How To: Load a Custom ROM on the Motorola CLIQ

I. Before You Begin

1. You MUST have done the rooting procedure successfully. Visit our How To Root the Motorola CLIQ Procedure and follow it entirely, then come back to this procedure.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the CLIQ custom recovery image and then save it to the SD card of your CLIQ (NOT in any folders just on the card).

Motorola CLIQ Recovery

2. Plug in your phone via USB and make sure USB Debugging is checked on (Settings>Applications>Development>)

3. Open your command prompt on your computer and type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd c:\AndroidSDK\tools\
adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

4. Once it finishes, close the command prompt.

III. Flashing the Custom ROM

1. Download the ROM you want from our ROMs Section, and save it to the SD card in the CLIQ (NOT in any folders, just on the card itself) just as it is downloaded, do NOT extract it, leave it as a .zip file.

2. Boot into recovery mode by holding down Power and the Camera button until the phone tells you to let go. Then push Volume Down to get to recovery.

3. In recovery mode you should see a list of options. Select Wipe Data, then select Apply and choose the ROM file you just placed on the SD card.

4. The phone should flash the ROM and then you can select Reboot and you are all set!

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  • Chris

    I was also able to do this using the terminal emulator application from the phone. I put the recovery image on the sd card. Then I typed “su” to allow the application permissions. Then I typed flash_image recovery /sdcard/(name of the image). To type an underscore you press Alt+Shift+Z and it will work. Also there is a new recovery image that is compatible with Motorola’s latest update due to the new radio image.

    • superfigjam

      hi how do i bypass “Press on Android to start” screen after successful rooting.
      Touch Screen is not working at all

  • jason

    when i type in adb shell from cmd screen it says adb is not recognized…

    • Jason,

      You need to do the How To Setup ADB procedure linked in the How To Root the CLIQ procedure first…

      • smartblakguy

        ok my problem is that i flashed the custom rom i checked by pushing adb in the command prompt…. but when i go to recovery mode mine looks differen from the one in the video it looks more like the one in the video before this one… plz help

  • kyle

    i am at the point where i and performing backup and the back up is taking forever…did i do something wrong?

  • rey

    kyle ….. yeup theback up takes forever so. just wait or just flash the rom with out back up thats wath i did…

  • WiCkeD

    what does rooting and loading a new costum rom anable you to do….why would you want to do so….just wondering i have never done this before lol jsut a question…

    • Wicked,

      Lets you control your phone without limitations basically. Things like Wifi tethering, loading themes, overclocking, gain RAM by swap, and even loading new UIs (liek HTC Sense from the Hero) onto your phone.

  • MrNoSox

    If I update to 1.3.18 will I have any problems rooting?

  • OK. So I have followed every video posted here to the T… even dotted the supplemental ‘I’s I get to this the most exciting part of having a rooted phone in the first place only to get bogged down by the following error.

    I enter: adb shell
    then i get a line that looks like this : $
    I type su
    “permision denied
    wtf do I do now?????????????

  • javoris sanford

    is there any possible way to root the new motorola cliq xt that just came out

  • Jason

    What is it supposed to say/look like when you finish flashing the recovery image? When I do it, I get a message that says

    # flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    usage: flash_image partition file.img

    Is it supposed to say that?
    Please help!

    • tim

      did u ever get a answer cause im having same problem!

      • nick

        if u have adb set up correctly, type adb and it will give you all kinds of commands

        • Devon

          You need a space between recovery and /sdcard

  • Dustin Covington

    i tried and i keep getting permission denied I also tried the first post above from Chris’ method and when I type su I also get Permission Denied.

    • Dustin,

      You need to do the How To Root the CLIQ procedure first, then come to this one.

      • alex

        i did that step got the serial number and still get adb not reconized ?

  • John

    Hey unlocker,

    Getting the same message as Jason. Dont know what im doing wrong. seemed like the root went as it should flashing. Says orange now when booting up and a few things have changed on it. Terminal says su denied though as if im not rooted and the recovery image isnt flashed after getting the message jason posted. Please help. Thanks for all your hard work

    • John,
      Flash the handler rom in our roms section instead of the one you flashed.
      Which one did you flash so I can take it down.

  • John

    I figured it out. I had to go into adb shell then type in flash command and at the end when it brought up new shell line # i typed in reboot recovery and it brought me to the recovery screen i just flashed. backup worked. about to put rom on sd card with ubs toggle and flash it before i get out of recovery. Thank u guys so much. Your awesome. Hope this helps someone hitting the same brick wall.

    • Thanks John for the tip I was having same issues as most here.. I then tried Johns suggestion. Upon doing so the phone booted to the standard triangle boot screen. I then did a reboot leaving the cmd prompt open. I then brought up a new shell line # and did the flash recovery. It will show flash line then go back to shell line #. The phone is then flashed with the recovery. I closed cmd prompt and unplugged phone turned it off and with camera/ power key finally made it to the root screen then I just load the custom rom as stated here. Everything working great now

  • john

    Scratch that. Did backup. Wiped. Flashed rom. Screen came up for rom in bootup. Came to log in screen. Back at clock error. Love this phone.

  • Youbran

    when I try to flash the image i get a error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img: no such file or directory. I have already tried unploging the phone after loading the image onto the sd card.
    Any suggestions??

    • tim

      same problem im haveing now

    • ed

      Make sure the SD card is UNmounted.

  • Sergio

    I went to the image step and i get : partition for parameters:dev/mtd/mtd3….when i go to recovery i dont see the image…goes back to the old one…any ideas wht to do please?

  • john

    Thank u unlockr. I will try it tomorrow when I get back home. Hopefully I can just get back to recovery and do a restore. I flashed the demo shadow. Thank u very much for the reply. U are a great help. Love your site. Ill post back results tomorrow

  • John

    Thanks for the advice. Just got home rooted and running handler rom with no prob. You’re the man.

    I got that message once too. I assume u have adb set up. Do the commands to make sure adb recognizes your phone. i had to reinstall the motorols drivers and got it to work that way. All the info u need to set up adb and check if your device is recognized is in the how to set up adb section. Hope that helps. Good luck.

    Btw… It was the devteam rom by demo shadow that gave me the clock error. Thanks again

  • VickDamone

    i think i successfully rooted the dexter; it not shows the orange label when booted with the minor changes. I think i correctly loaded the recovery image but i just can’t boot it. within the command prompt i receved no errors, when image was loaded under adb shell it showed usage: flash_image partition file.img… then i loaded the rom of my choice did the wipe clean portion then proceeded to flashing the rom but the only thing available was the original rooting update…. pleeease help..

    • VickDamone,

      If you think your rooted, then goto our CLIQ Roms page (link at the bottom of the post above). And select the Handler ROM (first ROM on that page), and flash that.

  • Fighttoby

    I do not understand how to actually do this.
    When I got part 3.
    And pulled the bootloader for my moto clic it tells me the package has no signature and cannot be verified.

