Hummingbird Chipset vs Snapdragon Chipset


Samsung loves to talk about how their 1ghz Hummingbird chipset blows similar 1ghz processor chipsets out of the water (like the Snapdragon). Well, someone with a Samsung Galaxy S (running a Hummingbird chipset) and an HTC Desire (running a 1ghz Snapdragon chipset) decided to put that to the test by running Quake on both devices. Take a look at the video below for the results.

So the Hummingbird definitely wins here, looks like Samsung wasn’t kidding.
Regardless, I can’t help but wonder how having Android 2.2 on both devices would help them both even further…

UPDATE: Regardless of whether this is testing the GPUs or the processors or any other part of the chipsets, we can all agree that any phone you buy at the moment with a Snapdragon inside will perform the same in comparison to a Hummingbird inside, right?


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