How To Display Your Samsung Infuse 4G Screen on Your TV

Samsung and AT&T were kind enough to include an adapter that allows you to connect your Samsung Infuse 4G to any HD TV with an HDMI input. This means you can show your device’s screen on your TV. Perfect for watching movies from your device, showing off pictures, you just forcing your kids to watch you play Angry Birds. Sound good? Here’s how to set it up.

1. Find the “MHL to HDMI” adapter in your device’s box.

2. Next, find an HDMI cable (not included in the box, but is something that your HDTV might already be utilizing to connect to your cable box, DVD player, game console, etc).

3. Plug the HDMI cable into the TV and the other end into the MHL to HDMI adapter.

4. Now, plug in the phone charger that also came with your phone into the side of the MHL to HDMI adapter and also plug it into the wall.

5. Plug the end, that will fit, into the usb charging port of the phone.

6. Set your TV’s input method to the port that you have the HDMI cable plugged into.

7. Done! Now, anything you do on your phone will be visible on the TV screen.

For more basic tips and tricks for your new Samsung device, head to our Android Basic How To’s section.

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  • Sk8mike911

    Can i do this with my sidekick 4g if i where to purchase this cable?

  • phonegeek

    I’m sorry if this is a repetitive question but can’t you just do hdmi between your ps3 and infuse in order to get the infuse’s screen on your tv?

  • Smrt Swamp

    Its easier with an iPad

    • Yomama

      Wipe your ass with stupid ipad

  • Meglps98

    Can I do this with galaxyll 4g or the my touch 4g

  • Awesome. I just sold my iPhone 4 for $400 US here in Taiwan and bought a Galaxy Note and love it. I got to try this on the tv…looks useful in teaching students. Thanks for the cool video. 

  • Man

    Thank u we didn’t have the charger plugged into the wall and couldn’t figure out what was wrong .

  • Nobody

    News flash, you cant order/stream a movie on your phone then display in on, your hdtv! You will get an error message telling you to unplug your hdmi or dvi cable because it violates copyright laws, Nobody told me this until I researched it…

  • Erick

    I do these steps exactly how its written but for some reason it doesn’t show upon my tv

    • ty

      Mw too!!!!!!!! its pissing me off

  • prettycoolme209

    Everything works fine for me i see everything on tv but i cant get sound to work for netflicks and also media hub i think it is that att has a $25 offer for cant anyone suggest