How To Permanently Root and Gain S-Off on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide (Revolutionary Method)

The people that brought you the Unrevoked tool for rooting devices back in the day, and the people that brought you the AlphaRev rooting tool have joined forces and come up with a new tool to root, gain S-Off, and load a custom recovery on a decent list of devices. This tool is called Revolutionary, and the latest version, works on the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide.

I. Before You Begin

1. This will permanently root and gain S-Off on your T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide.

2. This will also flash a custom recovery image on the device as well.

3. If you are using Windows, download and install these Fastboot drivers.

Fastboot Drivers

4. You must install this version of HTC Sync and then plug your device in and wait for it to install the drivers. After it installs the drivers though, you must right click on the icon in the taskbar and select exit to close HTC Sync before continuing.

HTC Sync

5. On your device, click on Settings > Applications > Development > Turn USB Debugging ON.

II. Temporarily Root the Device

1. Download the Fr3vo exploit and extract it somewhere on your computer.


2. Plug in your device.

3. Right click the .bat file inside the Fr3vo folder you just extracted and then select Run As Administrator (if you dont have that option just select Open) and wait for it to root your device. So long as it says “Exploiting Device” it is successful, if it doesn’t say that then run Fr3vo again until it works.

II. Gain S-Off

1. Download the latest version of the tool from the developers here (the initial versions require you to generate a beta key for you to use the program, just follow the steps to do so. If it lets you download the program without a beta key, then it’s a newer version than at the time of writing this, just continue):


2. Plug in your device.

3. Select charge only if the option exists on your device, or just do NOT mount the SD Card.

4. On your device, click on Settings > Applications > Development > Turn USB Debugging ON.

5. Find the Revolutionary program you downloaded and unzip it to the TempRoot folder inside the TempRoot folder you extracted in Section II.

6. Right click it and select Open as Administrator (if you do not have that option when you right click, simply select Open).

7. Input your beta key you received and wait for it to do it’s thing (if you are using a newer version of Revolutionary then it might not ask you for this. If that is the case, just continue).

III. Flash a Custom Recovery Image

1.. Once done gaining S-Off, it will ask you if you want to flash clockworkmod recovery, type in y and hit enter.

2. Once it is done flashing the recovery image it will close the command prompt window.

3. On your phone, you should see S-Off at the top.

4. Take out the battery and put it back in.

5. Turn on the device, by holding down volume down and power until the screen boots up.

6. Push volume down and then power to select recovery.

7. If the phone reboots to the clockworkmod recovery screen you are all set.

IV. Gain Permanent Root Access.

1. With the phone still in clockworkmod recovery from the last step, plug it in via USB cable.

2. Select Mounts and Storage by using the volume buttons to move and power to select.

3. Then select mount USB storage (the sd card directory should pop up on your computer screen)

4. Download the root .zip file and save it to your computer (do NOT extract it)

MyTouch Slide 4G Root .zip File

5. Copy the root .zip file to the root of your sdcard and wait for it to transfer (not in any folders, just on the sd card itself).

6. On your device, select unmount sdcard.

7. On your device, select go back.

8. Then select Install zip from sdcard and choose the root .zip file.

9. Wait for it to flash, once done, select reboot system now.

10. Once your device reboots, open the app drawer and you should see Superuser permissions there. If so, you are all set, you are rooted, have S-Off and a custom recovery image.

V. Flash a Custom ROM (Optional)

1. Head to our How To Load a Custom ROM on your Android Phone After the Revolutionary Method procedure.

  • Bleick

    Great. The day I go to do this, MEGAUPLOAD gets taken off the web. Awesome. 🙁

  • Bleick

    WOW! I feel like a total techie..It only took me about 4-5 hours to FINALLY finish since the MEGAUPLOADS website/links are down for good (had to do my own 2nd party searching & encountered every possible error message during each step!) WHEW!
    Now, what to do with a proper root…

  • Trungbui817

    Is there something wrong with the fre3vo zip file? It won’t download as a zip folder please help.

    • Hyperkamote

      @powerplayground  no and it’s not. download the android-sdk-windows from android then  google the extrct that to your platform-tools folder and push it via cmd trough your adb… the.bat that he is referring is just a script to automatically do the push for you.. for more info read this.. the instruction is the same as the .bat file he is referring but do it manually trough adb cmd.. 

