Android Market gets revamped, now offers Movies and Books

Google has now updated the Android Market with a brand new look – gone is the wavy design that we were so used to all these days.  Taking a leaf out of WP7’s UI, the Market now goes for a tiled look to give access to more content at once than the previously vertically scrolling interface was able to.  Users can now side-swipe to move between categories, with new categories now consisting of apps endorsed by the Google editors and staff.

The Market also offers access to books and movies within the app, which is a significant change from before when users were able to access reading material from the Books app and the Videos app was altogether absent from smartphones, limited only to tablets with Honeycomb. Users can rent movies starting at $1.99 to watch them streaming or download them to their devices in their own time.  This part of the Market is current limited to United States, but there are definite plans to roll this feature out gradually to other countries.

Currently, all you have to do is wait for the app to update itself, which should happen in the coming weeks, according to Google.  The only requisition to obtain it seems to be Android 2.2, which would mean most of the current Android devices will get it some time soon.


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  • Tyler Torres

    this looks awesome!

  • I’m still waiting for my market update for my Sensation 4G.

  • kyle

    its lame i uninstalled it..all my installed apps were gone