  • Fighttoby

    I loaded the now how do I load the custom rom

  • aron

    guys I did everything perfectly and use the devteam rom but now that i restarted my phone, i cannot load the system because i have this error about the device has the clock not working correctly and so Motoblur doesnt sign on

    what can i do? please pm me if you know the fix

  • VickDamone

    Hey Unlockr when i feelthat ive set up the recovery image is it possible to do it again when i check the command prompt it gives me the following error image name followed byv no such file or directory. when i attempt it on the phone emulator it tells me permission denied with the su command. whats next..

  • Vitality

    I Rooted using the procedure in this video, however i got an error when trying to execute this command “adb uninstall koushikdutta.superuser” however i seem to still have root access, should i follow your rooting instructions or am a fine delving right into these?

  • The Letter N

    error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img : No such file or directory (HELP!!!)

    • The letter n,

      Means you either put the recovery in the wrong place or named it wrong.

      • tim

        then how do we fix it cause im getting same thing

  • Leon

    How will I get back to the phone default firmware after rooting and loading custom rom?

    • Leon,

      Search for our how to unroot the cliq procedure… 🙂

  • The Letter N

    Still not working… I checked it like… 10^5 times. HELP!!! My hair is falling!!!

  • John

    The letter N,
    May be a stupid question but have you made sure that adb is recognizing your phone? I think that was my prob. when i was getting that message. To check=

    adb devices

    should get a serial number. Hope that helps.

  • Peter

    Hi, I am having serious trouble flashing the recovery image and getting cmd prompt to recognize the directory. Anyone willing to help me? I’ve hit a giant brick wall, AIM Name Godmill19 or
    If you know what you are doing, I will let you team view into my machine and let you do the steps or just help me please! I need my phone back!!!!!!!!

  • Peter

    Also I have set up ADB correctly, when I type in the androidsdk cmd it recognizes my device. So where and I going wrong!

  • JT


    when it says select wipe the phone then apply update.
    that is easy.

    but how do i select the rom i want to install on the sd card?

  • Jimmy

    Same problem as The Letter N..

    “flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img” gives me “error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img : No such file or directory”

    adb device is recognized since I got a serial number.. and the file is definitely the correct name. I have no idea why this isn’t working.. any ideas?

    • Jimmy,

      If it says no such file, means it can’t find it on the sd card.
      Either it is named wrong, it isn’t save on the root of the sd card, or you are typing a typo when typing it in.
      Good luck

      • tim

        done redid this step 3 times n says same crap everytime fix the details please!its on my sdcard and says cant be found

  • Jimmy

    Wait, I believe I may have figured it out – do you need to disconnect the phone from the USB before flashing? It didn’t give me an error after I disconnected it (cable was still in but software-wise it said it wasn’t).

    I just want to make sure before I go further since I want to make sure this was right.

  • Jed37

    From a logical standpoint, I agree with you, Unlockr, but I’m having the same problem as Jimmy, and I’m sure the name and path are correct.

    • Jed37,

      Sorry but that is what that error means, there is no other solution.
      Try to rename the file to recovery then flash it by writing:

      adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

      See if that works.

  • Jon


    I have a problem after my root – I’m fairly sure I did everything correctly since I followed all these steps. After root however (I used the DemoShadow rom) I’ve been having some issues with my Cliq. First off, my time is stuck at 7:00PM with a date of 1-1-1970. I try to “set time” but it just will not change to whatever I set. Is this a common issue after rooting?

    Also, when I try to get on the marketplace after rooting to download the wifihelper to enable my WPA2 enterprise, I get an error trying to setup my gmail account saying my connection is not reliable or there’s an issue with my sim. I used a couple of different sim cards, ranging from no data, no text to full data, unlimited text, but I always get this error. I had a mytouch before, and having just a unlimited text w/ no data, I was still able to pass this part. I have no idea if this is the root causing this issue or not.

    I would appreciate it if anyone could shed some light into this grim situation. Thank you!

  • RD

    i tried to download the motorola cliq recovery link at the top of this page and megaupload says its unavailable. what can i do?

  • RD

    nevermind its working now. lolz

  • Jed37


    Thanks for your help, but that didn’t work either. No matter what it’s named, the file isn’t found by adb. Could it be something wrong with the directory?

  • Jed37

    Oh, there. Found the problem… I had it set up to use the phone as a usb drive. Thus, ADB couldn’t access the sdcard directory. It was listed as empty. To anyone else having this problem, just disable the usb drive option, and it’ll work.

  • RD

    Ok so I’ve done everything up to this step. But when I type the adb line in the command prompt it says:
    ‘Adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    And on top of that my ‘z’ button types a ‘w’ and my ‘a’ types a ‘q’ and vice versa. Any idea why?

    If you could help in any way I would appreciate it.

  • ivan

    like is there any way u can show u what u type on the command window.

    • Ivan,

      I type exactly what’s in the typed procedure.

  • ivan

    cause when i input adb shell it says is not recognized as an internal or external command . but the thing is that i already set up the adb and i already root it, so yea please help thanks

    • Ivan,

      Make sure you are in the right directory…

  • cjogloc

    having same problem as all this other ppl .. got adb workin but wen i try to flash the new recovery it says adb not recognized

  • cjogloc

    so far wat i had to do was cmd
    cd androidsdk\tools\
    adb remount
    then da whole flash stuff

  • rey

    ivan put the recovery on the root of your sd card rename it to recovery

    then unmount the phone from your computer and open cmd and…

    cd c:\androidsdk\tools
    adb devices

    adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

    and you will be fine i was having the same problem and this worked for me.


    • ben

      Hi, how do you unmount the phone from the computer ??


  • rey

    sorry do this \ on tools\

  • noelle

    i flash the recovery image and that went just like yours did in the video. Then I downloaded the devteam rom, copied to the sd card and when i rebooted and pressed down, i just get a black screen. what do you think i did wrong?

  • In the command prompt where I have to type in the adb shell…. i got “error opening file……. no such file or directory” what did i miss???? =/

  • Twenty

    i was on 1.3.8 when i rooted my cliq. not im getting 1.4.2 uptade and i want to update i dont care if i have to lose my root access. how can i unroot so i can update. everywhere i check it says NOT FOR 1.3.8 or 1.4.2. Can someone help me? email me a link or what i got to do. Thanks

  • Alex

    I rooted my cliq and am running the Handler ROM, just wondering if I can update my motoblur software to 1.4.2? I am getting the prompt to update it but I don’t know if it’s compatible with the Handler ROM…Does anyone know?

  • Mike

    Do i have to use the cliq roms or can i use another one?

  • click_chick

    Hi The Unlockr,

    I’m stuck on the recovery flash step. I get as far as John (reboot recovery) phone reboots and nothing happens. What’s supposed to happen when after I flash the recovery?

    I went ahead, thinking maybe everything was fine. I tried to flash the Handler ROM, wipe data, apply updates but never had a chance to choose the ROM from the sdcard. As it is now, it seems like I’m in a never ending loop of copying files and formatting boot etc.

    Please help!


  • Ed

    step #3 says to hit enter at the end of each line..but after which parts do i hit enter? =/

  • John

    Were you successful in flashing the recovery image? If you were then when you type reboot recovery and it reboots it should go to the recovery screen with options. You have to have gotten there to be able to try to flash handler.

