How To: Root The Motorola Droid (Obsolete)

Motorola Droid


Someone over at AllAndroid has created a .zip file exploit which can allow you to use SU (root access) through ADB on the Droid. Now this is NOT going to load any custom ROMs just yet, BUT it is the first step (and the hardest one mind you) so if you are a developer, enjoy! For the rest of us, I’d wait until there is something to do with the new rooting ability (or until we have a custom recovery image etc.) and just know for now that it has been done! 🙂

I. Gain Root Access through ADB using the Exploit:

1. Download the below:

2. Rename the Droid-Root zip file to update (please make sure the full name in the properties when right clicking the file is or that it is update and is a .zip file type).

3. Save it to the root of you SD card (not in any folder, just on the SD card itself).

4. Turn off the Droid.

5. Turn the Droid back on by holding down power and the X key on the physical keyboard until the /!\ screen comes up.

6. When you do push Volume Up and Camera till the menu comes up.

7. Select Apply using the physical keyboard and let it install.

8. Reboot when done.

II. Flash a Recovery Image and Add BusyBox

1. Download the following file:

Droid Rooting Tools (Updated 01/07/10)

2. Unzip the file.

3. Plug your phone in to the computer via USB. Pull down the notification bar and click Mount to mount the SD card.

4. Copy the Tools folder from the Zip file to the root of your SD card (do not put it inside any other folders, just put it on the SD card).

5. Unplug the phone from the computer when the folder has been copied over.

6. Open the Market on the phone and download Linda File Manager (if you don’t already have it).

7. Open Linda File Manager and navigate to the Tools folder we just copied to the SD card.

8. Click on the DroidRootHelper.apk and install it using the Package installer. (If it tells you to goto Settings, go and check the box to allow non market apps).

9. Open DroidRootHelper once it is installed and click on the following in this order:

Mount System
Rename Recovery
Install BusyBox
Install Flash Image
Flash SirPsycoS’s .12.0 recovery
Reboot Recovery

III. Setup USB Drivers and SDK (OPTIONAL)

1. Use our Setup USB Drivers procedure then once you can see your phone’s serial number in ADB come back to this procedure.

All set! You have root access and a custom Recovery Image.

Next step is to load a custom ROM.

Goto our How To Load a Custom ROM procedure to flash custom ROMs onto your Droid!

Thanks embeem!
Thanks Zinx Verituse!
Thanks CrotalusFreak!
Thanks Pedro for sending it in!

  • Levitus

    Rooting tools doesn’t include SirPsycoS flash, and doesn’t do anything when I press reboot recovery

  • cameron

    when i select a mount option either 3 or 4 it doesnt do anything.


      Someone sent in this procedure and we have not had a Droid in hand to test and revise the procedure. We plan to get one in this week sometime hopefully, will update the procedure and post solutions for any issues I run into.

  • Johnny,

    If you read a few comments up, I am well aware. I put that these directions were given to us, we do not have a Droid to test (hence why there is no video), and that we would be trying to get a Droid ASAP so we could do the procedure and fix it. Just trying to help, at least they are a starting point or resource to help you in the right direction.

  • Johnny

    The Unlockr,

    Well whoever gave you those directions has there head up there back side..Metamorph keeps coming up with the error “Some files could not be extracted or set up,please make sure you have enough space in system/and busy box is installed”. Whatever that means I installed everything with droid rooting tools so I dont know where I went wrong.

  • Johnny

    The Unlockr,
    well any results?..and that file u have up there doesnt exist anymore..are you going to change that?

  • Ryan

    can’t get root to work. added the update to sd. restarted and installed fine. but it doesn’t seem to be rooted. i followed someone else’s advice to check the root through terminal, and it showed that root was unsuccessful. please help! need to know what to do after i install the and reboot. redownloaded the zip a few times to check for corruption. still not getting anywhere

  • Ryan

    also sirpschos is not an option. and the only flash is 99.1 b recovery. don’t understand why this isn’t working

  • Ryan

    i’m guessing for some reason i don’t have root access. even after the installed. please help

  • Deepak

    does this instruction work for european user ?

  • Mike

    It seems the “” file link is broken. Re-post please?

  • Brett is broken. Can you pls upload? What is the proper way to root the Droid. I’m seeing so many different things and its getting confusing.

  • ovidiu

    this it will work with Motorola Milestone GSM? thanks

    • Ovidiu,

      It might but we’ve never tried since they dont sell the Milestone here in the US. If you try it let us know if it works!

  • jared

    Root file link is down thanks

  • Sean

    Love how this isn’t getting updated. I’m also having problems getting rooted. As of now the links are down for me.


  • macuncity

    hello unlockr. i was wondering if you can help me im having a problem with my via bluetooth on my matorola droid it works great but im traying to connected to my psp go so i could use it as a modem but some reason it register to my psp but it dont connect” i was wondering if you can help me with this thank you

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  • Chad

    when i get to the last step where you reboot to recovery from the droid root helper it says can not open recovery image not sure if it is supposed to do that how should it look dont think its right because i do not have a nandroid folder on my SD card

  • Just as a quick question before I dive into this, would this be for android 2.0 or 2.1? It doesn’t specify anywhere on the article so I assume both/either? I’ve unlocked other phones before (namely winmo) but this will be my first for android.

    Thank you!

  • Zach

    Does this work for All Droids such as the Bionic