How To Flash a New Recovery Image (If You Are Already Rooted)

So if you have used the 1 click root and then decided there was a new recovery image you wanted to flash, you may have noticed that the 1 click root won’t let you flash a new one once you have a custom one on the phone already. Well, here is how to flash a new recovery image when you already have root access.

I. Flash a New Recovery Image

1. Find the recovery image you want and MAKE SURE IT IS FOR YOUR PHONE (should say in where you download it what phone it is for).

2. Write down the filename of the recovery image EXACTLY as it is written (i.e. RA-Hero-Recovery-v1.2.2.img).

3. Put the recovery image file on the SD card (not in any folders).

4. Download Terminal from the Market if you don’t already have it and install it (there are a few different terminals in the Market some have an onscreen keyboard and some don’t experiment till you get one, also hold down Menu in some of them to bring up the onscreen keyboard if you don’t see it).

5. Open the Terminal program and type the following (with hitting enter at the end of each line):

flash_image recovery /sdcard/name-of-recovery.img

6. In the above text, replace name-of-recovery.img with the name of your recovery image (make sure the .img is on the end).

7. Phone should pause for a second and then show you a new blank line. Turn it off and back on by holding down Home and Power to ensure it flashed correctly. Done.

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    1. Hello Hellboy552000,

      This process does not root anything. It is for people who have already rooted (read the Title).
      If you need to root Donut there is a How To Root Donut video.

  1. when i open terminal it asks me for permissions after i enter the word “flash”. i then allow and i finish, but it says that there is no file. i tried different terminal apps, but they all do the same thing.

  2. I flashed the new amon recovery img everything works fine expect the nandroid backup wont work. Did I do something wrong?

  3. It will not let me make a back up. Everytime I try to perform a back up it says “back up not performed”. I havent tried to restore so I dont know what would happen with that.

  4. worked like a charm, simple instructions. FLAWLESS
    πŸ˜€ you rock unlockr. Running off 1.2.3G image on my mytouch now

  5. Sergey Gorshkov

    Thank you for effort and help!
    Just would like to say that it will be good if you could mention that the phone should remain plugged during whole process.
    Thank you once again and best regards!

  6. i updated the recovery on mytouch to 1.2.3H and now i can no longer the in to the recovery screen, i hold home and power and only get the green mytouch screen. any idea how to resolve this

  7. I can’t get it to work. I’ve rooted my phone, installed the latest update from HTC yesterday, but after that when i tried to get back to the Hero rom i used, it didn’t work. I got to the ! screen when starting Power + home, and when i try to root it again it don’t work, and the two unroot methods don’t work neither πŸ™
    what do I do wrong ? :S
    Now I’m stuck with the rom-upgrade from HTC :S

    1. Narreto,

      You are not supposed to ever use the OTA updates… just wait for a custom ROM and use that instead (with the OTA update built in).
      If you have a Hero, goto the How To Downgrade the Hero So We Can Root It procedure on the site and use that to get back to before the update, then root again and load a custom ROM. Good luck!

  8. Hi Narreto i use to get the ! sign before i rooted and figured it out accidently all you have to do is when the ! comes up on the screen take a moment pressing the pw+hm and relsse the home and power and press them again it should work try it and let me know.

  9. cant you jus use the recovery flasher, just the same as when we root the phone the first time to flash the new recovery?

  10. Frustrating to get this far rooting CDMA Hero and then hit a brick wall because you can’t find a terminal program that supports soft keyboards on the Market…

  11. Unlockr – once again your way is always the easiest and most straight forward. I just flashed Amon Ra’s – RA-magic-v1.3.2g recovery and it went great.

    Your the Man!

  12. hmmm ok I installed the ADB/android sdk successfully then rooted my CDMA Sprint HTC Hero. found Amon RA’s recovery image and used your instructions and after entering all the info and pressing enter it does not give me a new blank line but an out of memory message and keeps on going giving for ever with the same message? Am I doing something wrong?