  • gigi

    Hi there been trying to root/mod my phone and so far everything is well until i reach the back-up part there it says:back-up via adb! I’m a little sceptic in flashing a new rom without a back-up… any ideas, anyone? Unlockr? help…

  • Rizzl3

    while trying to load a rom, at the step where i press down on the volume a triangle with the an explanation point pops up did i do something wrong

  • Rizzl3

    i did that root update is already on my phone

  • Rizzl3

    after i flash the recovery image and turn off then back on and hold the power and camera button then press down on the volume button, should i press alt+L again when the triangle comes back up?

  • Rizzl3

    its not working i pressed down on the volume like i should and its not going to the recovery mode

  • gigi

    i had the same problem go here folow those steps then Open your command prompt on your computer and type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

    adb shell (hit enter, wait a sec for # to appear then)
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

  • gigi

    watch the youtube clips that helped me a lot

  • gigi

    btw TheUnlockr do you know what is going on with modmymoto? (i hope this isn’t an inappropriate question to ask here)

  • after doing all the instructions and i think i followed it right and now my phone has no service. what do i need to do?

  • Omar

    adb shell not recognized i have rooted the phone correctly. I tried everything. Please help cant flash the phone

  • Omar

    Never mind. I figure it out. Part of the video were you run the prompt i wasn’t typing the command correctly. If the video was clear at that part it would avoid a bunch of confusion. I guess I rush through it.

    Thank you Unlockr

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  • gigi

    @Scart when i keep my cliq on the battery save mode when i get a call it acts funny ( it doesn’t respond to commands and after that the service drops i am using handlerexploited 1.5 but after that it goes back to normal)

  • gigi

    @omar yeah it could be a lot better if the videos would be clearer but if you look at the videos and read the instructions you manage to do it.

  • gigi

    Now i have a question and if anyone could help me would be great: After i rooted, flashed handlerexploit and the rest it says “new update released install now? ” what should i do ? hit the install button or how can i make it stop showing that message ? Help please.

  • Aces

    CAN ANYONE let me know wtf am i supposed to do?

  • leesamaz

    Ok, whats up with this? 4 of my buttons has been changed from doing this. Why is that?

    • Leesamaz,

      READ lol You MUST goto the next procedure and load a custom ROM and that won’t be an issue. Good luck!

  • leesamaz

    HAHAHAHA I finally got it to work. Thanks unlockr 😀

  • Jimmy

    will the having the back up aloow me to keep the warranty

  • Reggie

    @ Jimmy, No, having a backup is so u won’t brick ur Cliq! If, for any reason, you need to turn your phone in for warranty issues you should “un-root” first. Then turn it in.

  • JohnS

    I’m having the same issue as RD, where the Q and the A keys are switched and the W and Z keys are switched. What would be the explanation for this? About to finish rooting the phone in just a minute. Hope this works…


      You must flash a custom ROM now to get rid of that (it happens because the initial ROM is made in another country where their keyboards are switched).
      A good ROM to load is either one in the download section that is made by HandlerExploit.

  • Unlockr, this may be a stupid q but i was wondering could you help me with the command prompt…it is very hard to see on the screen and imma noob at command prompts too…..thanyou

  • preston james

    the download for the cliq recovery is showing as “find or save” versus “open or save”. is ther another way to recieve that file? or is that what im suppose to save?

  • santana

    y is my screen turning black i cant even see what im doing when i try to flash a rom please help

  • santana

    i cant see my boot loader screen everything is black even mi recovery image so i cant see what im doing can u please help

  • Dustin


    I successfully completed all of the steps and have rooted my cliq. I am having just one problem. I flashed the handler rom (Eclair2click) from ur link and it works great except that the ringer volume when turned to max is barely audible and when I make or receive a call, I cant hear anything…they can hear me however. Suggestions???

  • Anthony

    Ok i rooted my phone and i get the orange thing that comes up, now im trying to get the flash recovery img. to work. every time i go to flash the image i get usage:flash_image partition file.img and im still not getting the flash recovery thing to come up. can anyone help me? i get the # symbol after i type in adb shell. PLEASE HELP contact me at

  • john

    hello..i posted a question but it must not have am having trouble with my phone..i did the procedures but for some reason when i turn on my phone it shows the Motorola symbol and then shuts off and i have to keep playing with it for it to work again..i am new to all of this but i dont think i brick my phone cuz it works just fine when it is on and i think i rooted it but i am having issues..thank u for your help

  • Reggie

    @ Santana – Your black screen issue is because you are probably not using a recovery.img that is up to date with the new 1.4.8 radio. You will need to find a recovery.img that supports it.
    @ Dustin – The reason the Eclair2Cliq audio does not work is becasue it is an ALPHA build (meaning it is still a work in progress) there are too many bugs to use this ROM daily…revert back to a stable ROM to fix your problem.
    @ Anthony – when u download the recovery.img be sure its named recovery.img and place it on ur sdcard..use the command prompt on ur pc and type the following
    cd androidsdk\tools\
    adb shell
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img
    —if u get no errors then ur golden.
    @ John – did u already load a ROM? the reason is the very FIRST time you laod the ROM of your choice it will take the longest… you have to also make sure that the ROM u are using is compatable with the current radio that your phone has…otherwise you will get a boot cycle…if anyone has any questions regarding their Cliqs please feel free to pm me i am glad to help anyone with any issues and will try to respond as fast as possibly can.

  • Dustin

    Thanks Reggie…Any suggestions on a stable ROM? I have seen a lot of good comments on the handler ROM’s but when the links all lead to dead sites. Really appreciate the input.

  • travis

    what to type in to load the custom rom for cliq

  • Chad

    I rooted my phone and loaded a rom. I didn’t create a back-up before rooting. Now, I can’t log into motoblur nor use my phone because the date is 1969.

    Please help!!!

    When I tried unrooting my phone but it didn’t work.

    • Chad,

      Flash the first ROM on that page, Handler’s ROM and that’ll fix it.

  • Chad

    Thank you very much for helping me, but the link for handler’s rom doesn’t work. When I click handler’s rom, it brings me to a page saying the versions, but when I click on those versions, it doesn’t do anything.

    Please help!!!

  • Pablo

    To the Unlockr team you guys are great with your videos I rooted a G1 and install a custom rom. I am working now on my Motorola cliq. I rooted my phone but when I try to flash the new rom (DevTeam) i get a message when i am trying to log-in to motoblur it tells me that ther is a problem with the clock on the phone can you help me please. Thank you.

    • Pablo and everyone with clock errors on the cliq,

      People who updated their cliqs are getting this error, until we can find a better way around it, just flash the handler rom (or search for other roms) as it doesn’t have that issue.

  • D.John

    i have been trying for hours to flash this recovery image. I have gotten the serial number once but when i went back coulndnt find it and i follow the directions on the flashing the rom but when i type in the command promt it says cant find path. I am so fustrated with this right now, i literally feel sick.
    Please Help

  • ace

    i did every thing and my phone date and time is all mes up

    • Ace,


  • ken

    ugh im with everyone else on here with the flash image part. i know im putting the file on the sdcard right i can see it there on my computer. ive typed it a 100 times in case of typos ive even cut and paste it. ive tried changing the file name to just recovery. i still keep getting file not found, whats wrong???

