How To: Install Preware on the Palm Pre (Install Root Required Apps, Themes, Patches, and Tweaks)

I. Before You Begin

1. This should work on all Palm Pre’s. Regardless of whether they are GSM, Sprint, or Verizon. Please let us know if this works or doesn’t work for you Palm Pre and what carrier you are using it on! Thanks!

2. THIS IS TECHNICALLY NOT GAINING ROOT ACCESS VIA COMMAND LINE. IT IS HOW TO INSTALL PREWARE. Preware allows you to install any root required app though, and since that is the main reason for rooting a device this procedure has superseded gaining root access via command line.

II. Download the Necessary Files

1. Click here to check that you have the latest version of Java installed on your computer. If you don’t please install it from that page.

2. Click here to download the latest WebOS Doctor for your carrier (do NOT install it yet, just download it). *If you have an unbranded Palm Pre, install the UK version of WebOS Doctor.


III. Put Your Device In Developer Mode

1. Open the Universal Search Box on your phone.

2. Type in it the following and you should be presented with the Developer Mode Enabler:


3. Click on the Developer Mode Enabler and turn it on.

4. It will ask you to reset the device, click that and wait for the device to reboot (nothing is deleted it is simply rebooting).

5. Once it reboots, connect your phone to the computer via USB cable, and select Just Charge on the phone when prompted.

IV. Use WebOS Quick Install to Install PreWare

1. Double click the WebOSQuickInstall.jar file you downloaded (it will only let you double click it if you have the latest version of Java installed).

2. Click on the Blue Down Arrow (third button down on the right) in the WebOS Quick Install program.

3. Choose WebOS Internal Feeds (All) from the dropdown list at the top.

4. Then Select Package Manager Service from the list. (*If WebOS Quick Install offers to install this automatically, decline it! And continue as written).

5. Then Select Preware.

6. Click Download.

7. Click Close.

8. Click Install.

9. Reboot the phone by opening the keyboard and holding down Orange, Sym, and R until the phone reboots.

10. Once it reboots, open Preware from the launcher and begin downloading, root required apps, themes, patches etc! Even WiFi tethering is in there 🙂 Enjoy!

V. (Optional) Organize Preware

1. Open Preware and click the Preware button at the top left of the app.

2. Then select Preferences

3. Then goto the Main Scene section and check Show Available Types to Yes.

4. Make sure everything underneath it in the Main Scene section is Yes, EXCEPT for Show Other Types, select No for that.

5. Now you Preware is organized into apps, themes, and patches/tweaks. Enjoy!

Reported Issues:

Issue: Quick Install says it cannot find the device.

Solution: Make sure Developer Mode is enabled…

Issue: It says I installed Preware, but I can’t see it in my Launcher.

Solution: Double click the WebOS Doctor .jar file while the phone is plugged in via USB cable (Charging Only Mode) and this will wipe  the phone and put it to out of box state. Then try this procedure again.

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