I. Before You Begin

1. Some memory cards simply will not let you edit them in the way we are about to, so you may need to do this procedure and if it doesn’t work, try a new memory card. 2GB Kingston SD card DOES work for sure so up to you if you want to just buy one of those before beginning.

2. YOU WILL NEED AN SD ADAPTER! This can be a MicroSD to USB that allows you to plug the SD card into your computer’s USB port OR a MicroSD to SD adapter if you have a SD port on your computer.

II. Setup ADB

1. Follow these instructions (with video) to setup ADB for your phone, then come back to this procedure to continue.

How To Setup ADB

III. Create a Goldcard

1. Put the memory card you want to use for the GoldCard into your phone.

2. With the memory card in your phone, click on Settings, SD and Phone storage, then click Unmount SD card. Once it unmounts, click Format SD card. (Please keep in mind that some memory cards don’t work, and this will erase all data on your SD Card so back all the data up first to your computer)

3. On the Phone, goto Settings, Applications, Development and then make sure USB Debugging is checked.

4. *Make sure you have installed the SDK and Fastboot correctly from Section I!!!
Plug the phone into the computer and then open the Command Prompt (goto the start menu and type in cmd in the search box). Then type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line.

adb devices

(wait for it to show a serial number underneath, if it doesn’t then reinstall the drivers from section I).
Then type:

adb shell
cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid      (There is no spaces in this line EXCEPT right after the word cat in the beginning, make sure to put that space in)

5. A code will display, write the code down      (MAKE SURE TO WRITE IT DOWN EXACTLY!)

6. Now with the code written down, simply write it backwards (it must be reversed, so if the code is 123456789, slowly write it backwards and make sure not to make a mistake so it becomes 987654321 then continue to the next step).

7. Now, on your computer, goto http://psas.revskills.de/?q=goldcard and enter your email in the appropriate field and for CID enter the reversed CID you just copied down BUT REPLACE THE FIRST 2 DIGITS WITH 2 ZEROS! (i.e. 12345678910 becomes 00345678910). *Thanks to Viper for providing these Goldcards for FREE!

8. Click continue and then you will receive your goldcard.img via email. Once it arrives save it to your computer.

9. Now, goto http://download.cnet.com/HxD-Hex-Editor/3000-2352-10891068.html?part=dl-HxDHexEdi&subj=uo&tag=button to download the HxD Hex Editor. Save it and install it to your computer.

10. Take your SD card out of your phone and put it into the SD adapter it came with. Then put that into your computer so it shows up on your computer as Removable Disk.

11. Open the Hex Editor (Run as Administrator if one Vista or Windows 7) and click on the Extra tab, then click on Open Disk. Under Physical Disk select Removable Disk (your SD card you just put into the computer). Make sure to UNcheck “Open as ReadOnly”. Click OK.

12. Goto the Extra tab again and click Open Disk Image. Open up the goldcard.img that you saved from your email. You should now have two tabs, one is the SD card (Removable Disk) and the other is the goldcard.img
Press OK when prompted for Sector Size 512 (Hard Disks/Floppy Disks).

13. Click on the Goldcard.img tab and click on the Edit tab and click Select All. Then click on the Edit tab again and click Copy.

14. Click on the Removable Disk tab (Your SD Card) and select offset 00000000 to 00000170 then click on the Edit tab and click Paste Write.

15. Click on File then click Save.

16. Close the Hex Editor.

17. Test what we’ve done:

Take out the memory card from the computer, then put it back in.
Try to open the memory card on the computer (Removable Disk), if it lets you, you are all set. If it asks/tells you to reformat the card, then try steps 13 – 19 again. If it gives you the same error again, then try a different memory card (Erlern said it didn’t work for him until he finally went and bought a Kingston 2GB card, then it worked on that card).

18. You can now use this goldcard to root phones that were previously unrootable!

Reported Issues:

Issue: I get no such directory or file when I type:

cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

Solution: Try to type this instead (replace the 1’s after mmc with zeros):

cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid

Issue: Having difficulty with the cat command…


“Plug your phone into your computer with the going to be gold card
Go to my computer
Make sure you mount your phone to your computer
Right click after mounted FORMAT on your drive NOT IN THE SETTINGS>FORMAT MODE (trust me)
dont do quick format let it run its course
After it has completed formatting come back to the steps starting at step number 4.”

Thanks to MBerue for this solution! Hope it helps people!

  • chris

    what is a goldcard

    • Shoeb Eee

      CID is a id of a microSD card. Is it okay? If yes, what is the relation between this CID and making a branded phone into unbrand using gold card?

  • bishar

    Chris loooool that’s Good Question, Theunlockr, my friend, I don’t even understand what’s the Gold Card?

    • Bishar and Chris,

      A goldcard is a special SD card that can bypass a phone’s security checks (in a nutshell lol). So you can make a goldcard and then put the Sappimg.nbh file on it that would not normally load and it will load because of the goldcard.
      We usually use it to flash the wrong phones ROM onto a phone so it can be rooted then root it and load back the original ROM.

      Its going to be used big time in the How To Root the MyTouch 1.2 that I’m working on.

      • roger

        what do i do after i created the gold card im lost please help

      • Hey Unlockr, thnx for the tutorial, I know now how to create a goldcard, now it might be a little foolish to ask this question, I actually wanted to flash my upgraded htc Wildfire 2.2 from Stock HTC wildfire rom 2.2 and not to forget mine was unlocked while i purchased that means i can use sim from other carriers also. I wanted to root my phone I tried using Z4root and Superoneclick but both didn’t work for me, I thought it might be because of that I upfraded to 2.2 as generaly people say 2.2 is hard to root, now thinking that I want to flash that 2.2 which I upgraded to 2.1 again, I even downloaded the stock rom for my phone from shipped-roms site now inorder for me to flash it do I need the gold card??? and if I need after having one how can I flash it ??? If I don’t need goldcard to flash that how can I do that ??? i’ve the RUU exe file ?? please reply I’d really appreciate, I’m pulling out my hairs and I’m afraid I’d go bald lol :P, jokes apart, help will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • bishar

    Thanks Theunlockr, for the great explanation and now I understood it. you’re always amazing, thanks a lot.

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  • rey

    question can i use this sd card over and over i mean to root more that 1 phone? or i need to do 1 for each phone???? thanksssssss

    • Rey,

      You can use it over and over 🙂 So keep it somewhere safe lol

      • Paul

        unlockr, I don’t mean to question you as I’m sure you’re 10 times smarter on these matters than I am, but how can that be? The gold card image was created based on this individual phone’s CID. If we were to try to use it on a different phone, would it really work even if it’s on a different phone with a different CID?

        • Paul,

          Ha always learning.
          So you would think that and that would make sense but I’ve used the same goldcard on multiple phones without issue (even seen sites sell goldcards for use on other phones etc). So who knows?

          • Paul

            Interesting. Unexpected, but definately very good to know! Thanks.

  • Joe

    Um i keep getting a No such file or directory after cat

    • Joe,

      Did you type adb shell and hit enter first. Then just double check you are spelling everything right and there are spaces only where they belong.

      • Quito

        I did the same thing. Checked everything and everything had correct spelling but I still get the same “No such file or directory”. What’s wrong?

        • DS

          Check the : before the *, I put in a . instead and took me a while to find it!

    • Cee

      did you replace the1’s with the 0’s after the mcc’s

    • Andrew

      same here… i check and check… still the same mmmm…. is mean my sd card is not working?

    • mark

      any movement on this im getting the same fault. – using a samsung 4gb memory card that came with the phone.

  • Yonotengosi

    Once you have the goldcard what is the next step in order to root the phone?

    I have done the goldcard correctly but I dont know what to do next, which tutorial comes after this one?

    • Yonotengosi,

      That depends on which phone… You can use the goldcard now for any rooting process on the site that requires a goldcard.

  • BigWayne

    Will there be anything on the goldcard after completing the above process.

    • BigWayne,

      Only what you left on it before beginning.

  • rey


  • Ryan

    The goldcard method worked just fine i was actually able to use the 8gb class 2 that came with my mytouch to create a gold card…so THANKS

  • ksxtynin

    Has anyone tried this on a HTC eris?

  • nate

    ok…i got all to work up until cat commands. when i enter all of this it tells me “permission denied” any help out there?

  • rey

    any 1 knows where can i buy 2GB Kingston ( store ) not online?????

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  • Big Wayne

    I tried this process with several cards but unable to make the gold card. I on my way to buy some from bestbuy, however I’m having a problem with my HBoot. Everything I try to Hboot and it start to read the img, it stop and go back to the HBoot screen without finishing the update(HBoot Fastboot Mode without saying model id incorrect update fail… Any help on this..

  • rey

    i did the gold card but still cant root my mytouch any idea what i need to do…

  • Eyegor

    Hi Unlockr,
    I have made a Goldcard, perhaps successfully – windows gives me no errors. However, when i put a sappimg.zip on the phone hboot does not see it. (i have an htc magic; no image or wrong image – is the error)
    Does that mean that the goldcard failed or something else is wrong?