  • Reggie

    @ Everyone – when trying to perform ADB commands please be sure that the USB is not mounted to read the sdcard. The best way to make sure is to simply unplug the USB then plug back in…When the phone ask you to choose USB Drive OR Charge Only just simply click the back button. THen try the commands again…I used TheUnlockr’s method to install SDK and it works llike a charm…
    here are the commands JUST IN CASE
    cd AndroidSDK\tools\
    adb devices (i like to use this just to make sure it can see the phone)
    adb shell
    flash_image recovery /sdcard/YOURRECOVERY.img
    if you get no errors then your all set to FLASH that ROM! and enjoy getting FULL ROOT ACCESS!!
    (to make it easier i usually rename the recovery image to recovery.img just becasue its easier to remember.)
    If it wasnt for TheUnlockr and their great videos I would still be stock..Thanks a bunch!

    • Austin

      I did exactly that and i got zero errors it just said flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.3.img and it still doesnt show up when i boot into recovery it still only has the triangle with the ! inside. what did i do wrong?

      • Austin

        i meant /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.3.2.img but yeah i did it correctly and it still wont show up. any help??

  • Joe Park

    3. In recovery mode you should see a list of options. Select Wipe Data, then select Apply and choose the ROM file you just placed on the SD card.

    I don’t see the ROM file that I copied onto my sd card.

    One adb change I made was that instead of “sdcard”, I wrote removeable disk and I got no error.

    Still after wiping data, and apply update, I wait a while for the update to go through but no option to choose the new ROM.

  • aj9

    @ Joe Park I didnt see that option that says new ROM either. But if you select Choose zip to install you should find the ROM inside.

  • Joe Park

    @ aj9,
    What do you mean by Choose zip? when I am in the Motorola system recovery screen, I have three choices,

    1) reboot system now
    2) apply sdcard:
    3) wipe data/factory reset

    when i select apply sdcard:, it goes through the same “rooting” process but I get no choice for the handler ROM. I check my SD card and the Handler 1.5 is in the correct directory, and not unzipped.

  • Joe Park

    OK, I know my error, I think. I did not flash the recovery image correctly. Like all those up top, I tried adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img and it gives me error opening…

    However, instead of “sdcard”, I used removable disk and got this message:
    usage: flash_image partition file.img

    But my recovery image when I boot up in recovery isn’t the same as the one in the video. Am I doing it right? I must not be because I still get the Orange logo when I boot up and keys are wrong etc…

    One other change. In my C drive, I have to go into the following directory:


    There is I can run my adb commands.


  • RD

    joe park,

    i was having the same problem but if you make sure when your phone is plugged in you hit the charge only button. then type in and hit enter after every line:

    cd AndroidSDK\tools\
    adb devices
    and once you see your serial number make sure and hit the button on your phone that says usb drive and then type in:

    adb shell {enter}
    and then in one line type:

    flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

    then hit enter again
    you should then see a # symbol then you are ready to put your rom on your phone and unplug your phone then reboot in recovery mode and then it will give you the option to load your rom. if you have any questions you can email me and ill try to answer them.

    • Thanks RD!

    • Manny

      can’t pass the recovery step Im following every single step, plase help!!!

  • RD


    i recently got an over the air update and i was wondering if i needed to do this or wait till one was posted on here?

  • Chris

    Can anyone help me…im am a nube at this and i have a blank bluescreen when i try and turn on my motorola cliq…i installed a custom theme and after that my phone wasnt the same…can someone help me please???????THANKS IN ADVANCE

  • Sobral

    Hi, I have the same problem that Joe Park has.

    cd androidSDK\tools\

    adb devices

    he list de device numeber, ok!!


    adb shell
    # flash_recovery/sdcard/recovery-RS-cliq-v1.5.2.img

    and it says..
    usage:flash_image partition file.img

    then I put the new room in the SDcard. And reboot. but still have the same old recovery screen.

    Please help me!!

  • aj9



    1) Follow the Get Connected Guide.

    2) Follow the guide for Setting up the SDK.

    3) On your phone, enable USB Debugging (Settings-Applications-Development-USB Debugging)

    4) Set up the path to the SDK tools. (this is where you saved the SDK program on your computer) If you right click and press copy it will copy the location

    On your computer, right click on “My Computer” and go to “Properties.” Next we want the advanced settings (On Windows XP, go to the “Advanced” tab. On Vista/7, click “Advanced System Settings.”) Click “Environment Variables.”

    Under the “System Variables” there is one called “Path.” Click on it and click “edit.” You will see a path in there (something like “%SystemRoot%\system32;c:\DanationIsTheGreates t\”) At the end, add “;” then add the path to the Android SDK tools folder (e.g. c:\Android\android-sdk_r3-windows\android-sdk-windows\tools\)

    Click Ok, Ok, and Ok.

    5) Use adb/test to make sure it’s working.

    Make sure RSD Lite is closed and plug in your phone. Open the command prompt in admin mode (Start-Programs-Accessories-cmd.exe or “command prompt.” Right click and Run as Administrator on Vista/7.)

    Now type in “adb devices.” If you get something like this, then you’re good to go:

    List of devices attached
    TA55555U55 device

    If you get something like this, it means your device is not plugged in or the drivers are not properly installed

  • derek le!

    im so sorry to bother. hopefully you guys can help me. i have downloaded the recovery-ra-cliq-v1.5.2.img and have dragged it over to my sd card.

    im still cant figured out the command prompt part.

    what exactly do i enter? i’ve tried everything…
    adb devices
    adb shell(error device not found)
    flash_image rocovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-cliq-v1.5.2.img

    help please thanks you so so much!

  • Sobral

    When I type adb devices i get:

    *daemon not running. starting it now*
    *daemon started sucessfully*
    List of devices attached
    0390090271 device

    is it right??

    Thanks a Lot!!!

    Whem I istaled the “”
    My keybord is not working right. it changed the “q for z, and the w for x”

    Thanks and help again…

  • Sobral

    When I try to flash the recovery i get a erro.

    #flash_recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    flash_recovery: not found

    Please help me!!!

    • may

      Im having the same problem, is there somebody who can help me out????


      • Mark

        Im also getting the message that says the flash image is not found. I have checked and it is on the root of my sd . I also put the command in and the recovery image is exactly what it says it should be. Any suggestions?

    • Steve

      I had the same problem. The mistake was clicking on the USB file button after plugging the phone into the computer. Don’t do it. Just plugin the phone and don’t press anything. The cmd prompts shall now work.

  • Reggie

    here are the proper commands
    Adb shell
    Flash_image recovery /sdcard/YOURRECOVERYFILENAME.img

    It should read the command back to you then drop a # sign.

    If adb shell is not permitted then you must do the again successfully.
    Yes it will give you azerty keyboard but once you flash a ROM it should be fixed.

