How To: Root the Nook Color (AutoNooter Method)

I. Before You Begin – IMPORTANT!

1. You MUST have an external SD card reader, do NOT use the NOOKColor instead.

2. You must have a Gmail account and a YouTube account that is linked to that Gmail account (furthermore, if you used the gmail email to create your Barnes & Noble account, it must be the same Gmail that is linked to the YouTube account as well).

3. You MUST be on firmware version 1.0.1 or 1.1.0 (1.0.0 will not work). Check your firmware version by clicking on the Arrow button then Settings then Device Info then About Your NOOKColor and you’ll see software version. If it says 1.0.1 or 1.1.0 you can continue, just use the appropriate file for your firmware version

Thanks to GabrialDestruir for all his awesome work on creating the AutoNooter program. Please donate to him or just let him know if you appreciate his work!
Here is his original post on the Autonooter app!

Thanks to GMPower for AutoNooter 3.0.0. Please donate to him or just let him know if you appreciate his work!
Here is his original post on the Autonooter app!

II. Root the Nook Using AutoNooter

1. Download the AutoNooter file for your software version –

1.0.1AutoNooter 2.12.25

1.1.1AutoNooter 3.0.0

2. Unzip/Extract it somewhere on your computer.

3. Download WinImage (the program we will use to write the img file to the sd card) from here.

4. Take your MicroSD card and put it into an external sd card reader then plug that into your computer.

5. Open WinImage and select Disk > Restore Virtual Hard Disk Image on Physical Drive and select the SD Card/SD Card Reader and then select the AutoNooter .img file that we unzipped earlier and wait for it to finish.

6. Turn off the Nook Color.

7. Once it is off, take out the MicroSD card and put it into the NOOKColor, don’t turn on the NOOKColor.

8. Plug the NOOKColor into the computer via the USB cable (this will cause it to boot up).

9. Wait and your NOOKColor will reboot when it is finished.

III. Setup the NOOKColor

1. Once it boots up, follow the prompts BUT select Skip for Sign In.

2. After you do that, select Enable Location Services and then continue.

3. Once at the home screen, connect to WiFi and then launch YouTube from the Extras tab.

4. Click Menu (the button to the right of the Up Arrow) then select My Channel and login with your GMail account (see the Before You Begin for more details).

5. Exit YouTube and go to GMail in the Extras tab.

6. Sign in to GMail and sync your Google account (again using the same GMail that you used for YouTube) then exit (it’s ok if it failed to sync).

7. Now open the Market and accept the terms and conditions. If that works, download an app and see if it works.

IV. Reformat the SD Card Back to Normal

1. On the NOOKColor, go to Settings then Device Info then SD Card then click Unmount and then Format. Once it is done, it will remount the SD card and you will be good to go!

V. (Optional) Load a Custom Recovery Image and/or Custom ROM

1. After you have finished this procedure, head over to our How To: Load a Custom ROM on the Nook Color procedure to flash a custom recovery image and then learn how to flash ROMs.

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