How To: Root the HTC Incredible (Unrevoked Method) Updated 09.20.10!

I. Before You Begin

1. This is the easiest method available to root.

2. This method will also flash a custom recovery image so you can start flashing ROMs immediately.

3. On your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Programs > and Uninstall HTC Sync if it is installed before you continue.

II. Root and Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the Unrevoked Rooting App Unrevoked (Updated 09.20.10)

2. Double click the Unrevoked program you downloaded. If using Windows, then click on the file that appears called Hboot Driver and follow it’s instructions to install the modified HBoot drivers OR click here and download the drivers and install them manually.

3. Follow ALL of the instructions on that how to install the hboot drivers page. (If your phone doesn’t have an option for HBoot USB though, Hboot is fine)

4. Once the driver program is successfully installed (and your phone should be sitting in Hboot mode at the end of that procedure), take out the battery and put it back in then hit the power button to get it back to the normal home screen.

5. On your computer, right click the Reflash file and run as administrator. It should open Unrevoked and say “waiting for device”.

6. On your phone, click Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON.

7. Plug in your phone into your computer via usb cable.

8. It should automatically locate your phone that is plugged in and you can just follow the prompts to continue.

9. Done! You are rooted and have a custom recovery image!

III. (Optional) Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to our How To Load a Custom ROM on the HTC Incredible procedure. Big thanks to the Unrevoked Team!

  • Travis

    When running this it reboots my phone then my computer dies as it reboots. I have tried different ports and have done this multiple times

  • Postedc

    when i ran unrevoked and plug in my htc incredible s it says htc vivo is not yet supported at this time how come?

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  • Jason Whitesmith

    I held down volume down and power button for ever and it never did boot into HBOOT, what am I missing?

  • Jason Whitesmith

    On a side note, I found out why I couldn’t boot into HBOOT, there is a function called FastBoot in settings that actually prevents you from booting into it.  I fixed that, but now I get the same error everyone else gets Error: failed to get root. Is your firmware too new?.  I am running Android 2.3.4, I honestly have no idea if that is too new.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    I have succeed install Android ADB Interface to my Laptop (32 bit – windows7 OS) but when run Reflash_package, the program does nothing :” Waiting for device, put in phone now…….” (my HTC Incredible has already connected to Laptop )
    Someone gives me advice pls ? I had carefully read thread from XDA forum !

  • Rob36

    I Have Droid Incredible. An i followed all the steps to root my phone. The software did upload an everything. But When i want to reboot my phone, it goes to black screen with white bars on the side. Same thing as this person had problems with Is my phone screwed? Or is there a fix to this?

  • Xscionboy

    I have problem .. what does failed root. is firmware too new ? I have 2.3.4 android on my droid incredible help please thanks

  • Herien07

    it say vivo not support this time…

  • Kfmcdonal

    Ditto: (“Error: failed to get root. Is your  firmware too new?”)
    Running Droid HTC Incredible version 2.3.4
    Windows XP

    I’m pretty sure i’ve done everything else right. I believe that unrevoked can’t root this version. Any suggestions??

  • lados

    i’m using incredible s…try to boot my phone to Hboot menu by holding power & volume down button…but why my phone keep started like normal?can someone help me pls…

  • lados

    I try to root my incredible S…but i’m stuck at “recovery reflash tool” (waiting for device…) Help me pls…

    My phone running ver 2.3.5…

  • lados

    It prompt me “Device ‘vivo’ not supported at this time”

    What it mean?Any suggestions?Help me pls…

  • Anonymous

    Follow all the steps…but stuck at recovery reflash tools…it prompt me “Device ‘vivo’ not supported this time”…Help me pls.I’m using incredible s (2.3.5)…