    • Eyegor,

      No image doesn’t mean the goldcard isnt working, it means the img is not seen by the phone. So either it is not on the root of the SD card (NOT in any folders, just on the sd card), or it is named wrong (perhaps .zip.zip accidentally).
      Good luck!

  • Eyegor

    Thank you very much for your quick response!
    I shall test is with my Tattoo!

    Great guide!

  • bevins68

    I have tried the process with 4 different SD cards (1gb/2gb kingston/2gb sandisk/8GB class 4 that came with the mytouch.) Every time I put the card back into the PC after the HXD operations I get ‘this card needs to be formatted’

    Surely with someone confirming the 8GB one that came with the MyTouch as working I am missing a step? Please advise.

    Thanks in advance.

  • bevins68

    I also do not have the option in HXD to open the SD card as a Physical Disk as it says in the instructions. The only way for me to open it is under Logical Disk

  • bevins68

    Please disregard my last 2 posts. I am an idiot.

    Thanks for the guide 🙂

    • Bevins68,

      Lol. No problem. Would you mind posting what you did wrong so others can avoid it?

  • Ash

    I followed the procedure noted above, the minisd keeps saying to format when testing…I used Kingston SD…would a mytouch with 1.6 firware affect the process.

    • Ash,

      It could be the card, some do not work for the goldcard procedure. Try to use it in the phone and see if it works as a gold card, if not then use a different SD.

  • Ash

    In step #7 you ask to insert the revesed serial we did in step #6 and change the 1st 2 numbers to 00, however Step #6 already places the code with two zeros…do I change the zeros to zeros again…??? or there is other charachters I need to hcange to Zeros. I am lost

    • Ash,

      The guys reverse string app sometimes puts the zeros in for you. So long as the first 2 characters are zeros you are fine and just continue.

  • Jonesy

    Just wanted to say thanks to TheUnlockr. I was able to get the goldcard to work on my T-mobile G2 without the need for a micro-sd adapter, I did it all through mounting the SD card whilst it was still in the phone. I was using the card that came with the phone (2gb sandisk) and am running Windows 7. Now running MoDaCo 3.2 and am really impressed. Battery life at least 3 times better and the same for signal. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • shaka8874

    im using an 8gb kingston and trying to make it a goldcard. everything works fine until i get to the hboot, then it tells me wrong id…. what am i doing, i have the mytouch with the jack ontop…. 1.2 i think

  • Pho

    Hey Hey Hey!!!

    After i created this “GOLDCARD” can the GOLDCARD be used as a normal SD card?

  • Joe

    Instead of selecting 00000000 to 00000170, go to 00000000 and paste write and it overwrites everything to 00000170.

    I think people are selecting and overwriting the wrong area causing the gold card to fail.

    You can make these in a hero with the stock card.

    This is a piece of cake.

    • sino8r

      Yo Joe!
      You’re a freakin’ genius! and theunlockr, lol! That’s what did it for me was selecting 00 instead of 170!
      Thanks man!

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  • MIchael Knutson

    Thanks for doing all this work I am somewhat tech savvy and have made my first goldcard. I am attempting to root my HTC MyTouch.

    Michael Knutson

  • deprecated

    Just to help the next victim of not so carefull reading , and to make fun of myself.

    I was getting a bit frustrated here, was onon my 4th 2gb SD, and Still couldn’t create the gold card.

    Every time i did the HxD move I was getting

    I was opening the SD CARD as LOGICAL DISC.


    Now to solve the old version trouble

  • Chris

    mine will not show up as physical, only logical, any help?

  • Chris

    used a different program and it worked great, hex editor neo

    • Chris,

      Glad it worked. The issue with the original program is that you didn’t run it as administrator when opening it.

      • Bradley

        lol i made the same mistake like five times tell i red this thanks mate 😀

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  • Dan

    Hi I’m trying to root my G2, I tried the normal procedure, it wouldn’t flash, So I have managed to create my goldcard I think?
    I am able to open it on my pc, it shows a Footprint folder, is this correct.
    I re-boot my phone and open Sync on my pc.
    Plug in my phone to sync cable and try to downgrade so I can root.
    I go throught the process using HTC Sync, Then I get a message,
    ERROR (140:) Bootloader Version Error.
    What am I doing wrong?

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  • Eric

    First off, i just want to thank the unlockr for the in depth how to’s of the htc hero G2. I have recently purchased a phone from ebay and the seller has made a goldcard already. Is there a way to make another? will it mess the phone up if i make a new goldcard, say i lost my old one somehow? Do you go through the same step by step process?

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  • Junior

    Just made the gold card. HxD worked fine. but when i tryed booting phone with pb00img.zip in gold card, still giving me (Main Version Older, update failed)….. NNEEEDD HEELLPPP!!! really wanna root my fonee.

    • Junior,

      Means the gold card was not created correctly.

  • Eric

    Is it possible to make another goldcard if you lost the original one? Do you go through the same process as stated above? I want to root my phone and add some more features to it…

    • Eric,

      Yes, and you have to start over with the new card.

  • mgwynn

    so… after many failed attempts, i’ll try once more.

    i notice when i paste the img onto the card, it moves the existing info on the card lower, below line 170. i’ve been actually ‘inserting’, not overwriting that original info.

    i realized in the middle of the night that i should be overwriting the info on the card, not just pasting the img at line 00.

    i haven’t tested this yet, and won’t have a chance for a few days.

    but am i correct about deleting the existing info before i paste the new img?

  • Digibilly

    Thanks for this site and the usefull information. After several hours of trying I finally manage to create a goldcard and replace the software of my Vodafone branded HTC Legend. A few things I had to change. I had to change mmc0 in mmc1 and had to use another usbport on my pc. I also did not use a usbcardreader but left the SC-card in my phone (phone with usbcable connected to pc)and choose for connectiontype Diskdrive. Card was a Sandisk 8GB wich came with the phone.

    • Digibilly,

      Thanks for the info! We should be doing a how to for that phone this week.

  • MisterEd

    This might sound dumb, but I’m “reading before jumping in.” I get to step 6 and step 6 says “continue on to step 9. What happened to steps 7 & 8 ? Are they no longer needed or am I just dumb and missing something?


    • MusterEd,

      Thanks for letting me know, lol fixed it.

  • Zacharias

    what do you mean by “under physical disk” im looking for it but i cant find it, also looked in the “properties” section of the sd card and cant find “open as read only” please help, getting really frustrated, thanks in advance for your help.

    • Zacharias,

      Physical disk in the Hex Editor…

  • Eric

    so i have done everything to a T, but when i put ($ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1:*/cid) i get: No such file or directory. Does this mean that my sandisk sd card is not compatible? What can i do to get to the next step. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate x86 if that matters. I even tried to put a 0 instead of 1 after the mmc like digibilly mentioned above. A little help would great.

  • MisterEd

    Mr Unlockr,
    Methinks you have a typo in step 7. Step 6 generates the code with the digit reverser and it adds the leading 2 zeroes.

    In step 7 you say to add 2 leading zeroes which was already done in step 6 automatically.

    This might lead to some corn-fusion. 🙂

    • MisterEd,

      Thanks, but I put it there because people were saying the code didn’t have 2 zeros a long time ago (think the creator of that page has fixed it since then). But didnt see any harm in leaving it, your going to change 2 zeros to 2 zeros, right?

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  • MisterEd

    Just looking at in terms of clarity ….

  • Vikingvic

    Good Evening TheUnlockr,

    I found the same problem as Eric….
    – I run my CMD in Adminstrator Mode
    – I enter “adb devices” with no problem
    – Then I write ”
    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb shell
    $ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid”
    But it answer :
    “cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid: No such file or directory”
    So I need your help please
    Thank you

  • tami


    Is it ok to use the memory card that came with the Desire? or do I need 2 different cards?

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  • Facundo


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  • Mike

    Did they remove the site to make the goldcards ??? i keep getting redirected to http://psas.revskills.de/


    the website in step 7 just takes you to the PSAS site to buy the software for 30 euro seams a bit steep to do one gold card any way around this ???



      The gold card site apparently is trying to redirect people to their product instead of the free gold card page.
      If anyone has a new link for a gold card creator, please let us know so we can replace it!

  • Txmedic


    New link up – They were having web security issues apparently.


  • jerry o5

    is there any way to root my mytouch with the 1.6 firmware unlockr?need help

  • Hi there

    I am trying to make a goldcard but I can’t. I get an error all the time and I can find the solution on google:
    Microsoft Windows XP [version 5.1.2600]
    (C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

    C:\Documents and Settings\ndr>cd\

    C:\>cd AndroidSDK

    C:\AndroidSDK>cd tools

    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    HT033NX02418 device

    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb shell
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid: No such file or directory

    What do I do from here?
    This is giving me more gray hair then my devorce.