  13. Sorry to ask such a noob question, but why is it required to update the recovery image and is it essential for updating the ROM to eg. Modaco 2.9?
    Thank YOU


    1. Boy2009,

      Search our site for How To Flash a Custom ROM and that is how to flash a rom πŸ™‚ This is for flashing just a recovery image. The recovery image is used to Flash the ROM though so that might be the confusion.

  14. Hi Unlockr..
    I´m running 1.2.3H on a 32A and have tried to flash 1.3.2H…
    it won’t work.. When i type flash_image command and hit “enter”, the screen shows a lot of load errors – out of memory.. i takes about 2 minutes… The downloaded file is not corrupted..
    Have you seen this problem before?

  15. Ok, Maybe I’m missing something. I have tried reflashing and did step by step and everything went as expected with no errors, I have root access. When i try to see if the flash was done correctly. I power the phone off and on with home pressed, and it just stays at the HTC screen. If i take the battery out and power it back on, it loads like normal. Any ideas? I have the Sprint CDMA Hero.

  16. everything works great.. i got root access on my htc hero.. but for some reason, i cant get it to go past the htc flash screen to go into recovery.. it just gets stuck there… im a pro when it comes to g1’s and mytouchs.. but the heros kinda new to me.. what do i do?

  17. Hi, i have encountered the same problem as chris-torb. Once i type in the commands as above, it shows many lines of errors(out of memory). May I know why this issue arises and how it can be resolved? Im using RA recovery 1.2.1H and trying to flash RA 1.3.2H. Thanks!

  18. I have G1, every time I type the second line and hit enter, all it says is; flash_image: not found ;what am I doing wrong??

  19. Hi Unlockr.
    I’ve rooted the phone with ur method worked and now i’m trying to write the recovery image ..
    And when i’m tryin’ to get root …with su command it tells me that access is denied.
    Why ?

  20. Can this recovery image flash Cyanogen mods? Not getting answers anywhere so I’d try to ask here.

    Been trying to root and add a cyanogen ROM from Vanilla on my friends 32B for two days and no luck. Can succussfully root but when it comes time to flash the 1.6 + 4.2.x, phone stays on MyTouch screen.

    Used both 1.4 recovery img and RAs 1.2.3 and no luck.

    One thing that I noticed is that when I flash the 1.6, it stops at “deleting files…” and skips straight to “complete” Doesn’t format cache or anything.

    WTF i’am I doing wrong!?

    1. Bunta,

      Yes it can load Cyanogen ROMs. What you are doing wrong isnt the recovery image.
      It is common when loading a ROM to get stuck on that logo, the only thing to do is format the sd card, wipe data in recovery and reflash the rom (or flash a different rom).
      I personally dont load Cyanogen ROMs after the cease and desist he got (his ROms got overly complicated to get running after that when therer are a bunch of other ROMs with the same features) but up to you.
      Good luck!

  21. Thanks so much for the reply!

    Yea, I know that the logo can get stuck after loading a fresh ROM, but not for 30mins!

    Been using Cyanogen ROMs since the beginning and never ever had problems. I have a feeling there’s something up with that stock rooted 1.6.

    If I can’t get this 32B running any cm 4.2.x by tonight, I think I might just follow your advise!

    Appreciate the reply and thank you for all your contributions!

  22. @Theunlockr

    HELP! Tried to flash the official 1.6 on my MyTouch and the battery accidentally fell off as it was flashing!!!!!

    Now the phone won’t start or take a charge!!!! Un-responsive!

    Is there a hidden factory reset button anywhere?

    Feel like such a douche… Think I have a TRUE BRICK

    I’ve read tmobile’s warranty FAQ’s and it seems like I’m still eligible for a replacement but, will they find out I was modded once they try to repair the phone??????

    Somebody please help!

