How To Create a Goldcard

I. Before You Begin

1. Some memory cards simply will not let you edit them in the way we are about to, so you may need to do this procedure and if it doesn’t work, try a new memory card. 2GB Kingston SD card DOES work for sure so up to you if you want to just buy one of those before beginning.

2. YOU WILL NEED AN SD ADAPTER! This can be a MicroSD to USB that allows you to plug the SD card into your computer’s USB port OR a MicroSD to SD adapter if you have a SD port on your computer.

II. Setup ADB

1. Follow these instructions (with video) to setup ADB for your phone, then come back to this procedure to continue.

How To Setup ADB

III. Create a Goldcard

1. Put the memory card you want to use for the GoldCard into your phone.

2. With the memory card in your phone, click on Settings, SD and Phone storage, then click Unmount SD card. Once it unmounts, click Format SD card. (Please keep in mind that some memory cards don’t work, and this will erase all data on your SD Card so back all the data up first to your computer)

3. On the Phone, goto Settings, Applications, Development and then make sure USB Debugging is checked.

4. *Make sure you have installed the SDK and Fastboot correctly from Section I!!!
Plug the phone into the computer and then open the Command Prompt (goto the start menu and type in cmd in the search box). Then type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line.

adb devices

(wait for it to show a serial number underneath, if it doesn’t then reinstall the drivers from section I).
Then type:

adb shell
cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid      (There is no spaces in this line EXCEPT right after the word cat in the beginning, make sure to put that space in)

5. A code will display, write the code down      (MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN EXACTLY!)

6. Now with the code written down, simply write it backwards (it must be reversed, so if the code is 123456789, slowly write it backwards and make sure not to make a mistake so it becomes 987654321 then continue to the next step).

7. Now, on your computer, goto and enter your email in the appropriate field and for CID enter the reversed CID you just copied down BUT REPLACE THE FIRST 2 DIGITS WITH 2 ZEROS! (i.e. 12345678910 becomes 00345678910). *Thanks to Viper for providing these Goldcards for FREE!

8. Click continue and then you will receive your goldcard.img via email. Once it arrives save it to your computer.

9. Now, goto to download the HxD Hex Editor. Save it and install it to your computer.

10. Take your SD card out of your phone and put it into the SD adapter it came with. Then put that into your computer so it shows up on your computer as Removable Disk.

11. Open the Hex Editor (Run as Administrator if one Vista or Windows 7) and click on the Extra tab, then click on Open Disk. Under Physical Disk select Removable Disk (your SD card you just put into the computer). Make sure to UNcheck “Open as ReadOnly”. Click OK.

12. Goto the Extra tab again and click Open Disk Image. Open up the goldcard.img that you saved from your email. You should now have two tabs, one is the SD card (Removable Disk) and the other is the goldcard.img
Press OK when prompted for Sector Size 512 (Hard Disks/Floppy Disks).

13. Click on the Goldcard.img tab and click on the Edit tab and click Select All. Then click on the Edit tab again and click Copy.

14. Click on the Removable Disk tab (Your SD Card) and select offset 00000000 to 00000170 then click on the Edit tab and click Paste Write.

15. Click on File then click Save.

16. Close the Hex Editor.

17. Test what we’ve done:

Take out the memory card from the computer, then put it back in.
Try to open the memory card on the computer (Removable Disk), if it lets you, you are all set. If it asks/tells you to reformat the card, then try steps 13 – 19 again. If it gives you the same error again, then try a different memory card (Erlern said it didn’t work for him until he finally went and bought a Kingston 2GB card, then it worked on that card).

18. You can now use this goldcard to root phones that were previously unrootable!

Reported Issues:

Issue: I get no such directory or file when I type:

cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

Solution: Try to type this instead (replace the 1’s after mmc with zeros):

cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid

Issue: Having difficulty with the cat command…


“Plug your phone into your computer with the going to be gold card
Go to my computer
Make sure you mount your phone to your computer
Right click after mounted FORMAT on your drive NOT IN THE SETTINGS>FORMAT MODE (trust me)
dont do quick format let it run its course
After it has completed formatting come back to the steps starting at step number 4.”

Thanks to MBerue for this solution! Hope it helps people!

  • Sidnoi

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the tutorial.  I got this:

    “Copying tools”
    1616 KB/s (0 bytes in 698452.000s)
    432 KB/s (0 bytes in 76044.000s)
    1575 KB/s (0 bytes in 655360.000s)
    “Freeing primary PERM linker”
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/*, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse, No such file or directory
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/, No such file or directory
    cannot create /data/DxDrm/fuse: directory nonexistent
    Unable to chmod /data/DxDrm/fuse: No such file or directory
    “Freeing secondary PERM linker”
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/, No such file or directory
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    link failed Permission denied
    “Rebooting to normal mode to unlock CHMOD links”
    rmdir failed for /data/dontpanic, Permission denied
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    link failed File exists
    link failed Permission denied
    “Rebooting to normal mode to downgrade ROM”
    /dev/mtd/mtd0: Permission denied
    cr–rw—-    1 1001     2002      90,   0 Nov 20 11:34 /dev/mtd/mtd0
    error writing misc: Permission denied
    “Freeing links”
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/dontpanic, Permission denied

    Does this mean I have done something wrong?

    Thanks in  advance

  • Anonymous

    Another way of doing it in *nixes is using dd issuing the following command  
    dd if=goldcard.img of=/dev/sd· bs=1 count=368 conv=notrunc

    Where · is your SD card.

    ·· Be careful to avoid wiping your hard drive 🙂 ··

  • Daithi Cork

    Use to properly reverse the CID!

  • John Jones

    Hi all, I hope someone can help as I have noticed that it’s been a while since someone wrote on here.
    I’m trying to get my goldcard img, but it don’t ask for your email so where does it go? When I put my CID code in then the code as you see at the bottom click Download Goldcard it vanishes to “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” but if I refresh the page it states “The goldcard image has been downloaded !” but to where? I even given some money  (Donated) for the codes but still nothing! I even checked all my mail accounts and nothing so what is wrong? I can’t even find the join link so I can put my email in but still nothing. Have I done something wrong? I’m using W7 if that is any help.

  • John Jones

    Don’t Worry about it I did it on another W7 pc and it worked. so thanks for looking. 🙂

    • Mohandes2k

      could u help me to download goldcard.img?
      my CID no. : 00a700b1019800204247324453323441
      my email mohandes2k@yahoo:disqus

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  • Mohandes2k

    i could not get goldcard.img from the site, it needs registered account, and i have not, could you help me?!!!
    my CID is :00a700b1019800204247324453323441
    my email address: mohandes2k@yahoo:disqus

  • Ashneil Roy

    I like to use to reverse the string

  • Tim42j

    hi, so i got this gold card and it will help me downgrade my wildfire 000 2……but how do i use it?  what is next (unrevoked3 won’t help if you have the htc above)

  •  When I type adb devices in Candroid-sdktools, I get this message ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. HELP!

    • PENG

      Use candroid-sdkplatform-tools

      Remember to put the “fastboot.exe” in the platform-tools folder then.