    • Nenad,

      Make sure your memory card is not mounted.

  • Kay

    I accidentally overwrote the contents of my hard disk instead of the SD card at step 11. Naturally my PC failed to boot after that. So I put in my Windows XP CD and went to Recovery mode and rebuilt the MBR using the ‘fixmbr’ command. My PC now boots normally and hopefully it won’t have any detrimental effects.

  • Dana

    i know this question may sound dumb,but can you use a goldcard as a regualar SD card after changing it?

  • Jayson

    I tried this guide on two cards, successfully creating two different gold cards. At least I think I was successful. Both cards load up in Windows fine, and opening them both back up with the hex editor shows that the goldcard image is still in its mbr. So I wonder why I still can’t root my myTouch with perfect SPL 1.33.0007? I’ve tried all the different sappimg.zip and .nbh’s that I could find floating around on the internet, and all I get is a Model ID incorrect error…

    Going back to my goldcards, I found that sending the exact same reversed cid (original cid copied from an adb shell), psas sends me slightly different goldcard.img’s. I have attached these img’s in a thread over at xda-forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6402002#post6402002. Look for me, javon27.

  • Kay

    On my card the mounted directory was mmc0 instead of mmc1. So if you are having the No such file or directory error, try:
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid

    This worked for me and now I have a rooted Legend. =)

    Thanks Unlockr for a great guide. Maybe you can add a footnote to this step.

    • Kay,

      Awesome thanks Kay!

    • Thanks so much, that worked great. I almost gave up! 🙂

    • Ingo


      witch card did you use ?

  • natis

    After searching and searching, I cannot find a method on how to create a goldcard on OS X. Do you guys have any guidance or can point me in the direction of where to look? Thank you.

  • Giuvie87


    The guide on how to make the GoldCard is awesome and very insightful but I’m having a slight problem. Everytime I try placing the sappimg.zip file on the root of my SD Card and go into FASTBOOT, it keeps saying “Model ID WRONG” etc…I’ve attempted to create the GoldCard quite a few times using a SanDisk 8GB (that came with the myTouch 1.2) and a Kingston 8GB. Do you think using an 8GB SD Card could be the problem?

  • datruth92803

    My phone died in the middle of the process no my tmobile my touch 3g comes up as a vodaphone htc magic is there anything I can do to get my phone back to showing my touch 3g? as I am not in the Uk and have no use for vodaphone

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  • droidlover

    Hi unlockr and congrats on an excellent and informative site.

    I am (pretty) sure I have dodged all the obvious pitfalls but am still having problems creating a goldcard to work with my 32b Magic 1.33.0007.

    Firstly the one click method did not work on my spl so a goldcard seems to be my only route to rooted nirvana.

    I have followed all the points to the tee (3 times!) and keep getting the same error I am using a kingston 2GB I have got the reverse CID and been emailed my goldcard.img (3 times – all the same) when I copy the offset 00000000 to 00000170 from the img to my sd card and save it shows as being identical to the img file (from offset 00000000 to 00000170) I can open and browse it on the PC fine.

    When I copy sappimg.zip onto it to try and flash the phone returns the same error (wrong image etc) each time. The weird bit is that when I put that kingston sd card back into HxD to check everything there are differences in offset 00000000 to 00000170 – only a couple of charecters wrong, but wrong nonetheless. I am assumming this is why I cannot load the sappimg.zip but I cannot find out why my goldcard will not stay as I saved it even when using a proven card.

    It is now 6am and I started this at 11pm yesterday so I am in desperate need of any help!


    • Max

      Clearly, it’s 12:51 not 6am lol

  • Puresp

    To Unlockr,

    I’ve tried your method to create the goldcard at least 20 times already, still no luck. Like, literally.. I’ve gone through the entire process over 20 times. I even bought a new 2G Kingston MicroSD card since maybe I thought the default card wasn’t capable.. Still didn’t work?

    I followed your instructions to the tee and still no luck? I have W7, but I did all the steps to installing the ADB anyway. Please help?

    Also, I previously wasn’t aware of the difference and thought my phone was a Magic 32b, so I STARTED to download the neccesary files and I changed the SDK around a bit from a guide on a cyanogen guide, would that have messed up my install?

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  • Frydac

    When I connect my HTC Tattoo with my pc, it shows up as removable disk in my explorer. Does this mean I don’t need a micro SD card reader or SD card adaptor to get the job done? And use my phone as microSD cardreader?

  • Frydac

    Well, i guess not…
    It all goes well, but when I save with the hex editor after pasting the image in, and reinsert the altered sdcard into my phone it says it is damaged, and I can’t open it in explorer.
    Not sure if it is the phone or the sdcard causing this of course (using a sandisk 2GB mirco sdcard), I guess I’ll have to get an adapter or reader somewhere to make sure.

  • Harry

    Thanks for this tutorial…
    With it I was able to create myself a gold card.
    It took sometime due to Windows7 but still I made it.
    Thanks again!!

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  • Harris

    thanks a lot for this tutorial.
    i have successful created a goldcard with this guideline. and updated new ROM which is requires a goldcard.
    but.. in the middle of my exploration, i did something stupid which is required me to update a new ROM again. when i tried to update, i get Customer ID. which is goldcard problem.
    so.. does it means i have to crate goldcard once again? or get a new microSD?

  • Branden09

    hello Unlockr.

    i have followed your steps and even read through basically every comment for possible alternitive solutions.
    but this is frustrating me.
    i have tried replacing both the ‘1’s with zeros in the string: $ cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    $ cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid

    but it still says “not found”

    i have properly setup everything, because it shows my device as connected to adb when i type:

    cd AndroidSDK\tools\
    adb devies

    would it be the sd card? or possibly something else?
    any soultions?
    thanks for your time.

  • Branden09

    please disregard the previous comment. i have fixed the problem, though i am trying to get the goldcard to actually work right now. im able to put it back in the computer without it saying “reformat” or anything else. but when putting the goldcard into the phone with the sappimg.zip file and successfully access the bottloader, it says: *wrong model id.

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  • chris

    ive tried multiple different sd cards, latest one being a 2gb kingston and it still wants me to format when i re insert it…
    not sure what i can do now? since this is supposedly the only option i have?

  • Mark

    For people who has the “No such file or directory” error…. Please beware that you will need to insert your memory card…. The cat command reads value based on the microSD card that you inserted. Therefore each different card will give you a different initial value to work with…

  • jean

    Same problem as Chris. I first tried to create a goldcard with my original SanDisk card (2gb) and then with a new Kingston (4gb), but both failed. When I insert the SD card back int my G1 it says “SD card damaged” and I can only format it.

    Any help on this ?

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  • krustytroll

    How do i do this on a mac?

  • marky_mark

    thanks for the tutorial unlockr. i now have a rooted legend =)

  • Adrian

    is there a way to undo this? it’s just it didn’t work but I can’t remember what the codes before I ‘paste wrote’ it were… help?

  • James

    Can the code contain a ‘ß’ (spaß) character? I have something that looks similar to an 8 and a B and can only assume it’s a ß.

  • James

    On second thoughts maybe it’s just an 8.. They seem to differ slightly.

    I don’t have an sc adapter but have noticed on the desire that you can set it up as a disk drive. Maybe I won’t need one after all?

  • Tass

    I’ve so far tried both Transcend and Kingston MicroSD, everything will seem to go fine until I try to open (test) the goldcard MicroSD, it will simply say insert disk. What am I doing wrong?

  • Pingback: How to create a goldcard with mac or linux for rooting HT-03a | Gadgets World()

  • toshi

    I think I am stuck with RUU_Hero_Chunghwa_3.31.751.1_R_Radio_63.18.55.06O_6.35.15.01_release_signed.exe
    I got yesterday.

    I tried the Goldcard method, and it didnt work out.
    Tried to flash RUU_Hero_HTC_WWE_2.73.405.5_WWE_release_signed_NoDriver.exe

    I can’t update any zip file or recover for my backups.

    Please help me go back to my original ROM.

  • travis

    when i go to save the hex it tells me the media is write protected? the lock is off….
    also if i mount my sdcard in my phone i can save te hex code that way, why wont it work this way?

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  • bhavz

    I got my code its 12 digits long when i enter into the hex reverse website i get a wrong length error, what am i doing wrong :S

    • Bhavs.

      Read the reported issues at the bottom of the procedure and try that. Good luck!

  • bhavz

    im on step 5/6 those reported issues dont apply to me, do they?

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  • amad

    says not not found 🙁
    but I do get the serial number

  • amad

    cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid tried replacing the 1s with zeros still no luck. please help

  • Red

    I rooted my HTC Magic (Vodafone UK – 32B) successfully. It worked well for 6 months until I installed an app that messed it up.
    My pc hard-drive also crashed at the time, so I lost my original image!
    I’m having a problem with the ‘phone not recognising the recovery ROM – therefore I need a goldcard.
    I can’t get into the ‘phone in order to create a goldcard, although it fastboots ok.