    1. Jay,

      Damn, that sucks. Can you get to recovery mode at all? Or any screen for that matter?
      If not then Id call TMo and just tell them you were finally upgrading to 1.6 and when the phone was finished it rebooted and your stuck, they should replace it no problem.
      Good luck!

  23. Yea, it’s dead. On to the last resort.

    About to call t-mobile on my break. Hopefully they will replace it with no problems.

    Appreciate the reply!

  24. Hi,

    I was reluctant to even try and root the phone or change the ROM until I found your site and I was right. Everything works flawlessly. Thanks!

    Only one question. Is there an easy way to return to previous state (1.5 OS which came with the phone?)

    Thanks again.

  25. hi Unlockr,

    I am trying to replace the Amon RA recovery-RAv1.2.3H.img with recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.5.2H.img.

    As far as I understand if I already have the custom recovery image then the root procedure has been done properly. Still, when I try to perform the “su” command, the screen just stucks on “SU Request” and won’t go any further…any ideas? Thanks!

    1. Gaza,

      Try rebooting the phone and retrying. Also try to use another program that requires root (to get the SU request to come up) then go back to this procedure and see if that helps. Good luck!
      Please leave any other issues you come into in the Technical Support Forums.

  26. anyone have any idea, as to why I can’t access the sd card to flash the recovery image?

    I keep getting:

    cd/sdcard: not found

    Yet I can push the recovery image to the card..

  27. Can changing my magic firmware to the hero’s will make lose some options such as bluetooth or other feature or everything will work fine?

  28. David,

    I have been a long time fan of this website and have used your videos many times to refresh my memory. Keep all files on my computer labeled for certain tasks, such as Root, Unroot, Cyanogen, and so forth. What I am trying to say is Thank you for all your hard work Thanks for theunlockr, and can’t wait to see what other tutorials you have in store. Quick add-on after you flash recovery image from terminal emulator, instead of just powering down it is helpful to type in “reboot” when finished and still in terminal and phone will reboot itself. Then all you have to do is hold the home button. Thanks again!

    1. Renn9420,

      Thanks! Love working on this site and helping people, and Im glad this site has helped you!
      Im not planning to stop anytime soon πŸ™‚ If there are any how tos you would like to see, use the contact us and let me know!

      Thanks again!

  29. By the way I am running:

    Phone: T-Mobile Black G1
    ROM: Cyanogen w/ramhack
    SPL: Haykuro “Danger”
    Recovery: Amon Ra v1.5.2

  30. CeCe, the problem might be that there isn’t enough space on your sdcard. It is recommended to atleast have a 4gb class 6 memory card. Also it could also be a corrupt file just update to the newest version. Amon Ra v1.5.2

  31. @Badchad

    If you’re in terminal emulator then u don need to type cd/sdcard. Example: I am running Amon Ra v1.5.2 the file name is “recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img” so I go t terminal emulator and type:

    $ su
    # flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img
    —wait until done, will see empty cmd line—
    # reboot

    !!! But you must type name of file exactly how it is saved to your sdcard!!!

  32. @ badchad

    After you type reboot and hit enter all you have to is hold the home button and it will go into recovery mode where you can switchrom bart backup nandroid backup partition sdcard and choose size of partition. All the goodies! πŸ™‚

  33. I suggested one already but see that you already have made one of that nature. Like I said I have modding my g1 for the longest and try to help people who are willing to push the limits and think outside the box. Thank you and David for being there just incase I fumble.

  34. hi im having the same problems as zaoot and andrewb. i flash and everything with thru fine i have it rooted when i try to go in recovery mode it gets stuck at htc logo dont even get to black and green screen

  35. Did not work when doing from terminal from phone. (appeared to work but when try to boot in recovery mode go a pic of a phone and a triangle with “!” in it.) However was able to do it from the command prompt in windows and it worked like a charm doing a nandroid back up as i type.

    1. Cory,

      Hmm.. not seen that error before. Try using the search at the bottom of the procedure (above the comments) and search for recovery out of memory (or the exact error after recovery) and see what comes up. I made those searches to only search specific sites instead of the whole internet.

