iOS App: Songify

Have you ever heard Antoine Dodson’s Bedroom Intruder song or the famous Double Rainbow song on Youtube? Ever thought it would be cool to make up your own song that sounded like these? Well, now you can with a new app called Songify which turns your speech into music.



  • Really simple to use, great layout and design
  • Sharing songs with friends is very easy with tight Facebook and Twitter integration


  • The app records your speech as soon as you tap the record button
  • Speech analysis only takes a few seconds depending on the length of your recording
  • The songs sound pretty good considering your recording with a phone mic and the app uses your speech

Top Features

  • The ability to hear songs from other users is fun and adds more value to the app
  • There are a number of good beats and styles to choose from
  • Facebook and Twitter integration


  • The app is currently free in the Apple Appstore
  • You get 3 free beats and then it’s $0.99 for each one
  • A very fun app worth spending a couple of seconds downloading

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