    Can anyone create a goldcard for me and mail it to me in the UK?
    If so, can you please mail me at red@wodever.co.uk with a price?

    Also, does anyone have an original back-up image for this model?

    Many thanks and if anyone has any advice on how to otherwise repair this phone – that would be great.

  • Ace G.

    Hmm… I followed the instructions at
    http://theunlockr.com/2009/08/14/how-to-root-your-mytouch-3g/ and I’m getting to step 9 in section 3 (flashing the sappimg.zip. It says “Incorrect Model ID.” I’ve read elsewhere that this means that the goldcard wasn’t prepared correctly, but I’ve done it several times, and with my new sdcard, windows is able to read it just fine.
    So is it possible to screw up the goldcard-making process and still be able to pass the “test” of reading it in Windows? I’m going nuts here…

    Specs: mytouch 3g,
    # HBOOT-1.33.0006 (SAPP30000)

    Thanks for any help you can offer!

  • girish

    i have rooted my htc legend…..done all the process
    nw wat should i do, i want to run live wallpapers on my legend.

  • Puresp

    Does it matter what format the MicroSD card is? Ex. Fat/Fat32/etc?

  • tony

    Hey unlockr

    Ok so im stuck at the cat/sys/… commands. what i want to know is, if you can use the gold card again and again and even on different phones, does that mean its not specific to any particular phone? and if so cant someone just post the image to be downloaded for everyone else?

    Everyone else

    Any help would be greatly appreciated because i have tried replacing the 1’s in the command with 0’s and still am stuck.


    • Tony,

      To answer your “can someone post the image” question. It is not phone specific, but it IS memory card specific. So regardless of what phone the memory card is in it will work but you need the CID of that memory card to make the goldcard in the first place.

  • Chuy

    For those who have the error “no such file or directory” when typing:

    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

    make sure that there’s a space here:


    that fixed it for me at least

  • Jay

    OK I am a bit frustrated right now i have bought enough SD cards to fund a small army! Lol, but seriously i have windows 7 and i can not make a gold card to save a village of starving children. Every card i try needs to be formatted. What could i be doing wrong? I followed the video to the T and read the forums and redid the process on every card. I would be a pro if i could just get it to work!!! HELP!!! oh yeah its a my touch 3g 1.2

    • WhiteZ

      Jay i have tha same problem, did u success??

  • Luca

    May I use a 128 MB MicroSD that came with my Nokia 6300?
    I don’t use it, since I need bigger SDs for my mobiles…
    It would be a great occasion to find a meaning for such a
    limited SD card.

    • Luca,

      Problem is that most files that you would try to flash with the goldcard (ROMs etc) would be much larger than 128mbs…

  • yanseno van allen

    hello all, just stupid question from me
    Goldcard worked for me, what should i do next??
    i’m using galaxy spica..sorry i’m newbie and just bought new phone and not familiar with it

  • rl

    Hi, I was having the “cat/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid: not found” error, till I realized there is a space between “cat” and “/”. Please, put a note in the instructions, or change the font, so people notice it. Thanks.

  • For anyone that is having issues with section III. step 4. using the shell and receiving the “No such file or directory” message. I will assume that you have already read through the rest of the threads and don’t have your SD card mounted, verified that there is a space between the command and the location of the file and have already tried changing your 1’s to 0’s.

    I had a serious “Doh!, @#$%” *smack forehead, moment when I navigated to the directory …/mmc1/ to find the I had been putting a period(.) where there shoud have been a colon (:)…should have been “cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid” I was typing “cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1.*/cid” simply because the asterisk (*) masked the top part of the colon.

    After trying for hours of disconnecting my phone and restarting my system and other forms of trouble shooting did decide to navigate to the directory where the colon became very apparent under font of the DOS prompt.

    In my case it was mmc1:1234
    so my cid file was located in the directory
    and typing in this command would have worked
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:1234/cid
    But the original command would have also work if not for my own oversight of putting a period in place of a colon.

    Hope this helps someone.

    • TheUnlockr


      Thanks for helping out! Appreciate it!

    • Atlantis42

      Thanks! would be great if this got a mention in the main article like the [space] did, would save a few ppl a while!

  • cyberpedz

    The sappimg.zip seems to be corrupt every time i downloaded it my phone would not recognize it so i clicked the folder on my comp and get file corrupt error is there any other links for it?

  • KyleB

    For the record, PNY 2gb card DOES work 🙂

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  • kseitter

    When I open the hex editor, my disc only shows up as logical not physical? Help Pleaz

    • TheUnlockr


      Right click Hex Editor and Run as Administrator… read the procedure carefully.

  • anil varsani

    i’m trying to create a gold card and ive tried a number of different methods but when i type the adb command i get ‘error no device found’ do you no what it cold be

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  • Andre

    Hi all…. My computer seems to be unable to open the Hex editor being recommended here. I reinstalled 4 times, tried every compatibility mode, and tried to rune as administrator. It simply wont open. I watched the task manager while trying to open with “run” but a task for it never appeared. Does anybody know a work around for this?

    I’m running XP SP3 on BootCamp on a MacBook Pro.

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  • WhiteZ

    Not working for me, i get the “please format your sd card” and ive already tryed with 5 different cards, so… can anyone sell me his card? thank you

  • Pingback: 1.31.405.x or 2.03.403 ? - Android Forums()

  • Gavin

    If you have an HTC legend, substitute mmc0 for mmc1 and it works.

    otherwise you will get a “no such file or directory message”

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  • SHiFT3

    Im having problems at the hex editor
    i do everything as instructed but when i get to save it says “The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”
    Anybody know why this happens or can help me fix it?

    • rudes

      ive done this without microsd adapter and it works

  • Uriel

    When im doing GOldcard, as soon as im saving on HxD is says “media write protected” and wont save it.. i have tried a 2gb and 8gb card. What do i do?

    • Uriel,

      Make sure that the LOCK switch isn’t set to lock on your memory card (its an actual switch on the memory card itself). Also make sure you open the HxD Editor by right clicking it and saying run as administrator.

  • DoG

    OMG what a geeky procedure! this is just too much.

  • Alex

    After you have rooted with the gold card, is it necessary to keep it in the phone? Or can you change to another regular memory card after?

    • Alex,

      No you can change your memory card.

      • bez


        I’ve decided to just de-Brand and flash original ROM to my Desire.

        I got a 32gb card with the phone. Is it possible to make that into my GoldCard and just keep it in the phone? Don’t you need the GoldCard to install further OTA updates.

        Thanx for the help

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  • Bruce

    What if my computer has a slot for micro SD cards? do i still need an adapter?

    • Bruce,

      Nope so long as your microsd fits in it.

  • Johnboypara

    I have tried creating the goldcard first with the 4gb card that came with my desire. This didn’t work I have now purchased a Kingston 2gb card and the gold card process still doesn’t work. When plugged inot my laptop the system just says card unreadable and only gives me the option to format it….. 🙁 any ideas as to what could be going wrong??

  • andi

    nice one fella…iv been tryin for bout 2 weeks create a gold card and root my htc desire….iv just created my gold card thanks to your video tutorial…..once again many thanks…alot of peeps just expect us dummies to be able to understand their instructions…..if it wasnt for your tutorial i wouldnt have a clue….i hope your rooting guide works with my desire….if not im sure i can still use your videp to understand the method…..wicked job

  • Andrew

    Brilliant instructions!

    Being a tech head it is SO good to read clear exact instructions, that don’t assume the user just knows what to do. (Being a tech OCD person though – Section III. Create a Goldcard step 1 should have “Turn on your phone”)

    BTW ScanDisk 2GB work perfectly with a Lexar USB adaptor

  • John

    hi, i have a 16gb sdcard that can’t be turned into a goldcard or it doesnt work. if i buy a 2bg kingston sdcard and turn it into a goldcard, can i use my other sdcard after i root it?

  • Nathan

    after this process , will i still be able to use BOTH of my sd cards or does this make one of your sd cards unusable ?

    • Nathan,

      You will still be able to use both.

  • lotfy

    my CID Code revesed from soo site is 🙁 009c00bf57f402804732305553445303 ) wich is contain 00 at the first so do you want to change the first two digits to 00 how , where they are 00?? that is in the step to send it to get the gloden card by mail.

    • Lotfy,

      If the 00s are already there then just leave it as is. Then use the link we posted to submit that number and you will get your goldcard code by email.

  • DSchragg

    Could this technique be used for unlocking a phone?

    • DSchragg,

      No, the phone will still be locked to whatever network it is locked to. If you want to unlock a phone you need to buy an unlock code.

  • guss2k

    Can i save everything i have on my goldcard for later use? Can i reformatted so I can use this card for the roms. I dont have 2 micro sd card i only have 1 which is a 2gb sandisk.

    • Guess2k,

      Ya just save everything onto your computer then turn it into a goldcard then put your stuff back on it (no nerd to reformat it).