  36. If I have already installed in my G1 the old stable version (recovery-RA-dream-v1.2.3.img). What do I need to do to update for the new (recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img)? remove the old version and put the new one in the sd and update from the terminal method?

    1. Adonis,

      Nope. Just flashes the recovery, loading a new ROM will erase things usually but not just a recovery image.
      But regardless, if you have a custom recovery already you should do a Nandroid backup before hand to be safe.

  37. Hey,

    Im using a custom firmware (rooted HTC Magic) and when I type su on better terminal it simply freezes on the SU request. I’ve tried reeboting etc.. and even tried “terminal” but nothing happens. Any clues?



  38. Hey, Got past the previous trouble by enabling “usb debugging”. But the install didn’t work and now I can’t boot into recovery mode, even after wiping the update file.. I am kind of panicking. Can you help me?


    1. GB,

      If you have a G1 or MyTouch, boot into boot loader (camera and power) if you can get to that screen you can do the unroot procedure and start over so dont panic.
      Good luck!

  39. you are my hero no pun intended its been five or six days since i started this project and its been nothing but resistance from my phone thank you for taking that last step to the next level for me:)

  40. i can’t seem to boot into recovery after flashing the new recovery. what could be the problem? it gets stuck on the G1 boot screen

  41. the name of the recovery image has a version number and when i use terminal emulator it doesnt allow me to use any numbers. when i hit a number it doesnt pop up at all

  42. I followed all these steps and once I try to power the phone back on using the Home + Power button, I get he HTC logo and it never goes away and I have to remove the battery and then I can power it back on normally. I have tried this several times to flash and still get the HTC logo and it will never go past that screen. ???

  43. …I have also tried to downgrade to version 1.29 and could not do that either, even tried the goldcard method, every time I try to load the RUU it tells me it is not the correct version or some nonsense…

  44. I have root access. I flashed recovery-RA-heroc-v1.5.2 using the terminal. When I first pressed Home+power it took me to the custom recovery screen and i did a backup. Now when I press Home+Power it just takes me back to the standard hero screen with the scateboards asking to delete all date. It wont let me flash the recovery anymore. Weird.

  45. So yeah, I was able to get it to flash again and boot to the customer recovery. To test, I rebooted and tried it again and it was back to the Default HTC recovery. So do I have to re-flash the recovery file every time I want to access the custom recovery? That doesn’t seem right. Why is it being overwritten?

  46. HTC Hero (Sprint), I do have root access. Yes it’s the stock rom. I was wanting to make sure the recovery worked before I flashed the ROM. I was able to do a backup but the when I rebooted it went back to the HTC recovery. It’s like its being overwritten with the HTCs default recovery when I reboot. I can get it to boot to custom recovery again by reflashing through the Terminal. I guess I’m being paranoid but wanted to make sure I could go back to the custom recovery without having to flash through the terminal in case something went wrong when flashing the ROM.

  47. i really need help, when i do what you do it just said image not found. iv tried so many different things!! i really need help. im running a 2.1 rom on my gsm hero. current recovery image is amon ra 1.5.2

  48. something strange on my Magic.
    first, I open terminal emulator, then type su
    why I cannot type any number?
    so I cannot finish typing /sdcard/recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.6.2H.img. it only shows: /sdcard/recovery-RA-sapphire-v..H.img

  49. Hello Unlockr,

    I am having a bit of an issue and read that that flashing

    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-dream-v1.5.2.img

    It seems my acelerometer is messed up. I have tried this various times through my terminal emulator but i get [-d] delete file after flashing. but from there im stuck any suggestions?

    1. Spfx,

      Your accelerometer has nothing to do with the recovery image and can’t be effected by it. It is whatever ROM you are using that is causing that issue. Try to reload the ROM or load a different ROM.