    • Dylan

      Thats happening to me too, when i click on the fre3vo fille it asks me to select a prgram to open it with and nothing it working. plz help!!!

  • sergio Bautista

    If any of you need the Fr3vo Zip file let me know on an email to make your heading “Need Fr3vo” and ill send it to you

  • sergio Bautista

    here is the link for fr3vo uploaded it myself for all u users… 

    like the post…

  • chabacano

    Tmobile has an update coming for htc mytouch 4g and htc mytouch 4g slide. I all ready rooted the device through revolution. Well this affect my phone?

    • If you are just rooted then just make sure NOT to apply the update when it asks you to update. If you are running a custom ROM, however, it shouldn’t even notify you of the update so don’t worry.

  • Mike

    Someone uploaded the TempRoot file with Fr3vo at

  • Hippo Man

    I have rooted a number of Android phones and I understand this procedure. Thank you!

    The reason I’m writing is that I’m about to buy a myTouch 4G Slide in order to root it, and I have some general questions that are peripherally related to rooting. If this is the wrong forum or thread in which to ask these questions, please forgive me and point me to a better place. Thank you.

    My questions:

    1. In the past, I have always purchased unlocked phones. However, if I purchase a locked myTouch 4G Slide from T-Mobile to use with my existing T-Mobile plan, will I still be able to perform this rooting procedure? Or does my phone have to be unlocked before this rooting method will work? Note that I don’t have any plans for using my phone with any provider other than T-Mobile in the forseeable future.

    2. If I want to install a custom ROM after rooting, will I have to have an unlocked phone? (again, I plan to stay with T-Mobile). Or is the locked/unlocked state of the phone irrelevant with respect to the installation of a custom ROM after rooting?

    3. If indeed I am able to root and install a custom ROM into a locked phone, if I change my mind in the future and indeed want to unlock the phone, do you think there is anything about rooting or a custom ROM which would prevent me from unlocking the phone at a later date? Or are unlocking procedures related to the phone hardware and not on any OS or software that is running on the phone?

    Thanks in advance for any insights you all might provide.

  • Aeon

    I’ve been reading and re-reading through these instructions around the part where you run the Fr3vo exploit, but no matter what I do I keep getting the error: [‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.] I’ve made sure to run as administrator, also tried w/o administrator, tried moving all the files to different directories (system32 folder as well), but I either continue getting the ‘not recognized’ error or when I try running within the system32 folder I get the “AdbWinApi.dll is missing..” error. None of this makes sense.

    I read at the top of the comments that someone else was having the same exact problem. But then he wrote another comment saying that he had figured it out but was vague and brief in explaining how he did it. So I’m asking that someone please help me understand why I’m getting this error and how to get the Fr3vo exploit to work.

    Does anyone know how to get past this fuster-cluck??

  • Gavin Edwards

    I am having a similar problem. The fre3vo file that is posted is not a compressed file. You can’t extract anything from it. It’s just a 10KB file that has no file extension. I tried renaming it but no go. Please post a link to the correct file.

  • Gavin Edwards

    Yeah, I don’t think they heard you…

  • Aeon

    Ya… I think its safe to consider this method obsolete for the MT4GS. I’ve done a lot of research on rooting methods for the MT4GS, and it appears that any phones that have gotten an OTA update (or came preloaded with it) since this method was written cannot be rooted using this method; it simply won’t work. To make things worse, I’ve gotten responses from developers who told me that in order to get S-Off, I would have to “short-out” the phone (basically bridging electrical connections within the phone… dangerous-ish).

    However, I’ve been told that we can achieve the ability to flash custom recoveries/roms/etc by unlocking the bootloader via Just register on that site, then follow the easy instructions and thats it. Only issue with unlocking the bootloader vs S-Off is that you will have to flash boot.img and roms (etc) separately through fastboot; with s-off you can do it all at once. So basically unlocking can allow you to gain essential root access, but it means you have to jump through more hoops to get there and I’m still not sure if theres anything that you won’t be able to do through unlocking that you WOULD be able to do with s-off. Probably nothing too important though. Just check it out:

    And it couldn’t hurt to do a little research of your own @ XDA Forums.