  • hi all im doit every think like in video but am stuck in no5 its dosint show me the number its sey not faund can some one help me sor for my english

  • Shanks

    plz explain what Sappimg.nbh file is?
    Oh for the record a scandisk 2gb micro worked right threw no problem. Still kinda confused on how to use it my phones already rooted altho i do kno ppl who have G1’s.

    also for those who wanna make one without having to mess with the sd inside the phone, you can format from windows to fat32 then while your phones in recovery remove your sd and install the sd you wanna make a goldcard. enable usb to make sure its readable and then disable it.
    from your windows command do as stated and you can get your sd serial that way also providing youve folowed directions and commands.
    after youve gotten it close command screen, remove sd, place your regular sd back in your phone and turn it on.
    from there you can follow instructions from the sd reader.
    done with a G1

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  • Mike

    Quick question. The sd card that i just made the gold card out of; would I have to continue to use it even after i rooted my MyTouch or could i use the one that came with it after rooting? thanks in advance.

  • me

    The whole process is somewhat easier if you use the “goldcard helper” application from the Android market. This automatically obtains the card’s CID and reverses it – so you can directly paste this information in the PSAS website.

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  • RS

    I tired this with the memory card that came with my Telstra branded HTC desire (was a Samsung 2gb) and it failed to create a gold card, everything worked great until I plugged it back in and kep asking me to reformat.

    I am going to buy another couple of 2gb cards and try again, they are as cheap as chips.

    Thank you for this excellent guide!

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  • Bob

    Does this work at all? I’ve currently been through:
    1x Nokia 512MB
    5x Sandisk 1GB
    1x PNY 8GB
    And not one of them has worked, all ask for a reformat, 7 cards? How likely is it that I go out, buy another and Windows tells me where to deposit the card?

  • Bob

    And if I learned to read then I’d be able to see:
    Under Physical Disk select Removable Disk.
    I am a twat, Sandisk’s are fine, might I suggest changing the font size so pillocks like me notice it.


  • pdawookie

    I built the goldcard several times, with a 8gb kingston and 2gb kingston.

    each time the card is fine, I requested the goldcard.img with the reversed id, and made sure the first two chars are 00.

    I copied the goldcard.img to the 000 – 170 on the removeable disk. Test the card seems to work fine, and then I copy the sappimg.zip and test.. all is fine.

    I boot with these cards and it always gives me MAIN VERSION IS OLDER

    I have 32A
    HBOOT 1.76.0010

    my CID for 8gb card is 02544d534430384738c7689d8b0099de
    reversed and 00’d is 0099008b9d68c73847383044534d5402

    my CID of 2gb card is 03534453553032478030ec832f009410
    reversed and 00;d is 0094002f83ec30804732305553445303

    am I missing something?

    many thanks

    • Francisco

      I’ve found exactly the same problem… Did you got any solution?

  • rob

    i messed up. i typed in the 170 instead of clicking until 170 came up. how can i fix it?

    • Jan Drop

      Kept getting the error ‘no such file’etc…
      after cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
      I overlooked the double dot (:) in mmc1 : * and typed a ‘.’ instead…
      after this everything went well.
      Thanks a lot

  • Mark

    I’ve been having the hardest time. I have my goldcard, did everything in the HxD and tested out the card and no need to reformat it.

    The problem arises when I run the RUU. It recognizes my phone and the ROM that’s running on it. The phone restarts and then the RUU starts updating the signature.

    Then I get the error:

    The ROM Update Utility cannot open the requested files or the files are damaged. The RUU cannot continue with the update.

    Please get a complete RUU package and try again”

    I’ve done this with both RUU’s and still the same thing. What in the world is going on, it’s driving me nuts.


  • Mark

    BTW I have a Sprint HTC Hero.

  • David

    I am trying to create a gold card following the steps and when i try i get the error no such file or directory i have tried replacing the 1s with 0s and getting the same thing i have spelled it correctly as well as tried copy and pasting but no luck. can anyone help me? (i am trying to do this for an HTC Legend

    • slyzer

      i also face de same problem, try cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid it works on my LEGEND… hope can help u

      • Toto

        /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid worked for me as well, thanks! (notice the change from 1 to 0 two times)

  • I get Main Version Older.. I see by the replies here that it means the goldcard was not created correctly, however i can browse the card on the computer just fine, it doesn’t ask me to reformat.

    Also the reversed CID already has to 2 first characters as 00’s is this normal?

  • Sebastian

    Hxd Hex editor didn’t work for my p.c just didn’t respond

  • ariel

    hey there guys……for some reson the goldcard is not working for me….tryed a few difrent cards and every time i put back in the computer it says that it needs to be formated….
    any ideas????


  • rooli

    i had really big problems getting the cid till i found out all you need is the “astro” app…. than:

    1. start ASTRO

    2. press the green button up, go to the folder:
    sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:’aaaa'(can vary)

    3. press long on cid.

    4. “Open As” – > “Text” dann “File Viewer”

    5. write down cid

    • jose

      hey for those who are having problems with the “cat” i took rooli advice and it worked perfectly. i went to my astro app (for those who aint got it you can download it from the market) i pressed folder up, pressed on “sys”, then “class”, then “mmc_host”, then “mmc1”, then “mmc1:ad14” (this part may be different for yal especially if yal use mmc0 instead of mmc1), then long pressed on cid, chose “open as”, then “text”, then “file editor” and whuala i got my code. and just to double check i went back to the cmd and typed in cat[space]/sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:ad14/cid and i got the same code. hope this helps someone out. thanks rooli for the advice and thanks unlockr looking foward to what i can do know with my rooted g1 dream with cyanogenmod rom cm6

  • i did everything and on the cmd part i got this no such file or directory….. so does that mean my sim cannot be used to goldcard it?

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  • Tai

    Quick question to ANYONE who knows:

    Been trying to flash my Rogers Magic, and once created a goldcard [as far as I can tell, everything worked except the flashing]. If I format the goldcard, is it STILL a goldcard, or do I have to do the process again?

  • Paul

    So I copy the goldcard image to the sd card, and then I try to save, and it tells me “The media is write protected.” Does this mean that the sd card that I’m using is no good? I a bit confused on that. I have a PNY 2gb, just like the one that is being used in the video tutorial. Thoughts?

  • Ikec

    Is gold card really so unnecessary?
    I mean, can I simply put custom recovery via fastboot and flash custom rom after?

    • Ikec,

      Depends on the phone you are using. Some REQUIRE a goldcard because they block you flashing anything via fastboot etc so we use the goldcard to flash an older/different official ROM on the phone (which it wouldn’t let you do without the goldcard) and then we are able to flash fastboot etc after.

  • TheBladeofFate

    Hi. I’ve followed your instructions to the word, even reading through the comments, and I still dont get a working goldcard. I have tried with two different memory cards, and both are recognized after editing in hexedit. Both have EncFiltLog.menc, which is proof that they are true goldcards. However, whenever i try to update with a SAPPIMG, it still says model ID incorrect.
    Please help me.
    I am at my wits end, and if i can’t fix it by next Thursday, my phone will be thrown away.
    I have a MyTouch 3G 1.2, with a not working touchscreen (meaning I cannot turn on USB Debugging for ADB use)
    The fastboot screen is as follows:
    Sapphire Unknown 32B Ship S-On-G
    Hboot-1.33.0006 (SAPP31000)
    May 27, 2009 19:06:47

  • Mark


    It says in the first post to 2. With the memory card in your phone, click on Settings, SD and Phone storage, then click Unmount SD card. Once it unmounts, click Format SD card. (Please keep in mind that some memory cards don’t work, and this will erase all data on your SD Card so back all the data up first to your computer)

    I have figured out easier way if people are having errors with cat sys mode.

    Plug your phone into your computer with the going to be gold card
    Go to my computer
    Make sure you mount your phone to your computer
    Right click after mounted FORMAT on your drive NOT IN THE SETTINGS>FORMAT MODE (trust me)
    dont do quick format let it run its course
    After it has completed formatting come back to the steps starting at step number 4. *Make sure you have installed the SDK and Fastboot correctly from Section I!!!
    Plug the phone into the computer and then open the Command Prompt (goto the start menu and type in cmd in the search box). Then type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line.

    If there is any questions please feel free to email me MBerue214@gmail.com

    Finishing gold card setup now.
    I really hope a MOD sees this post and attaches it to front post. Love the guides here there AMAZING!!

  • Hebman

    I’ve done this 4 times and been SUPER careful about checking the CID. I just CAN’t get it to work I get CID incorrect every time. Are you able to help?!??!