  50. this is probably a stupid question, but what is a recovery image, and what is it for? I’m trying to learn about this stuff and things like rooting and ROM. Anyway, thanks

    1. Sam Merkel,

      A recovery image is a program that Android has built in to use to flash firmware incase something goes wrong.
      We create our own recovery image (referred to as a custom recovery image), that can not only flash firmware, but can flash non official firmware (this is how we flash custom ROMs). People like Amon Ra also puts in a lot of other functionality in the form of automated scripts (things to format your memory card, wipe certain partitions, backup your phone’s info to the SD card, etc.).
      Hope that helps πŸ™‚

      1. Sir,

        I have a rooted MyTouch 3G Slide. I am running CyanogenMod 6 w/ Clockwork Recovery. I would like to update/change my recovery image so that I have more freedom for ROM choices (for some reason I can not flash any others) So I have a few qs. 1) CAN I use Amen Ra? 2) If so which version? 3) Once I flash Amen Ra, will I be able to run, perhaps, Fresh or another ROM?

  51. Was confused for a while why I kept getting normal recovery screen…. just had to HOLD down home and power after turning it off. Works great with 1.5.2 thanks!

  52. Hey UNLOCKR,

    ive been coming back and forth to your site for awesome info on rooting phones, i started off rooting my mytouch 3g but now i have a nexus one. is it possible that my phone could drop the root? because every timme i load a recovery image, and i try to flash a rom, it doesnt work. and then ill reboot my phone and try to go into the custom recovery and its not there, so i cant even access the nandroid backup that i made…WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? PLEASE HELP BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO GET THE SENSE UI ON MY N1 BUT IM HITTING STUMBLING BLOCKS!

    1. Nieves Diaz,

      When you turn on your phone you have a unlocked symbol at the bottom, right? That indicates your bootloader is unlocked, so it should be able to flash a recovery image and then flash a ROM. Do you see that lock?

  53. yeah i see the lock. quick question, my phone was working fine with the RA AMON 1.5.3 for the N1, but then my retarded self decided to go and flash the rom manager from the android market…clockworkmod i think, it seems that that recovery seems to complicate things more than make it easy,all i wanted to do was check out the cyanogen rom and it worked great…until i tried backing up my stuff and rebooting my phone, now i get force close on all my applications, and now i wanna get back to the RA AMON recovery, how do i do that?

  54. i successfully set up adb and rooted my sprint htc hero. now i am trying to flash a recovery image using recovery-RA-heroc-v1.2.3.img. when i type what it says in the instruction in the terminal, it is giving me a error message saying “writing error (not enough memory)” over and over again. please help! the phone is working fine but it not flash a recovery image. please email me back at thank you

  55. Unlockr,

    I am using a Droid Eris. I have been trying for the longest to flash a recovery image and nothing seems to want to work for me. I am rooted and I have set up my adb, but when I tried the how to load a custom rom/recovery image it got as far as to let me put the flash_image and the recovery on my device… it wouldnt let me chmod 755 or anything past it…I would really appreciate the help. Thanks for your time.

  56. Callan Dermody

    Thank you unlockr! For the past couple days, I’ve been trying to root my HTC Hero (sprint). I looked over some of these, left, and looked over them again today. And now, a rooted htc hero πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  57. Callan Dermody

    There is still a problem… i rooted it going through the terminal instructions. Now i did all the stuff with flashing it, ect and when i try to open it with home and power, nothing happens. Please helpppp im getting desperate

  58. I cannot get my HTC Hero to flash.. I have followed the steps but it says flash_image: not found but I have the image saved on my sdcard

  59. I enter su into the terminal emulator and it says “permission denied” so I can’t get past that point. Any pointers?

  60. @Wayne:
    Have the same problem.
    The .img is the root-directory of the sd-card, I double-checked the spelling on the command and name of .img but still get the “flash_image: not found” error.

    currently have 1.5.3 and trying to flash 1.6.2

  61. frustrated Eris

    I rooted my eris and was having problems with the sdk and the adb. I thought something was wrong with the root and I don’t know if I accidently got a leaked version or what. I tried doing a gold card a few times but it still says main version is older. When I try to flash a recovery, it was not allowed… I appreciate any help

  62. Hej Unlockr

    This is probably a real noob question but I’m new to all this rooting buisness. I have Amon Ra 1.6.2. I am unsure if I should get the new Should I get it?

