How To: Load a Custom ROM on the Samsung Galaxy Tab

I. Before You Begin

1. You must have done our How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image procedure first.

II. Flash a ROM

1. Head to our ROMs section and select your device from the list to be presented with all our different ROMs for your specific device.

2. Choose one and download it to your computer (do NOT extract it).

3. Plug in your device via USB cable and mount the SD card so we can transfer files to it.

4. Copy the ROM file over to the root of the SD card (NOT in any folders, jut on the SD card itself).

5. Boot the device in to recovery mode.

6. Once in recovery mode, select Nandroid > Backup and make a backup of your device.

7. Once the backup is done, then click Wipe Data /Factory Reset.

8. Then select Choose .zip from SD Card and select the ROM you just put on the SD card and wait for it to flash.

9. Once it is done, click reboot system now and enjoy!

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  • Levijohns

    is the for the galaxy tab? what recovery is available for the tab? i thought there was no custom roms available for the tab?? this is very confusing?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks so much for these tutorials.

    You Rock!!!

  • salron

    can some one please help. i have a samsung tab. i tried to load a rom, half way through i went to the toilet and my lil bro took out the sd card so before i installed the rom. so i rebooted the device and now it freezes on boot and in recovery mode it wont mount the sd card what can i do it’s frozen when it gets to the samsung boot up screen

  • Arjasso

    the cdma samsung galaxy tab link is broken (blank webpage)

  • Jason

    I encounter a ‘nothing found’ page when i click on the ‘how to flash custom recovery image’ hyperlink. Please assist.

  • Harry

    I was pointed to you guys first because I heard you guys know what your doing, I did “how to root the samsung galaxy tab” then finished “how to flash a custom recovery image on the samsung galaxy tab” and now I am stuck on the “how to load a custom rom on the samsung galaxy tab” Everything has gone swimmingly and without a hitch thus far however, I pull up to step 4 of loading a custom rom and it smacks me in the face and laughs, because for some reason when I go to mount my Tab it won’t stay mounted for more than 30 seconds and then my computer thinks its unmounted.   My Tab says it still is, and I have to manually press the unmount button and try again, but this time I think ive gotten smart, and try and sneak the file onto my sd card real quick, but no, WHAM another blow to the face and it tells me my sd card is somehow now “write-protected” .  So I start the several hour trek to research this problem, and found lots of people are talking about it but not a lot know how to fix it, I’ve read it was a kernel problem and read that its not, I read it was the drivers on the computer, and a bunch of other stuff but no real problem-fixing solutions.  Can someone give me a step by step rundown on how to fix it, This would make my year

    Thank you

  • Weatherston Alan

    just flashed the overcome rom and it overwrote the recovery image. as well i am getting an error when my tab boots up a female voice says an error. boots seemingly fine but the wifi is not connecting. and i do not have data for it.