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  • Zyb3r


    I have a desire that, after flashing with a Froyo gets stuck on the green HTC logo after start.
    I would like to create a goldcard, but i cannot use the “adb shell cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid” command since adb devices returns no devices (after booting in HBOOT). If i boot the desire in fastboot however, i CAN use the fastboot devices and that returns a device.
    I can get a lot of parameters from the fastboot command:

    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>fastboot getvar all
    INFOversion: 0.5
    INFOversion-bootloader: 0.92.0001
    INFOversion-cpld: None
    INFOversion-microp: 031d
    INFOversion-main: 2.09.405.8
    INFOserialno: HT045PL12223
    INFOimei: 357841031833711
    INFOproduct: bravo
    INFOplatform: HBOOT-8×50
    INFOmodelid: PB9920000
    INFOcidnum: HTC__Y13
    INFObattery-status: good
    INFObattery-voltage: 4123mV
    INFOpartition-layout: Generic
    INFOsecurity: on
    INFObuild-mode: SHIP
    INFOboot-mode: FASTBOOT
    INFOcommitno-bootloader: dirty-8da11611
    INFOhbootpreupdate: 11
    all: Done!
    finished. total time: 0.031s

    Is there ANY way i can get the info to create a goldcard (without using the adb command?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    – Zyb3r

  • Samuel

    I wanna buy a new card just to turn into a goldcard and keep but how large a memory card would i need for this, is 1gb enough?

  • Sean

    Basically I’ve gone through all the steps and can’t get the Gold Card to create. I’ve tested it with a 8gb Kingston, 1gb Patriot, 1gb Sandisk. All of them require I reformat after I save. Triple checked the CID’s on all cards before I copied them over and each time it already replaced the 00’s for me. What are the odds that 3 cards won’t work? I’m racking my brain here.

    • Sean,

      Make sure you are editing the thing as Physical Disk when it asks and not Logical Disk. Also make sure you open the Hex Editor AS ADMINISTRATOR or it won’t work.

  • Sandman


    before i want to root my mytouch fender, i had some questions?

    Will this work with a class 6 sd card in general(specifically from TEAM, http://cgi.ebay.com/Team-Class6-microSD-micro-SD-SDHC-TF-Memory-Card-8GB-8G-/300396474564?pt=PCC_Drives_Storage_Internal&hash=item45f10670c4#ht_2753wt_932)?

    Do i need a class 6 sd card to make the jachero rom fast?

    what type of sd card (class and gig) is required for the jachero rom?


    • Sandman,

      First off, for a Goldcard it doesnt matter the class of the card. The goldcard is just to load files with bypassing the version checking etc.

      For JACHero ROMs etc you are referring to using swap and ext. Those things would run much better with a class 6 card than any other card (since class 6 means it can transfer data at 6Mbps instead of class 4, 4mbps, and class 2, 2mbps).
      I’d get a popular name brand version to be safe.
      You can use any class but class 6 will be best (not for the goldcard, but for using a Hero ROM).

      • Sandman

        THANK YOU!!
        and btw, is transcend a good company?
        thanks again!

  • Sean

    That fixed it first try. Thanks. Will flash when I get off work tonight sir and let you know the progress.

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  • miccky

    sorry, my device is locked.
    I can not get the serial of SD card by connecting to a USB port

  • Francois


    I tried this procedure to root the latest Rogers 2.1 Rom and it does not seem to work. Anyone tried it successfully ?



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  • Note for those who had not found the proper CID using the “cat” command: on my device it is mmc2 instead of mmc1 or mmc0 as suggested above (Samsung Galaxy S)

  • Hey this has been a great tut so far. Thanks for the help.

    But, do I need a card reader? Or can I just use the phone… Or a different phone as a card reader?

    • Card reader is preferred to avoid corrupting the card.

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  • Subhramani

    I have NEVER been able to create a gold card. It never worked with either of my micro sd cards. I dont know whats wrong.
    And hence, I wont be be able to root my HTC Desire and that SUCKS!

    • Why’s that? Click how tos at the top of the site then hit android then htc desire. Then look at the how to root androot procedure, doesn’t require a goldcard. Good luck!

  • john

    http://psas.revskills.de/?q=goldcard Is this site not working??? I have tried many times but have had no luck connecting to the site. I keep getting “connection has timed out.” I have had no problems going to any other site listed so far except this one.

  • xxxkahunaxxx

    so am i understanding that with this gold card method i can buy a locked phone off ebay and unlock it so i can use it on any other network and use that networks sim card, and i dont have to pay for an unlock code to be sent to me???

  • eduveks

    Perfect! Works great!

    Isn’t so easy but after the first time was more easy 😛

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  • jose

    hey just to let people know who are using tethering, you must disable tethering in order for this to work. i was stuck for a long time when i would put “cat ?sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid” and it would say “no such file or directory”. do your downloads set up the HxD then disable tethering and follow the procedure and you should be able to get everything working right. NOTE, and for people with xp (im not sure bout other systems like windows7 or vista or etc.), after you do the procedure tethering will not work so you will have to press control+alt+delete at the same time, then open up task manager, click on adb just once, then click on end task and tethering should work again. you will have to do that every time u use the “cmd” for your phone to get tethering to work again…….hey unlockr you outta add this note to every troubleshooting that deals with the “cmd” and goldcard. it took me a week to figure out what i was doing wrong till i finally turned of tethering and it worked and i did two cards in under ten minutes.

  • rokero

    Hi, thanks for the info, but I get stuck at this step when making the goldcard.
    C:\AndroidSDK\tools>adb shell
    error: device offline

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

      • joer

        I had this, try uninstalling HTC Sync and/or PDANet if you did, then use Disk mode

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

    • Hi rokero,

      Have you find any solution for the device offline problem, I’m stuck at the same task.

  • Sharpness

    I followed the video to a “T” and everything went according to the video, just like the video. I plugged the card back in my computer and it asked me if I wanted to open it. Just like you said that it would. Goldcard created right? Good! Now how exactly do I use it to root my phone. I’m trying to run Barnacle wifi and it keeps telling me that it needs to have root access to run. What do I do from here. Any help appreciated.

    Motorola Cliq
    Running Eclair2Cliq 2.1

  • simlock

    does goldcard remove the simlock on the phone?

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  • hiti

    Hey, when i will make my goldcard and make all the rooting proces do i need to have this card in my phone all the time using my phone or can i have a different card in it when i am using my phone????? lets say because i want more space i buy new bigger card and replace it

    • After you flash a custom rom you can use a different memory card, no need to keep the goldcard in the phone.

  • Meroy Diniz

    In android market you can dowlode app ! Gold Card Helper. it can genurate CID just cope it to this website http://psas.revskills.de/?q=goldcard and you should be done

  • PoonHarper

    stuck at cid of memory card..anybody know of an 8gb kingston is ok instead of a 2gb?

  • Drchips42

    Fab .. made a gold card … ran unrevoked ( I have stock orange 2.2 rom ) and nothing … still not rooted!!

  • N_PARKER65021

    +I TYPE THE SAME CODE FROM CMD AND I KEEP GETTIN THIS MESSAGE Wrong length! Click back to try again. HELP

  • Thiago Mael

    For those of you running linux, the command line to get the CID is the same, except the “adb shell” part.

  • Thiago Mael

    For those of you running linux, the command line to get the CID is the same, except the “adb shell” part.

  • Pucvalmkd

    Do I need a goldcard for my unbranded legend ? I’ve read somewere that if youre phone is unbranded you dont need coldgard to root it 🙂

  • Please click on How Tos at the top of the site, then Android, then HTC Legend and follow the procedure for your phone to root it.

  • Jonas Ottosen

    Great tutorial!
    but i have a problem.. My SD card does not do the same as yours at the last 5 sec of your tut..
    and i am unable to open it on my computer because its damaged. I’m pretty sure that i followed all your
    steps correctly… what did i do wrong?

  • Jonas Ottosen

    Hi Unlockr

    i have a 2GB kingston SD and it still doesnt work.. what have i done wrong?
    btw when i press extras > open disc my SD card is named “untitled” and it is at
    logical discs, not physical discs as yours in your tut video..
    Thank you for your help


  • That means you probably edited it as a logical disk instead of physical. Start over and follow every step carefully.

    • Pereda37

      hey i cant manage to do it i have a 2 gb kingston and i do everything but when i turn it on with volume down nothing happens!!! wont search the sappimg!!! HELP PLEASE!!!

  • Make sure you open the Hex Editor “As Administrator”

  • Ben_harris0402

    I have done the gold card method with a 2gb kingston and when I try the update all I get is wrong id number or main version is older, I have redone 6 + times

  • Ben_harris0402

    I have done the gold card method with a 2gb kingston and when I try the update all I get is wrong id number or main version is older, I have redone 6 + times

  • Ben_harris0402

    I have done the gold card method with a 2gb kingston and when I try the update all I get is wrong id number or main version is older, I have redone 6 + times

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  • Lulaturface

    Why does it say, After i pasted code into gold card, media is write protected? I made sure the lock switch was on unlock.

  • Lulaturface

    Why does it say, After i pasted code into gold card, media is write protected? I made sure the lock switch was on unlock.