    Also I am running CyanogenMod on my Nexus one so if I should install the latest Amon Ra should it then be the CyanogenMOD version or the Normal version?

    Thanks in advance

    / Patrick

  63. Hello Unlockr,

    I am rooted and running Cyanogen and trying to upgrade to 5.0.8. But when I try to update my radio I’m having trouble. I go to my Terminal and type in “su” and keep getting a permission denied? I have the Nexus One. Please tell me what to do. The last time I updated my radio was using the command prompt from the PC. Thanks.

  64. I rooted my MyTouch 3g using the gold card method…easier method would not work. I have obtained root access and have configured my phone and it works fine. I have the basic rom running that I was directed to download and install for the rooting process. I followed this tutorial to install a custom recovery image, am pretty sure that I was able to flash the recovery image. However, when I try to boot into recovery mode, by pressing home and power (red) button at the same time my splash screen comes up (red vodaphone) and hangs there until I pull out the battery and reboot the device. The only way that i have been able to get to the recovery screen is by attaching it to a computer via usb…..and go through the recovery mode on the android sdk. Please help

    1. So I have made slight progress. I was never able to boot my mytouch 3g into recovery mode unless I used USB connection and the Android SDK tools listed in the gold card method.

      I was able to flashboot flash the recovery image

      (this of course is the image that I had saved in the tools folder of the androidsdk folder.)to the phone and then I was able to boot the phone in recovery mode.

      I have since tried to boot the following image:

      but when I tried to boot the phone in recovery mode, I was unable and the phone hung on the splash screen. I had to then had to reboot the phone. Help needed. Thanks

      1. final update…So my purpose in doing this is so that i can load a custom ROM…namely a Cyanogen ROM. I was tinkering, actually had to re root and figured something out. Do i need to unroot my now rooted phone and then re-root using the easier method? If so, then man…did i take a long time to figure that one out. Please let me know

        1. Decjard67,

          If you have root, you have root. Just use this procedure to flash any compatible recovery you want. Then flash whatever ROM you want through recovery.

      2. Deckard67,

        Check Amon Ra ‘s page where you downloaded the recovery image from and make sure its compatible with the mytouch. And keep in mind the mytouch with a 3.5mm headphone Jack (called the mytouch 1.2) is different than the old mytouch.

        1. I found this on Amon Ra’s guide

          I have not done the part where it says to revert to 32b radio and rom. I am fairly certain that I was using recovey images that were compatible with the mytouch, but I think the issue is that my radio, as a result of rooting (gold card) is the 32a radio image. If i apply the 32b radio image, then the latest recovery image for the mytouch, then the cyanogen 5 rom, will this solve my issue? (BTW–your obsolete loading a hero rom tutorial talks about 32a and 32b radio…)

          This brings me to my other question. There are two radio images that I can choose from on HTC’s site to flash, On is for Android 1.6, the other is for android 1.5. If this is the process that I must follow (reverting to 32b radio and rom), which radio image should I use for cyanogen’s latest rom (i can’t seem to find and answer to this anywhere)

          1. ohh..and I have the older mytouch…no 3.5mm jack…but it came preloaded with android 1.6…when trying the easier method of downgrading to 1.5, i got the error that eventually led me to having use the gold card method.

          2. Deckard67,

            Follow his procedure, remember to flash his custom 32a based ROM (just read all his steps and dont skip any). When you do I believe you’ll be on 1.6 so you’d flash the radio for 1.6.
            Good luck!