    • scott

      wat is the

  • Reggie

    If any one is getting ota updates while using HandlerExploit 1.5 DO NOT I repeat DO NOT perform the update! It will put u in a boot cycle. It can be easily be fixed by a wipe and reflash or a nand back up but why take the risk…

    Any themes that u are trying to install should be insatlled by metamorph…
    ALSO the theme that you want to use has to be specifically made for the ROM u are using. Not unless you want to get stuck in a boot cycle its up to u.

    Anyone having issues please feel free to email me

  • ImaCliqr

    I’m so confused!
    I’ve done everything I was supposed to. I read through EVERY SINGLE post on here. I get the serial number & everything like I’m supposed to. But i NEVER once get the # symbol. I only ever get the $ symbol. And don’t tell me that I need to go to the other tutorial because I’ve already gone step by step through it. I need help figuring out what is going wrong. PLEASE HELP!!! asap

  • ImaCliqr

    i THINK i got it =D

  • Joe Park

    Now my device isn’t being recognized. I was able to see the serial number before but now, nothing. I have the Motorola icon on my system tray and whenever I plug in my phone, I get the MotoConnect bubble come up (really annoying) but when I go in to cmd then cd \ then cd\androidsdk\cd android-sdk-windows\cd tools\adb devices: I get nothing under the list of devices attached. How do I attach my phone again?

  • Joe Park

    I get the same message when I type:
    flash_recovery/removable disk/recovery-RS-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    usage:flash_image partition file.img

    I still get the old recovery window. No options to pick a ROM.

    Help please.

  • RD

    Joe park,

    Have you watched the video? It helped me out. Cause I was having the same problem. I actually had to do it a couple of times before the flash recovery worked. Did you rename you flash recovery file. Cause that might cause it to act up. Or if you extracted the files instead of leaving them in zip form. But if you have anymore questions email me. I don’t get on here alot

  • TJ

    I have a question, I figured out how to load a cusomt rom on my phone, and it works great ecept for one problem, I have no internet access without wifi, I cannot use my carriers internet on the phone, any suggestions?

  • Donnie

    so i rooted right…. when i flashed the rom i wanted it looked like it worked but i dont know how to select the rom when i reboot

  • joe

    why does it take forever to get into recovery mode… phone just shows recovery image past 15 min

  • Anthony

    is there a possible way to root the Cliq XT? i have the phone and traded it for the cliq, should i do the process of what you showed us on the cliq xt

  • foxanax

    Hey Unlockr I followed everything and it worked fine as always. I’ve rooted almost all devices that you have videos on and I’ve turned my hobby of rooting and unlocking phones into a profitable business because of your help. If your taking donations let me know thanks

    • Foxanax,

      Thanks, really appreciate it!
      No need to donate. Glad to help 🙂
      If you still want to help support the site, just tell people about it, deal?

      • ItsSimplyMine

        Do this process work the for Motorola cliq XT?

    • Manuel

      Nothing seems to be working, would you please help me out with this, I’m stuck in the part of flashing the recovery image, adb devices is recognized by the pc but does not letting me to flash the phone

  • Kevin

    when he downloaded the recovery img…his comp showed alot of images, but when i do it, it shows one…what am i doing wrong??

  • Kevin

    I installed the ROM and it’s not allowing me to boot to that…am i doing something wrong? i’ve followed the instructions exactly!

  • antmontero

    This message is for RD.

    I am also receiving the same message:
    “Joe Park says:
    June 17, 2010 at 10:06 am

    I get the same message when I type:
    flash_recovery/removable disk/recovery-RS-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    usage:flash_image partition file.img

    I still get the old recovery window. No options to pick a ROM.”

    I am stuck on this step please can you offer any suggestions??


    • Chris

      I get the same thing.

      usage:flash_image partition file.img

  • missael

    adb command doesnt work

  • 1

    this what i get
    # flash_recovery/removable disk/recovery-RS-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    flash_recovery/removable disk/recovery-RS-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    # and it stays like that

    • 1,

      Where do you see to type that in?

      The command is:

      adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

      and make sure you have spaces in the right spot.

  • Smurf

    I have started to work on rooting this device, i am at the part to flash image recovery. When i type the command in i get ” adb is not recognized” what have i missed? I get my serial number when i do the SDK command but i cant g et the recovery image to go through.

  • NickEspi

    Ive rooted many android phones,
    Followed everything to a “T” everything goes well, I flash the recovery it accepts and there is a #, exactly like the video. my problem is when i turn off the device to reboot into recovery, it is still the stock recovery, so the image is not flashing what so ever. As stated everything was identical to the video!
    any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • NickEspi

    Here is the video of what is FOLLOWED

    July 1, 2010 at 3:20 pm


    Where do you see to type that in?

    The command is:

    adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

    and make sure you have spaces in the right spot.

    I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU MEAN? I also tried that “”adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img”” as one command does not work, that is different from the video?

  • Jared

    I have been hung up on the “adb shell” command for a couple of days. I am a beginner, but this is awful. What should the entire command line look like? In the video you are typing something before the command of
    adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img

    I keep getting:
    ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program, or batch file.

    C:\>adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img <—not working, what should the PATH be?

    The rooting procedure worked perfectly. Now all I have is a v1.5 with a squirrelly keyboard.
    What am I doing wrong?


    • nick

      you can’t have your sd card mounted while flashing.

  • sunny

    is there a way to get like a custom theme that looks like the evo? or something like that? and if there is please tell the website (a direct like would be great!) or a video on like youtube or some other website, thanks!

    • Sunny,

      Search our site for How To Load a Theme on an Android Phone procedure…

  • austin

    ok…. i made it all the way to where you go into recovery mode and when i pushed volume down it came up with that exclamation mark like im trying to root it again. what am i doing wrong??????

  • motohack

    hi like others here, I can’t seem to flash the recovery image to load custom rom!! please help. RSD lite and SDK commants doesn’t help with the flashing. I run windows 7. thanks!!!

  • dr0ckin

    if the command isnt working and says “adb not recognized”
    make sure the recovery image is located in your c:\ drive since you are using the command prompt

    • Cori

      Actually, If you are flashing with the SD card in your phone you need to go to the cd AndroidSDK\tools\ like in the ADB setup and type in: adb shell
      Then, flash_image F:\recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img instead of what it says above. (Substitute F:\ with whatever your cliq’s drive is under Computer.

      • Cori

        Nevermind. See later post for how to finally make it work.

  • 1st_timer

    everything went great!!! thanks a lot!! flashing the new 2.5 rom now..

  • Cori

    Figured it out!!!

    You cannot have your sd card mounted when doing the command prompt. Plug in the phone but do not mount usb.


    • Sajid

      can you please explain? i unmounted the sd card and plugged in the phone but the ” ‘adb’ is not recognized” is still shown.

  • ImLost


    I’ve stumbled this far and have gotten here.

    When I press enter of the command prompt, nothing happens.

    any and all help is accepted!

  • Sajid


    after the # , when i type in flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img, it just rewrites what i wrote and gives me a # again. Is this supposed to happen?