  • Brad

    >>*Make sure you have installed the SDK and Fastboot correctly from Section I

    I have the SDK installed but I’m not sure if Fastboot is installed. How to I check this?

    Could someone please post a link to ‘Section 1’?

    Seems this tutorial is posted for people who know about this stuff already.

  • It means section II (Setup ADB)

  • It means section II (Setup ADB)

  • Dzoni03

    at the and of all with all number i get and step when to put number from goldencard image to my SD card with NxD program i open SD card and goldcard image but cant pase write to SD card only can copy why that ?

  • Gomzibaba

    I am tying in adb shell, but it is not going into shell mode… what is the reason for that?
    I am using Windows XP SP3

  • shriva

    Step -7 is confusing ,, why am i being asked to replace the first two digits with zeros of reverse CID. this is not what i already got from SOAA.. ?? in SOAA reverse is already has first two digits as zeroes..

    • It is a just in case step (the website used to not always replace the first two with zeros).
      If you take two zeros and replace them with two zeros…

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  • Unlock

    Under Physical Disk should be font size 42 or something. I just wasted 3 hours 😀 haha, dumb me…

  • Unlock

    Under Physical Disk should be font size 42 or something. I just wasted 3 hours 😀 haha, dumb me…

  • Unlock

    Under Physical Disk should be font size 42 or something. I just wasted 3 hours 😀 haha, dumb me…

  • Nuttycoconuts

    after i type the “cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid” it just tells me that the file is not on the directory… what should i do?

    • Look at the bottom of the article, where it says to try “cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid” instead – this is what works on my phone too.

      • Solarisphere

        Yeah that worked for me too. Thanks!

  • james

    Thanks for this guide.
    However, I have a question. I accidentally did this process to ‘Hard Disk1’ (which I think is my phone), instead of ‘Removeable Disk1’.
    What should I do? Did I mess anything up?

    • james

      can someone provide me with the hexcodes to the mytouch 3g with jack? the 0-170 codes?

    • james

      can someone provide me with the hexcodes to the mytouch 3g with jack? the 0-170 codes?

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  • TheCurryFace

    -This seems to solve the damaged SD card error. PLEASE add this to the article courtesy of 'TheCurryFace'

    When reformatting the card, Windows will place the DOS boot record at sector 0 and the MBR after the DOS boot record. The SD Card user module is not capable of working when the DOS boot record is placed in Sector-0.

    To fix this issue, follow the steps below.

    (1) Download Panasonics SDFormatter V2.0 (free utility)

    (2) Insert SD card into Windows PC

    (3) Format the SD card with the Panasonic utility, SDFormatter V2.0, using the following options.
    – Format Type: Quick
    – Format Size Adjustment: Off

    (4) Eject the SD Card (**This is an Important Step**)

    (5) Re-insert the SD card

    (6) Format the SD card using Windows Explorer
    – Right click on the SD card and select format
    – Set file system to FAT
    – Do not select Quick Format

    (7) Eject the SD Card

    (8) NOW You can proceed through the steps as normal and hex edit using the PSAS image without fear of the dialog box "Please format this drive". =D
    In the above method, the Panasonic SDFormatter utility places the MBR in Sector-0 and Dos Boot Record following the MBR. With both the boot records intact, Windows will not alter the position of the boot records and will only initialize the FAT tables during formatting.

    • This got my hopes up until it totally didn’t work for me either. Meh, this is becoming very frustrating.

  • `roy

    bro youre are the best i have in one time sucsesfully create the gold gard now i go try boot again my htc dream hopply it works i get a mesege no acses the whole time now i hope it works i gone test this now and let you now bro great job!!!

  • roy

    man youre good now i have my phone rooted yesss god job in happy now joure de craetest bro

  • david

    Hi experts, Should it work with a build 3.14.xxx???
    Any risk of briking the phone???

  • Gmatei

    hey, unlockr. i followed all your steps regarding adb, but when I try to make the gold card, I get “your media is writeprotected”. what should I do next?

  • Cbrazell83

    so i have done all the steps up to paste write, then i went to file. once i click save … a few seconds later a warning comes up the says ” The requestcould not be performed because of an I/O DEVICE error. what does that mean and what do i need to fix?

  • Djo231

    Getting the line: ”No such file or directory” what now?

  • Djo231

    Getting the line: ”No such file or directory” what now?

    • Benny

      I get it too

      • shantu

        for a branded phone, try “mmc2/mm2” instead, worked for my DHD

  • Andrewcharles

    will this work with micro sdhc instead of micro sd because i have an 8gb micro sdhc (samsung) that appears to accept the hex edit and when it is removed and put back in it works fine, but when i put it in the phone to do the downgrade, it gives CID incorrect still.. do i need a micro sd card?

  • I have the next problem:
    I can only go into HBoot and Fastboot. So I can’t find the cid through ADB.
    BUT: I have done this procedure in the past (and it worked, thanks alot 🙂 ) and I found the goldcard.img and sappimg.nbh that worked for me in the past. But when I try it now it says “CID incorrect”.
    Anybody know what the problem is?

    PS: I have a HTC Magic 32a (proximus)

  • Ant1

    i cant seem to OTA update to froyo after de branding my VODA uk with a HTC RUU 2.03 is this a gold card issue?? i get an error about wrong CID status 7??

    also when i do adb shell # getprop ro.cid its telling me that my cid is VODAP001 weird because with this tutorial method i get a long stip of numbers and letters! .. im on my last hope , some one plz help

  • Leith51

    step 6 gave me a random number step 7 then rejected the cid

  • Smoke3m

    aww now when i plug in the usb with my phone and computer it cant install it anyone know how to fix it or is it gf 4GB microSD ? 🙁

  • Hermanto Adi

    THANKS A Lot for theunlockr.com
    Great Tutorial….!!!!

  • nnami

    can u tell me the second memory card that worked for you,(i couldnt hear u), the dont sell kingston memory cards in Minnesota
    and i tried using a samsung and sandisk memory card, but it didnt work

  • Ray S 25th

    In The HEX Program Its Not Letting Me Paste Write

    • Ben

      You’ve probably opened it as read only. When you open the file, make sure you untick the “open as read only” box.

  • Xhenon16

    how come mine doesn’t shoe up that number after the cat /sys/ part..

  • Fe2o3xh2o

    the site http://hexrev.soaa.me/ says nothing has been added yet

  • Densun

    Nothing at the Website at step 6 = I’m stuck

    • Thanks for letting me know, updating the procedure as we speak.

  • Hi,
    i’v got a problem getting the number from the command

    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid

    then i have an error: file not found

    In some guides i found to use another number in the path as

    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid

    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc2/mmc2:*/cid

    This 2 commands give me 2 different number, can i use them to generate the gold card?
    What does it mean mmc1 / mmc0 or mmc2 ?


    • CosmoS

      I got the same problem

      No such file or directory…

  • After few hours of fighting with HTC i finally downgraded it.
    First if You still have problem with some steps. Use HTC Sync instead of CHARGE MODE ONLY.
    If Bootloader don’t find files to downgrade, format Your SD card in Windows using FAT32 mode. Don’t format Your card using the phone after.
    MOST IMPORTANT – step 6 is wrong completly
    if your mmc0 or mmc2 number looks like this
    correct ‘reversed’ number is
    00544d5107943247039c7d22bd002653 because 02 must be replaced by 00
    good luck

    • Bryanskinner1980

      Thx you are a hero!!!!!

    • That doesn’t make sense. Where are you getting the string of numbers? The ones you typed out are not reversed, and you didn’t specify how you came up with that string of numbers. Unsure about this. Please advise. Thanks. 🙂

      • Francesco Montalto

        the mmc# returns a string of hex digits (simply put one hex character is two ascii characters long). In order to reverse this you would use two characters at a time. Therefore for example A2HB reversed would be HBA2 and A2HBG117 reveresed would be 17G1HBA2. Now just follow this pattern and you’ll see it works. That is if anyone is still having issues.

    • Robmoore808

      I even bought the kingston 2 gig and have tried making the gold card about 5 times now.  I know the CID code i’m using is correct too because I figured it out myself, double checked with the online reverser and used the gold card helper ap on my phone.  Every time I attempt to make it, I check it after and it tells me I need to reformat.  What am I possibly doing wrong? Im pulling my hair out.

  • Nathan Jensen

    I have went through the procedure for 3 diffrent Sd cards and seems to work flawlessly but once i put the sappimg.zip on the new goldcard and reboot holding down volume down and power on my mytouch 3g its trying to install the sappimg.zip then i get model ID incorrect! everytime with each card.. what could i be doing wrong here.??

  • Nathan Jensen

    I have went through the procedure for 3 diffrent Sd cards and seems to work flawlessly but once i put the sappimg.zip on the new goldcard and reboot holding down volume down and power on my mytouch 3g its trying to install the sappimg.zip then i get model ID incorrect! everytime with each card.. what could i be doing wrong here.??