  65. When I’m using Terminal I do the “su” and “flash_image” commands, but when I do flash_image it gives me an (Out of memory) error for several lines. I have over 1 gig free on the SD card. Any help please?

  66. I am having the same problem as Barry. I am running Cyan’s 5.0.8 eclair rom and I also get the out of memory error at 0x000000 message. I read from Amon_Ra’s XDA page that it couldn’t be done this way with 5.0.7 but a commenter said he got it to work with the terminal using 5.0.8 but I still get the error message.

  67. Yes, I have a couple of questions. First I want to upgrade my microsd card from 2 to 16gigs, but my phone has been rooted and I have all the Android sdk, and the nandroid on my card now, can I just move all my files from my 2g to my 16g w/out having to re root and loose the superuser permission.

    1. Clay
      Yes the memorycard does not effect root access. The only time you have to do anything special is if you have partitioned your memory card with extra and/or swap as that would mean you’d have to partition the new card the same way for the ROM to function properly.
      If you haven’t done at then just swap the memory card.

      1. Can I partition the new card before I transfer all my files over. 2 more things ur website is very useful and the last thing the Android 2.2 froyo can I put that on my cdma hero, will I have to redo a lot of stuff like re root and re partition the card. Thanks for ur help.

        1. Clay,

          Yes. Just follow the How To Switch to a new SD card procedure if u are unsure how.
          You need to find a Froyo ROM for the CDMA hero. Do Not flash a ROM for the GSM hero.

  68. Hi Unlockr

    I did the steps above one by one and the result I get is this

    usage: flash_image partition file.img

  69. Hi,
    I am using CursorSense v1.2.6 and wanted to try CM 5.0.8 so I flashed Amon Ra’s recovery-RA-sapphire-v1.7.0H on my Magic 32A successfully. My problem now is that when I go into recovery to do wipe and to flash the new ROM, my phone either hangs or reboots normally when I press the trackball. What should I do???

  70. Im currently runnin CM6 on 2.2. My recovery is 1.5.2 but im trying to flash 1.6.2 with no luck. It says its complete but when I go back to the recovery, it shows 1.5.2

  71. Hi i have a desire with root, when i try connecting it to unrevoked3 to update recovery it says device not supported? is that normal? it worked the first time im using a leedroid 1.9a rom does that have anything to do with it? also i believe using unrevoked3 it doesnt permanantly unlock the nand so the flashing method you have shown at the start will that work or not???

  72. Me 2,as some others from here get flash_image: not found….

    Tried many times,with renamed and un-renamed file on SDcard….checked and rechecked spelling and location a few too much time…

  73. flash_image not found means that it cannot find the command “flash_image” – I have the same problem. It is not the file that is not found – but the command
    suggestions appreciated

      1. if the command is a file and we need to download the flash_image file any chance you can point us in the right direction where to get it or even a guide on this scenario as I have been looking all over the place and there aint much out there that isn’t just saying the same “hey I am getting this problem too….”

        Please note that i can flash via fastboot but i am trying to fix this problem with the better terminal emulator pro app. Reason being that i have paid for it and i want it fixed so that i can perform these types of action when i don’t have a computer handy to connect to.

  74. Hi,

    Need your help urgently……real urgent….

    I had rooted my phone (samsung galaxy 3) to run live wallpaper, somehow that did not happen, i tried to root the phone again but now it is stuk on the Android System Recovery screen, giving me option to reboot the system / apply….etc etc..
    It is allowing me to apply ad card or reboot system and iiv’e rebooted the phone multiple times…it is not starting …comes back on the same screen………please please please help me……

  75. after su i get “link_image[1638]: 644 could not load needed library ‘’ for ‘su’ (load_library[984]: Library ‘’ not found)CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE”

    1. If you just came from the How To Root SuperOneClick procedure, it’s an issue with his program, please click on the link where you downloaded the Rooting Program and let him know of the issue so he can fix it in his next release.
      Otherwise, you need to root the phone again, use one of our methods listed in “How To’s > Android > choose your phone” at the top of the site.

