How To: Load a Custom ROM on the Motorola Backflip

I. Before You Begin

1. You must have done our How To Root procedure.

II. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Download the custom recovery image .zip file and extract it to the tools folder of your AndroidSDK on your computer.

Backflip Recovery (Updated 9.18.10)

2. Plug the phone in via USB cable and make sure USB Debugging is checked ON still from the rooting procedure.

2. Open a command prompt on your computer by clicking on the start menu and typing cmd and hitting enter in the search box.

3. In the command prompt type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd c:\androidsdk\tools
adb push recovery.img /sdcard/recovery.img
adb shell
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img

4. Now that the new recovery has been flashed, we are going to make sure the old recovery doesn’t get put back. In the command prompt type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
cd system
rm recovery.img

III. Load a Custom ROM

1. Head over to Google and search for Backflip ROMs section and download the ROM you want to flash.

2. Plug in the phone to the computer and mount the sd card (so we can transfer files to it).

3. Copy the ROM’s .zip file from the computer to the root of the sdcard (NOT inside any folders just on the sdcard itself. Do NOT extract the .zip file, leave it zipped).

4. Once it is done transferring, unplug the phone and turn it off.

5. Turn the phone back on by holding down Camera Button and Power and keep holding it until it says to let go. Then click Volume Down for the recovery screen to come up.

6. Select Wipe Data and do a wipe.

7. Then select Apply Zip and select the ROM file you just saved to the sdcard.

8. Once it is done flashing, select reboot now and wait a while for it to reboot. Once done, you are on your custom ROM.

9. To switch to a different ROM, simply redo Section III only with a different ROM file.

  • andy

    the link to the recovery image doesnt work out

  • Williamf117

    ATTENTION EVERYONE: I had the “CAN NOT LINK EXECUTABLE” issue, and I finally solved it, the issue was caused due to an “su” and “superuser.apk” that would not work in the Android 2.1 version, here is the download link to the Su and Superuser.apk for the Backflip owners that have Android 2.1 and have the “Cannot link executable” issue. Just change the su and superuser.apk inside the file you will download for the ones you had previously, root again, and you should load a ROM using the method described in this site, or using ROM MANAGER. Thanks, hope it is useful.

  • Allrockedout1

    after i typed flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img it sais permission denied any help?

  • Anhad Arora

     @TheUnlockr:disqus , i ve completed all the steps correctly bt when it comes to replacing the recovery img, it says permission denied..!!! help!!

  • anon

    This tutorial should point out that you need to rename  whatever the zip of your custom rom is called to “”. I didn’t know and almost bricked my phone, since there was no way to rename it and recovery wasn’t working 90% of the times I tried it.

  • Nick

    I have a Telus Backflip, I loaded the rom and now i’m stuck in a boot loop….any suggestions?

  • Juancarlos_guerrero08

    on the last step when i type rm recovery.img it says rm failed for recovery.img, no such file or directory…. what do i do?? please help..

    • Joey

      Use the Root Explorer
      Copy The Recovery.img File To The System Folder

  • Bml4356

    OMG thanks!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Thebhargavv

    Thank you So much, you are my hero….

  • Mr.B

    I have rooted with Cyanogenmod7.2; I have a problem with Wifi it does not connect and keeps scanning…. Phone: Motorola XT5 — (Z71 Variant).

    please help me out to resolve this problem

    Thanks in advance


  • when i press camera and power button and hold them it apears an blue screen with Bootloader usb init on thhe bottom, what can i do to solve this?

    • Joey

       i got the same problem

      • Joey

        got it
        you dont have to hold the camera button (Or press it at all)
        turn on the phone normally and when motorola mark apears hold both volume keys

  • V_lo

    megaupload is down, is there any way to get this with the su probblem?

  • Yadavalinandakishore

    after typing su im given a message that permission denied