  • ryan

    using the devteam 10 final release this made my phone have date and time issues once completed. stuck at dec 31 1969..can’t get through motoblur…no skip option either use..extising moto account or create new. did i just brick my phone…

    • Ryan,

      Boot into recovery and flash the Handler ROM.

  • amirmo

    hey i got to root my cliq but i cant upload a rom i followed your every step. and i couldnt use the cmd to work is there another way you can show me how to upload a rom ? my email address is thaanks

  • Joe Park

    when you flash the recovery image 1.5.2.img…what should the command prompt say? Mine says usage: flash image.1.5.img. however, i dont get the screen for the recovery image. I still get the motorola system recovery blueish letters with a black screen. Help please. Being typing the a/q w/z backwards for over two months now.

  • kevin

    ok i rooted my phone correctly. i got as far as adb shell and i get the $. i press su and it says permission denied? what do i do??

  • Zac Schmitt

    I rooted and set up the ADB and couldnt get it to flash the new recovery image. I re installed motorolas drivers, re did ADB setup and it all worked fine, i go to flash the recovery and it says adb is not recognized as an internal or external command. What do I do from here?

  • Daniel

    I’m stuck on the step 3 of part II

    I already set up the ADB, got my phone’s serial number and everything, rooted it, applied the and when I go back to the command prompt… it doesn’t recognize the “adb”!!

  • Daniel

    When I go to Setting>About Phone the system version I got is Blur_vVersion.1.3.20.MB200.Orange.en.FR, can I go and flash the ROM if I got this? Because my command prompt is recognizing the “adb” library.

  • Sam

    I rooted via the Unlockr method and Handler’s 1.5.

    Can I again use this method with the leaked 2.1 upgrade?

  • Brandon

    During recovery image step i get the response usage: flash_image partition file.img followed on the next line by the #. can’t figure out what else to try i’ve watched the video, read everyones posts but still can’t find to get it to get to the new recovery screen so i can flash the handler rom. Please give me some insight. Thanks!

  • Eli

    omgsh this is frustrating..i was up till 4am last night trying to do this…the video is blurry so that just makes it worst…can you just explain exactly what you wrote step by step in the command promt?? and no dont tell me to go back and do the adb/usb steps bcuz i tried it already and its not working…just cut the runaround and please explain step by step what you wrote in the cmd… example
    step 1= write cd
    step 2= write cd android-sdk-windows/tools/
    oh and after you get the # sign…what exactly on earth are you suppoesed to wait for? is it supposed to say finished or sumthin in the cmd??

    • Eli,

      Fixed the procedure for you. Good luck!

      • Eli

        hey now i followed the procedure..and now it just says
        usage: flash_image partition file.img …it doesnt show the # sign anymore…and under what it says it shows up agn
        c:\android-sdk-windows\tools\ …the # sign doesnt show up again why is that?

        • Eli how did you get passed the usage part mine won’t flash correctly to save my life

  • Eli

    hey nevermind it finally worked now 😀 it ddnt need the # sign or non of that jaja cool thanks man

  • Enny

    Mine says no such file or directory… What now???

  • Enny

    i am done flashing.. ive turned on my phone and then it tells me to log in to motoblur… i then log in and it says their is a problem with the clock on the device… now i am REALLY stuck on this one… PLZ HELP

    • Eli

      yea mine happnd before like that too, just look for another rom that doesnt have a clock problem and redo the steps above, that should fix ur problem 😉

  • I tried flashing the recovery image on the sd card everything seemed to go smoothly it just showed in my cmd usage: flash_image partition file.img then i go to reboot the phone and it gives me the original reboot with the symbols not the menu where you can save your recovery like the video shows on the last reboot i don’t know where to go i have followed every step probably 5 times and have over 15 hours invested i feel really dumb any help here

  • HELP!!!!!!! i get the same after i type in the flash_image and all that it gives me a # on the next line

    IS That correct because when i reboot the phone it’s the stock recovery so i don’t know how to get to anything else if anyone can help i would appreciate it alot please phone is really crappy with a mixed keyboard haha

  • ben

    Hi, Everythjng works good expect the wifi tethering. keep getting “the application has stop enexpectedly”
    anything i can do to fix this.Also, the clock is wrong, help.


  • Max

    Hey so i thought i did everything right but after i installed the ROM (eclair) when i turn on my phone it just says ANDROID and doesn’t do anything else….help please

    • Max,

      Boot into recovery, Wipe Data, Reflash the ROM. If that doesn’t work flash a different rom.

  • Hey, I tried asking earlier but can anyone help me everytime i attempt to flash the recovery to the sd card when i do the recovery it still has the stock recovery mode no android on the screen…. I’m booting up and it shows orange , now and i have orange maps on my phone but the keyboard is obviously messed up but thats cuz i cant get on to load a custom rom, I’ve lived with the phone for 4 days now just remembering q’s are a’s and z’s are w’s but its getting rough more detailed help would be nice. everytime i try to flash the recovery image it just shows usage:flash_image then it shows the# underneath it. am i supposeed to remover the off the sd card and all that as i go along or keep it on there? i know i put my email in the comment can you email me or something would really appreciate the help

    • Ale

      The same thing is happening to me, has anyone helped you or did you figure it out? It’s driving me nuts.

  • Enny

    Another problem.. PLZ HELP… Ive been successful with flashing… everythings great… BUT I LOST MY 3G… Can anyone explain or help on this one… I always had 3G before This whole Flashing process… Then as soon as i boot my FIRST ROM i dont have 3G… PLZ HELP. Thanks…

  • Enny

    Anyone ???

  • Ale

    I believe my phone is rooted since I followed every step and now my keys are mapped wrong. Now when I flashed the recovery image, it worked perfectly on the cmd and the # came on. However, when trying to enter recovery mode to install the Rom on the Cliq, as soon as I press button down, it waits a few seconds then it turns off. What am I doing wrong, what can I do to access recovery mode?

    • Josh

      Did you ever figure out how to fix your problem? Mine is doing the same thing. I rooted it, then put the ROM on my SD card, but now when i try to get into recovery mode it just shuts off… just like yours did. So I haven’t been able to flash the ROM. So it is stuck in the Orange French version with screwed up keys.

  • Hi… Like lots of people on here I’m hitting a “usage flash_image partition file.img” message after trying to flash the recovery image. I think I’ve read every single post on this issue and tried all the solutions mentioned, but I’m still nowhere near flashing this recovery image!!!

    I have adb installed as it correctly detects my device
    The recovery image is in my sd card root
    I’ve tried using the original filename & renaming it to recovery.img
    I’ve tried flashing with USB on & USB off
    I’ve tried cd c:\androidSDK\tools\ ENTER
    adb shell ENTER
    flash_image recovery\sdcard\recovery.img

    And many other combinations… Every time I get “usage flash_image partition file.img”

    Driving me insane

    Please help… I promise to go away then 🙂

    • Hi… Just wanted to say, for all those people having “usage flash_image partition file.img” problems

      Instal Droid Explorer
      Connect your phone to PC
      Turn off USB
      Get Droid Explorer to detect your phone
      Click on the ‘Flash custom recovery’ button
      Find your recovery.img file

      And you should be all set to go 🙂

      • shane


      • Shauna

        THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!! I had every error posted on here with the recovery.img. But for some reason (following the tutorial) when I renamed the recovery as recovery.img, I found the recovery.img file using droid explorer it shows recovery.img.img so I named it back to recovery and then it shows recovery.img. o.o Maybe instead of renaming it, keep it as recovery then try doing the commands.