  • Htc lover

    I need help !!
    When I take out my memory card the phone will freeze, and I want to sell my phone without the memory card.
    Can you please help me !

    • Memo1994

      i have this problem too

      can som1 help us..chers

  • C.

    To those who still receive “28002 not allow”, the method of reversing the code here is not corret.
    You need to reverse IN PAIRS, for example:
    ab cd ef -> ef cd ab

    And you don’t need to replace the first two letters with 00. Tested and works on my German G1, DRC92, Android 1.6

  • zane

    hi , i seem to have gotten stuck at part 4(2) , when u type in the detail to get the code down . i have typed in everything word by word more than ones and it still is giving me the same message after pushing enter which is”no such file or directory”. pls pls could give advice on what to do next?need to Cid but

  • Antwan25

    so use a separate sd card for this? not your personal one?

  • Gigabyte056

    I wonder if someone can help me,
    I have a HTC touch 32A with 1.33.0013 and radio
    My issue is the phone will not connect using USB and detect via ADB, only fastboot works but then I get the issue with it being locked to fast boot image.
    whatever version of SAPPIMG I find gives me workng model number nand because I cannot for the life of me connect via USB I cant create a Goldcard.

    Please help

  • top thread!

  • njami

    One, maybe stupid question…
    Can i use gold card as my regular sd card, because i don’t have another, or i need to reverse process on gold card somehow? (need to know that before i root my phone) 🙂

  • Xilerulez

    my kingston 4gb wont work whats the difference

  • Snip
  • Guest

    it works well for me

  • Antonimo

    paste write with the background soundtrack was very dramatic =)

  • Gertjan Moens

    Works fine with a sandisk 2Gb card, thanks!

  • Woggyboy76

    can someone help me ? in cmd im all good right up to device number found after that i type in adb shell thats ok as well then i type after $ sign the whole words with the space after cat then comes up with no file or directory found. i done everything like use usbdeview and PDAnet as well nothing really bugging me please help

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  • Guest

    Pro tip:  go to android market, and DL “gold card helper”  its free and pulls the CID, reverses it and has a link under menu button to enter it into the website that generates the goldcard.img file.

    Also, I overlooked this.  When opening the SD card in the Hex Editor, Notice this guide says open the PHYSICAL DISK in bold…  repeatedly editing the LOGICAL drive was frustrating for me.  🙂

    • Buythismobile

      GOLD CARD HELPER is not available anymore on the market ?

      Thanks for info about where I could find it.

  • Raoufrai

    $ cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    $ 123456544620324700177074d300b6ea
    123456544620324700177074d300b6ea: permission denied
    what is the solution for this “permission denied”

  • Ervinssteinbergs

    The sistem cannot find the path specified. ??? What is that??

  • Evanetti

    After I’ve entered the command
    cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc1/mmc1:*/cid
    I get the response “No such file or directory”

    All the previous steaps have been correct

    Please help

  • Redbook55

    hi peeps,

    can i downgrade and root my dhd without gold card?
    coz my dhd is unbranded

  • Kiv1013

    Что за фигня в 6 пункте ? там написано что код надо записать наоборот , а по видео полный разброс цифр не по порядку , без прослеживания логической цепочки 

  • Buythismobile




    I am now installing SDK and it’s super slow, is it normal ? (downloading a lot).

    After having made a Goldcard, do you know which ROM i could install on HTC WILDFIRE S (Marvel phone, NOT Buzz which is wildfire WITHOUT S).

    Thank you for your help.



  • Ratchaneehemphan

    Excellent tut. Must read “very carefully”. Hit a couple of hurdles but re-read and everything worked.
    A couple of points that may help someone. I was using a HTC Wildfire and Windows 7 laptop

    No need to go and buy a USB sd card. It does work by leaving your memory card in the phone.
    1. Have the cable connected to the phone
    2. Unmount the memory card using the phone
    3. Format the memory card using the phone.
    4. re-mount the memory card using the phone
    5. It will show up on the computer as a Removable drive. (if not unplug USB and plug in again”
    6. I re-formatted the drive using the computer to do the format (Not sure this was needed)

    When trying to obtain the CID of the phone using the AndroidSDK. Have notepad open and cut and paste between the black “cmd” box and notepad. The “edit – mark – copy” facility is available by clicking on the the top left corner of the black “cmd” box.

    When using HexEdit.
    1. Must open HexEdit as administrator (Easy to forget this)
    2. Open the “disk” and not the “file” “Removable drive”. Once “Removable Drive” selected “un-click” the “read only” focus. Another one I kept forgetting to do.

    Apart from that….Bob’s your uncle!

  • Edwinwillmore

    The faster way to get ur CID is coping ur sdk to ur sd card and download terminal from the market and use cat /sys/class/mmc_host/mmc0/mmc0:*/cid and u will get ur sd card number. write it down! thats wat i did and it worked for me now i got my gold card very easy..

  • Hoon Jung

    you should clarify how to reverse the cid numbers cuz it was hard to figure out

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  • A.T

    hey man what’s all of this i did my sd as a gold card in less than a minute just d/l the gold card program then use the button to create CID after that go to the site and enter your CID and they gonna send you your image by mail through the program locate the image and then press patch to patch your sd that’s all now u got a gold card cheers 🙂

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  • Justin Bussell

    This is what happend

  • Anonymous

    Goldcard generetor says “error: no MMC card found” …does this mean i can skip the goldcard step?

  • Anonymous

    Good tutorial so far for me, but is there any other way to get a goldcard than the psas.revskills.de site? It says “page not found.” Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

  • Andrew Kumnick

    Having trouble, the PSAS site is reading with an error of the CID being to short ???

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  • vic

    I think I’m doing something wrong? I can’t even get past adb devices. . . also on the sdk manager log it keeps saying access denied and skipping things I select to download?

  • Sidnoi

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the tutorial.  I got this:

    “Copying tools”
    1616 KB/s (0 bytes in 698452.000s)
    432 KB/s (0 bytes in 76044.000s)
    1575 KB/s (0 bytes in 655360.000s)
    “Freeing primary PERM linker”
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/*, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse, No such file or directory
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/, No such file or directory
    cannot create /data/DxDrm/fuse: directory nonexistent
    Unable to chmod /data/DxDrm/fuse: No such file or directory
    “Freeing secondary PERM linker”
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm/fuse/, No such file or directory
    rmdir failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    link failed Permission denied
    “Rebooting to normal mode to unlock CHMOD links”
    rmdir failed for /data/dontpanic, Permission denied
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    link failed File exists
    link failed Permission denied
    “Rebooting to normal mode to downgrade ROM”
    /dev/mtd/mtd0: Permission denied
    cr–rw—-    1 1001     2002      90,   0 Nov 20 11:34 /dev/mtd/mtd0
    error writing misc: Permission denied
    “Freeing links”
    rm failed for /data/DxDrm, No such file or directory
    rm failed for /data/dontpanic, Permission denied

    Does this mean I have done something wrong?

    Thanks in  advance

  • Anonymous

    Another way of doing it in *nixes is using dd issuing the following command  
    dd if=goldcard.img of=/dev/sd· bs=1 count=368 conv=notrunc

    Where · is your SD card.

    ·· Be careful to avoid wiping your hard drive 🙂 ··

  • Daithi Cork

    Use http://hexrev.soaa.me/ to properly reverse the CID!

  • John Jones

    Hi all, I hope someone can help as I have noticed that it’s been a while since someone wrote on here.
    I’m trying to get my goldcard img, but it don’t ask for your email so where does it go? When I put my CID code in then the code as you see at the bottom click Download Goldcard it vanishes to “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” but if I refresh the page it states “The goldcard image has been downloaded !” but to where? I even given some money  (Donated) for the codes but still nothing! I even checked all my mail accounts and nothing so what is wrong? I can’t even find the join link so I can put my email in but still nothing. Have I done something wrong? I’m using W7 if that is any help.

  • John Jones

    Don’t Worry about it I did it on another W7 pc and it worked. so thanks for looking. 🙂

    • Mohandes2k

      could u help me to download goldcard.img?
      my CID no. : 00a700b1019800204247324453323441
      my email mohandes2k@yahoo:disqus thanks.com

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  • Mohandes2k

    i could not get goldcard.img from the site, it needs registered account, and i have not, could you help me?!!!
    my CID is :00a700b1019800204247324453323441
    my email address: mohandes2k@yahoo:disqus Thanks.com

  • Ashneil Roy

    I like to use 
    http://www.string-functions.com/reverse.aspx to reverse the string

  • Tim42j

    hi, so i got this gold card and it will help me downgrade my wildfire 000 2……but how do i use it?  what is next (unrevoked3 won’t help if you have the htc above)

  •  When I type adb devices in Candroid-sdktools, I get this message ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. HELP!

    • PENG

      Use candroid-sdkplatform-tools

      Remember to put the “fastboot.exe” in the platform-tools folder then.