How To: Load a Custom ROM on the Samsung Behold 2 (Using Odin)

I Before You Begin

1. You MUST do our How To Root the Samsung Behold 2 procedure then come to this one to load a ROM.

II. Download the ROM and ODIN Flasher and Flash the ROM

1. Download the ODIN Flasher and Original Behold 2 .md5 file. Unzip the file somewhere on your computer.

ODIN Flasher and Original Firmware

2. Download an ODIN ROM from our Samsung Behold 2 ROMs section and save it to your computer. Extract the files inside the zip folder somewhere on your computer.

3. Open the Odin Mult Download program.

4. Under Select OPS, Choose the Behold_Partiton.ops from the ODIN Flasher file we just downloaded.

5. Click PDA, then choose the .md5 file in ROM .zip file you downloaded (there is another md5 file that came with the ODIN Flasher, this is to get back to stock so do NOT load it right now, load the custom one you downloaded second instead).

6. Turn off your phone

7. Plug it in via USB cable.

8. While it is plugged in and off, press and hold Volume Down, OK, and Power. Keep holding until it says Download Mode on the phone.

9. Click Start in the Odin Multi Downloader program.

10. Wait for it to flash, all done!

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  • Lam

    Any idea how long it takes to download a Custom ROM to the device? Thanks.

    • Sinisalligot

      I’m obviously retarded cus wtf r u guys talkin about? I’m trying to learn the simple complete what u call a noob I guess n I got the behold 2 1.6 n ready to toss it. Have no idea what rooting is no matter how many forums I read so guess I’m stuck with constant foreclosing open home lite. By the way…dl skyfire for a browser if u have issues with or want to watch flash videos!

      • Sinisalligot

        All I want is my phone to do what was promised to us all which is a upgrade much higher than 1.6 which blows when the guy next to you is rockin out a sweet galaxy or g2. Oh n dl music online lite (hard to find, must dl androidpit first to even find it) I guess its a music dl’er that litterly rapes ANY competition away!!! Is there anyone that can speak lamous so I can try this rooting deal?!

        Please HELP!!! I gave what info I only know which I hope helps out one of you! Your truly…..the FAWKIN SUPER NOOOB!!!

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  • Daniel

    It doesn’t show on downloader box as you say on video..
    com 6 or something like that…
    What did I do wrong?
    I did follow the procedure you show on the video but it doesn’t…
    is this downloading right now?
    I have no idea..
    do I have to debug check off and samsung pc studio check off before I do this procedure?

  • john

    Will this work on windows 7 64 bit?? or a Mac OS X???

  • gaurav

    When i try to load a custom ROM everything goes right until i plug in my phone!?!?!
    My phone is off, i plug it in, and then press down the buttons to download mode, and then it says cannot find “gadget serial” driver???
    I’ve tried researching for fixes but couldnt find any!!!
    HELP!!! PLZZ!!!

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  • Justin

    It worked! Thank you so much for posting this here!

  • Jason

    After about two days of trying I finally got 1.6 installed. However, when I go to open my gallery I am always getting a force close.
    I downloaded eugene373 pda from the list of links you provided. Just wondering if anyone might know how to fix this. Thank you. Otherwise, I love it.

    • Matt

      If you use Eugenes final Rom (Galaxy 1.6), then you need to add a folder to your root called SD…this fixed the gallery issue for me.

  • Jason

    I just rooted my phone and installed 1.6 on my behold 2 and noticed a lot of problems. My Bluetooth is not connecting, service seems to be very limited and other things, if any one has any suggestions, I would be grateful. I really don’t want to go buy a new phone right now. I just got this one.

  • stevenr

    ive loaded a custom rom on my behold 2 now i want to flash another can i do so and also now when i plug my phone into my computer it dose not register in the odin downloader

  • Thomas

    Will rooting the BH2 and installing a custom rom allow it to play youtube?
    I just got a BH2 from a co-worker for my wife and it’s nice, but most youtube videos will not play. There are other bugs such as applications not working till I kill all apps or re-boot.

    Will installing a custom rom allow all the youtube video’s to play like they do on the ipod?
    Will a custom rom be less buggy? Like a message appears about not working and force close on a few apps.

    Rooting the device seems a cool thing to do, but really not worth it if youtube and other apps won’t play better.

  • Reap3r89

    Quick question. Did everything you did and it worked so awesome job :D. But the problem was that my myfaves disappeared and i was wonder if you know of a rom that supports it or possibly a way that i can get them back on that rom that you showed.

    • Reap3r89,

      You can Google for the myfaves.apk and download and install it to get it back.
      But just so you know, you don’t need the myfaves app to get the calls free, they are free regardless. You just have to changed them by logging in to MyTMobile at

  • Reap3r89


    I know that Myfaves are still in my account and they wont charge me for those minutes. But I just like that interface and most of the people I talk or text are the people in my myfavs. And i would like to try installing the myfaves.apk can you point me in the right direction on how to set it up and install it?

  • Reap3r89

    Forgot to add. Do you know any other reliable places where i can get different roms that are stable and safe?

  • Joseph

    I rooted and flashed BH_man’s tweaked 1.5 release. This was before the BH2 got the 1.6 update. Once i heard it came out i came back to Flash a new 1.6 version. I used Microhax’s rom. Everthing seemed to be moving smoothly just like the first time but the power went out midway on me. I did a hard reset on the phone after and tried again, nothing. It keeps getting stuck on the “System” download. Any suggestions. Can i even get it back to stock? The phone won’t even turn on normally at this point.

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  • donut

    hello.. I’m from the philippines and i have this behold 2.. I have it unlocked at one cellphone shop here.. Question: Will it be sim locked to TMOBILE again if I flash a new ROM? thanks

    • Alex_aac14

      i dont think flashing new roms would reverse the unlocking….btw how are u able to use that phone there?

      • donut


  • Iceman3k

    The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable. from MEGAUPLOAD for odin flasher

    • Thanks for letting me know will fix asap.

  • Adeel

    i have behold 2 1.6 i have problem of bluetooth i cant send anything plz tell me which rom fix my bluetooth i will thanksful to u…..?????? i am waiting for reply
    thanks in advance….?????? or any idea how i fix this..????????

  • Adeel

    i have behold 2 1.6 i have problem of bluetooth i cant send anything plz tell me which rom fix my bluetooth i will thanksful to u…..?????? i am waiting for reply
    thanks in advance….?????? or any idea how i fix this..????????

    • with the samsung behold 2 you cant send things all the time if anythingto go to t mobile for help

  • Punit

    I have recently purchase a Samsung behold 2 and the phone wont boot it is stuck on the Samsung logo and the screen goes black can some one please help – skype – photoshopmagic

  • Bekuna

    gggggreat tutorial !
    works very well !

  • Christian Silva

    When I enter download mode, and I click start on the Odin Multi Downloader, it stays on download mode forever and won’t reboot. (Yes, I have my behold off, before doing the procedure and I also have it connected.)

  • Marthryu

    but one question I did what was in the video but my cell is with android 1.5 and I can not take it to 2.1?

  • Gonzalezarmando16

    When I enter download mode, and I click start on the Odin Multi Downloader,it says connect phones

  • The_dancing_penguin

    how long does it take because it loaded for 2 days and still said download mode.