How To: Unroot the Samsung Behold 2

I Before You Begin

1. You MUST do our How To Root the Samsung Behold 2 procedure then come to this one to load a ROM.

II. Download the ROM and ODIN Flasher and Flash the ROM

1. Download the ODIN Flasher and Original Behold 2 .md5 file. Unzip the file somewhere on your computer.

ODIN Flasher and Original Firmware

2. Open the Odin Mult Download program.

3. Under Select OPS, Choose the Behold_Partiton.ops from the ODIN Flasher file we just downloaded.

4. Click PDA, then choose the T939UVIJ6-PDA-CL81521-REV1.tar.md5 file in the ODIN .zip file you downloaded.

5. Turn off your phone

6. Plug it in via USB cable.

7. While it is plugged in and off, press and hold Volume Down, OK, and Power. Keep holding until it says Download Mode on the phone.

8. Click Start in the Odin Multi Downloader program.

9. Wait for it to flash, all done!

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