        • Thenetwerk

          the prob was in the cmd line dont put a space between “recover” and “sdcard”

      • Koalasrule123


        • Koalasrule123

          Btw your awesome =)

  • Karanveer

    C:\android-sdk-windows\tools>adb shell
    # flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery.img
    flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery.img
    usage: flash_image partition file.img

    I am gettting that 🙁 help please my email is

    • Heron Villarreal


      • Deitz101

        Make sure your typing it in correctly i had the some problem and was getting really mad lol, AND while i was in the CMD i had to toggle Debug mode a couple of times so itt would actually recognize the phone in the cmd prompt… silly ms.dos…

  • Please help { error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img: No such file or directory } Have tried it several times with no luck. adb part worked. What am I doing wrong? thx

    • BobRobb

      you can unplug phone and ignore anything that pops up and try it. thats what i did

  • BobRobb

    Anyone have a fix for the “There is a problem with the clock on the device. Please contact customer service.” problem cant do anything with the phone till i get that fixed it looks like

    • Glen ShikShin

      Same here… I’m gonna try putting another ROM in the microSD and try flashing it in and see if it fixes the problem.

  • michael

    Worked like a charm… Thank “theunlockr”

    now my wife has wi-fi tethering.

  • EasyDoesIt


    I am in the process of rooting and flashing a custom ROM on my Cliq MB200, and I was able to get up to the point where I’ve flashed the custom recovery– BUT I’ve run into a problem

    -The volume down button (used to access the recovery menu) is malfunctioning (pressing it types out ‘kkjl’ instead)

    -I was lucky and was able to flash the at one time
    -But after flashing the custom recovery, I cant access the new recovery menu.

    I tried accessing it via adb through the [adb shell reboot recovery] command but it would reboot to the stock Motorola Recovery Console. I’m so close to rooting the Cliq BUT im stuck at this point.

    Any and all help is appreciated!

  • Josh

    I have rooted my Cliq, and downloaded the Handlers 1.5 ROM and put it on my SD card. when I hold down the camera button and power button, then push the volume down to get it into recovery mode, my phone just shuts off. How do I fix this?

  • im at the end of the root process when i put the commands the dollar sign comes up so i continue with the flash ect. when i hit enter it says permission denied is there a way around that please help me! lol!

  • dollar sign comes up i put su and then proceed after that states permission denied

  • jerome

    a any of you guys know how to get ps2 and game cube and nintendo 64 as a rom email me i want ti know how to do it.I love the nintendo 64 it has alot of official games like killer instinct gold i have a computer controller wireless 50 bucks i can play any ap with it amen gaming is now easy.when i play samus metriod

  • Ok I have the 2.1 firmware on my cliq using rsd lite…. The phone is rooted with superoneclick…. I’m having so much trouble loading a custom rom is there any way I can load a custom rom from 2.1? would it be easier to flash back to 1.5?
    I’ve been trying to root for 2 weeks and no success please help me!

    • To load a custom rom after using the superoneclick procedure, you need to do the load a custom rom procedure linked at the bottom of that procedure (not this one). Good luck!

      Otherwise if you are still having issues, just root the phone with the how to root the motorola cliq procedure then come back to this one to load a rom.

  • Luis_grados

    i push de new recovery image en my cliq firmware 2.1.1 but don’t waorking…
    only go to black screen and reboot….plz helpppp…..meeee

  • Heron Villarreal

    after pushing the volume down button a screen pops up with a triangle with an ! in it and a picture of a phone next to it and it just stays there what do i do????????

    • matt1125

      This means you didn’t flash the custom recovery correctly. This is motorola’s recovery not the custom one.

    • matt1125

      This means you didn’t flash the custom recovery correctly. This is motorola’s recovery not the custom one.

  • Heron Villarreal

    HELP ME!!!!!! it says (error opening /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img: No such file or directory)

    • Anonymous

      go to C:AndroidSDK and make sure the files that you need are in this directory and not in another sub folder deeper inside this same file. if so then go into this file and cut these files and paste into the above file directly

    • Anonymous

      go to C:AndroidSDK and make sure the files that you need are in this directory and not in another sub folder deeper inside this same file. if so then go into this file and cut these files and paste into the above file directly

  • Gorgio

    Unlocker: Is do yall really have 1 ROM for the cliq??? Or can i use ANY other that yall have in the list???

  • Gorgio

    UNLOCKER PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At the CMD screen i type this :adb shell flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    It says: error device not found!
    Any ideas???!

  • Anonymous


    • jeremy

      i’ve tried not putting the space between recovery and /sdcard and im still get that error message

  • Poweri14

    at the cmd scrren i tipe adb shell
    then flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img
    it says :usage: flash_image partition file.img

    what i need to do ????
    any ideas???????

    • Skondris

      I have the same issue, and I still get the moto recovery screen, so that means the recovery image isn’t taking. but I don’t know why not…. ?

      any help?

      my adb sdk setup showed me my serial number fine, I could shell in fine, etc. but it doesn’t seem to be flashing anything?

      • Deitz101

        When you are in the cmd prompt type that whole line in at once

        (adb shell flash_image recovery/sdcard/recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img)

        if it gives you an error toggle your Debugging mode on your phone OFF/ON 

        some reason cmd prompt needs a refreash… lemme know!!

    • Deitz101

      Make sure your typing it in correctly i had the some problem and was getting really mad lol, AND while i was in the CMD i had to toggle Debug mode a couple of times so itt would actually recognize the phone in the cmd prompt… silly ms.dos…

  • Jeremy

    Need help!!!
    When I type in the second line on the command prompt, i get a message saying that the system cant find specific path. And on the third line it says ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    • hotcity978

      i have the same problems help please!!! urgent

    • hotcity978

      i have the same problems help please!!! urgent

  • Danielx10198

    after i type cd c:AndroidSDKtools
    it says the system cannot find the path specified..what did i do wrong or what do i do ?

  • Means you guys didn’t set up the sdk correctly. Check to make sure there isn’t a folder inside the AndroidSDK folder. Also if it is the r08 version of the sdk you need to put adb back in (Google took it out), the How To Setup ADB procedure has how to do that in the written section.

  • You didn’t follow the How To Setup ADB procedure correctly. You needed to rename the android sdk folder to AndroidSDK… also there are other updates in that procedure you might need. Follow it carefully.

    • Culparde

      Also I noticed you shouldn’t select use USB when you connect your USB chord. Just connect the USB chord and don’t make a selection when asked.

