How To Root the T-Mobile G2X


So you have your shiny new T-Mobile G2X and you’re already bored with it, wish it was a little faster, and/or want to get rid of all the software that happened to come on it that you’ll never use (T-Mobile Mail? Really?!). No problem. All you have to do is root it and all that can be yours. Read below for how to root the T-Mobile G2x. (Also be sure to head to the next procedure to flash a recovery image and the procedure after that to flash a custom ROM to get the most out of your new device!).

I. Install the Drivers

1. Download and install the drivers required for the G2X (hosted by

G2X Drivers

II. Root Using the SuperOneClick procedure.

1. Head to our How To Root Your Android Phone (SuperOneClick Method) procedure and follow the instructions in Section II only (download the program, run it, and click root).

2. Done!

III. (Optional) Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1. Now that you have root, head to our How To Flash a Custom Recovery Image for the G2X to start getting into the really fun stuff.

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