      1. alright, re-rooted using UnviversalAndroot. got superuser working, but when i try to flash the recovery image I keep getting “flash_image: not found” any ideas?

          1. I’m assuming you’ve correctly copied the flash_image program onto the phone with the adb_push command and that you’ve cd’d into the right directory. It sounds like you missed the leading ./ before the flash_image command. If you don’t put those in the shell won’t look in the working directory for the program and then won’t find it.

          2. I’m assuming you’ve correctly copied the flash_image program onto the phone with the adb_push command and that you’ve cd’d into the right directory. It sounds like you missed the leading ./ before the flash_image command. If you don’t put those in the shell won’t look in the working directory for the program and then won’t find it.

  76. i have rooted using the superone clcik method and am now attempting to flash amon-ra’s recovery image. Rom Manger refuses to boot into recovery (screen goes blank and then i get the nexus one start up screen). i am currently trying to push the flash_image file to the device using adb commands. i have followed your guide on how to set up the adb and that is all working correctly and my device appears when i use the adb device command. however if i try to use adb remount in order to be able to move files is says remount failed:operation not permitted. and if i try to use adb push i get more or less the same thing. am i able to push files to the device without a fully unlocked device with an unlocked bootloader

  77. Hi,
    I was able to root my Telus Hero but have been unable to get any further….
    I’ve tried this method and when I enter


    I get the following error:
    bionic/linker/linker.c:1581 | error 545 could not load ‘’
    bionic/linker/linker.c:1641 | error failed to link /system/bin/su
    bionic/linker/linker.c:1741 | error CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE ‘/system/bin/su’

    I’ve also tried the method with rom manager but get the message:
    An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!

    Help anyone????


  78. Hi,

    I currently have a G1 with Super D and JFv.1.4.2 as my recovery image…my main ? is do I need to delete this once I flash the Amon Ra? Or can I just leave it my sd card?

    1. Do you need to delete what off the sd card?
      If you flash a recovery using this method, it will erase whatever recovery you had before and replace it with the new one. As for anything on your sd card, you can remove them (like the recovery.img file you mean?) as soon as the new recovery has been flashed.

  79. Ok I flashed the new recovery image and erased the JF off the sd card but when I press Power off and home it doesn’t go into recovery at all it just loads the phone….

  80. Well I fixed it, I guess I had copied the file from rapidshare which wasn’t working or something so I copied it from a mirror link, also I left my phone connected to the usb…thanxs great help!

  81. Flash_image should already be on your phone. Most of the people that went through this procedure without issue don’t leave comments. Hence why you only see people with issues in the comments.
    Search our site for recovery image and you’ll find a procedure for how to flash a recovery image on the G1 I believe and it shows you how to install flash_image on your phone. Good luck!

  82. Is this only for the Hero? Y have Desire en try to flash new recovery-RA xxx together with Android Terminal from Jack Palevich. I follow the instructions, but Terminal say Flash not found. Recovery-RA-xxx is on sd card. I have btw Rom from Avaritia 0.6.

  83. when typing command cd c:AndroidSDKtools after pushing enter it says it couldnt find the path????

  84. i have 1.5 on mt3g…i flashed it through terminal emulator and was able
    to see it on reboot. i backed up. and restarted to home screen. i
    wanted to doubleο»Ώ check and make sure it was backed up so i powered off
    then booted up to ra recovery. it didnt work, just went to the android
    stock recovery screen…what happened to my recovery ra?? i checked my
    sdcard. there is a folder with something backed up, no idea how i’d
    restore that if i cant even load up to ra recovery 1.7.0…any help
    thank you

    it saysο»Ώ this upon reboot…E:cant open /cache/recovery/command

  85. I have a motorola cliq running andriod 1.5 and i get ” usage: flash_image partition file.img “. i dont know what this means but it doesn’t flash the recovery image

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