  • Golol

    error writing recovery: Permission denied

  • Jasonwchristiansen

    I have got up to the recover flash and I do that and it says the img file name then I close command prompt and when i try to get into revocery again to flash custom rom it lets me sect vol down for recovery then just goes off after a few seconds. Any Ideas would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Jasonwchristiansen

    I have got up to the recover flash and I do that and it says the img file name then I close command prompt and when i try to get into revocery again to flash custom rom it lets me sect vol down for recovery then just goes off after a few seconds. Any Ideas would be so greatly appreciated.

  • Truman_38

    Okay, I’m sure I’ve done all the steps correctly, because when I type “adb devices” in cmd, I get a serial number. When I type “adb shell”, I get a # sign. However, when I type “flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery-ra-cliq-v1.5.2.img”, it says “error opening /sdcard/recovery-ra-cliq-v1.5.2.img: No such file or directory”. But I can SEE it in File Explorer on my “Removable Disk” (my cliq’s sd card). It’s right there. I checked the spelling multiple times, I deleted and redownloaded it, I’ve tried everything I can think of, but I still get the same result. PLEASE HELP!!

  • Ultimateevil123

    How do you root the 1.6.3 version of motorola cliq/blur

  • Kimbo

    I could not get this to work on my Cliq to save my life. I finally narrowed it down to the customer recovery image not being flashed to my phone – ADB never said it worked, but never gave me an error message, either. I saw Stephen Coley’s tip about using Droid Explorer, and that did the trick. Thank you Stephen!

  • Kimbo

    I could not get this to work on my Cliq to save my life. I finally narrowed it down to the customer recovery image not being flashed to my phone – ADB never said it worked, but never gave me an error message, either. I saw Stephen Coley’s tip about using Droid Explorer, and that did the trick. Thank you Stephen!

    • Swinbob2

      i have exactly the same problem, whats droid explorer please help

  • Kimbo

    I could not get this to work on my Cliq to save my life. I finally narrowed it down to the customer recovery image not being flashed to my phone – ADB never said it worked, but never gave me an error message, either. I saw Stephen Coley’s tip about using Droid Explorer, and that did the trick. Thank you Stephen!

  • andrew

    whenever i put my motorola cliq xt on recovery mode, there is always a picture of a phone with an exlamation mark with a triangle instead of the android guy and the menu. What should i do?

  • andrew

    whenever i put my motorola cliq xt on recovery mode, there is always a picture of a phone with an exlamation mark with a triangle instead of the android guy and the menu. What should i do?

  • Heismyrock7

    Hey i just want to know if my phone is rooted. It loads up orange now ( it was on the 2.1 update ). I have a terminal , but when i type in su , it sais permision denied. Please help, i Just want to know if it is rooted or not.:(

  • Heismyrock7

    How do i know if it rooted or not!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????? PLEASE HELP

  • Robertlrobb

    ok i have a motorola cliq i had it rooted at one point now its stuck in recovery mode and will not to anything. Just a blue screen that says security on, fastboot disabled gives build date etc.. but will not do anything but that. please help me out if anyone has any ideas

    • skjfei

      Hold the power button for 30 secs. Then play with removing the battery. It happened to me with nothing showing up on my screen, but I was still able to tap.

  • greg

    After I wipe data and complete the apply step, there is no option to select the rom i chose for the phone. the only options i have are wipe data, apply the zip, and reboot. where did i go wrong?

    • Jemorris1129

      did you ever figure out whats going on? Cause mine is doing the same thing. Im sure it is something simple I am missing and just not catching onto… but I want to get this figured out…… if any one can help that would be amazing. theunlockr or any one… even email if need be or post on here. doont care, email is

      • Deitz101

        you’ll want to flash a custom rom like Armon RA or clockwork. the customs will let you do alot more while you are in recovery mode… (youtube!!) 🙂

    • Deitz101

      Looks like you might need to flash a  custom recovery… that one that your looking at is just the boot loader… 

  • Tandrews93

    i went through this hole thing and now my phone says it wont writ radio image …. what can i do?

  • superfigjam

    how to bypass the welcome screen which says press on android to start. My touch Screen is not working.

    I sthere any keyboard shortcut…???

    • Cute

      No i dont think there is a keyboard shortcut unless theunlockr can figure something out…:pppp

  • Fighttoby

    im trying to flash recovery on my moto cliq
    but it keeps saying device not found

    watts wrong or watt did i do wrong

  • boobies

    was on android 1.5. rooted it using superoneclick. but 1.5 dun have ROM Manager. So how do i get a custom rom flashed into my dext?

  • E:Can’t open /sdcard/update.zi[ (No such file or directory) Installation aborted.

    and no i havent typed in
    i just renamed the rom to update.
    tried both capital and common u.
    tried to put it on the internal mem card and external and both.
    nothing worked…

  • Torticho

    everything perfect. only problem my home button does not work. any help here?

  • Patrick Alvarado

    ok i do everything as said but problem is once try to boot in recovery screen goes black after says “volume down press” and doesnt go fromthere on! HELP PLEASE!

  • Dave

    What I found that worked for me was:
    Change the recovery filename from “recovery-RA-cliq-v1.5.2.img” to just “recovery.img”
    Go into the adb shell using the “adb shell” command from your Android SDK directory in the command prompt
    Then type “flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img”
    Then reboot your phone into recovery mode, which should give you the custom recovery menu.

  • Julian

    someone help me please i try to root my phone and when i put it on it says ** security on, fastboot disabled ** what should i do? 

  • Anyone having problems with “No such file or directory,” make sure the USB connected is set to Charge Only, NOT USB Drive.

  • Valentina Diaz

    hello there
    great post! very user friendly…
    i have trouble when i do the backup it stays in sort of loop and it never finishes. i had to teke the battery off to get out of recovery mode, and star again.
    i downloaded an other revovery (j_rood’s v2.0) and the same thing happened..

  • Welcomechsm

    thankyou  for the great guide 

  • dolen

    i’ve made it this far, lol. as i go into my comand prompt i get as far as putting image recovery coammad, but it says no such file or directory. i’m sure i’m probably entering the path wrong. a little help would be appreciated

  • Suggested instruction update to flashing custom ROM:

    Step 3. Choose Wipe.

    Step 4. In this submenu, choose Wipe data/factory reset. [Optional, In same submenu, choose “Wipe Dalvik-cache”.]

    Step 5. Go back and choose “Flash zip from sdcard”, which will let you choose the ROM zip file you placed on your SD card earlier. This will take a while, so wait patiently.

    Step 6. When this is done, Go back and Choose “Reboot system now”. This will also take several minutes, so wait patiently.

  • guest

    i get permission denied after i type in “su” when i got the “$”

  • Helper

    it wasnt working for me until i found this
    SuperOneClick   type on google   or youtube
      this roots your phone for you plz check youtube for more details
    i do not take any responsablitie for this

  • Domino

    when i try  to do the recovery image it says no such file or directory what should i do

  • Alise9086

    how do i get an operating system for my phone? i did the super wipe and now i need an operating system to flash onto my phone but i have no idea how to get 1

  • Anthony

    i cant download the recovery file -___- megaupload is down forever