):

flash_image recovery /sdcard/name-of-recovery.img

6. In the above text, replace name-of-recovery.img with the name of your recovery image (make sure the .img is on the end).

7. Phone should pause for a second and then show you a new blank line. Turn it off and back on by holding down Home and Power to ensure it flashed correctly. Done.

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  • Flash_image should already be on your phone. Most of the people that went through this procedure without issue don’t leave comments. Hence why you only see people with issues in the comments.
    Search our site for recovery image and you’ll find a procedure for how to flash a recovery image on the G1 I believe and it shows you how to install flash_image on your phone. Good luck!

  • Hayyano

    Great stuff, worked just fine…thanks heaps

  • Hayyano

    Great stuff, worked just fine…thanks heaps

  • Hayyano

    Great stuff, worked just fine…thanks heaps

  • L van Denzen

    Is this only for the Hero? Y have Desire en try to flash new recovery-RA xxx together with Android Terminal from Jack Palevich. I follow the instructions, but Terminal say Flash not found. Recovery-RA-xxx is on sd card. I have btw Rom from Avaritia 0.6.

  • Alex

    perfect! Muchas gracias !!!!

  • Fre

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • New to all this – phone is rooted but when i try to flash Amon_Ra recovery – i get file not found. Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

  • Kenchavezii

    when typing command cd c:AndroidSDKtools after pushing enter it says it couldnt find the path????

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  • tz

    when i try this it says in the terminal: error witing recovery: no space left on device

  • Etay_r1

    tnx u very much, Great guide

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  • Jcc2150

    i have 1.5 on mt3g…i flashed it through terminal emulator and was able
    to see it on reboot. i backed up. and restarted to home screen. i
    wanted to double´╗┐ check and make sure it was backed up so i powered off
    then booted up to ra recovery. it didnt work, just went to the android
    stock recovery screen…what happened to my recovery ra?? i checked my
    sdcard. there is a folder with something backed up, no idea how i’d
    restore that if i cant even load up to ra recovery 1.7.0…any help
    thank you

    it says´╗┐ this upon reboot…E:cant open /cache/recovery/command

  • Weatherman1023

    I have a motorola cliq running andriod 1.5 and i get ” usage: flash_image partition file.img “. i dont know what this means but it doesn’t flash the recovery image

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